5 ways to turn a seasonal job into a bigger opportunity

Whether you are a student, stay at home parent, retiree or just looking for some extra hours, seasonal jobs can be a great option during the holiday season and beyond.

This week we sat down with Brian DeVeney, an employment and training manager at Omaha Steaks, to get his advice for jobseekers looking into temporary positions this fall.


Have a great attitudeomst_primary_cmyk

DeVeney explained that having a passion for the product and good customer service skills are big factors when it comes to filling seasonal positions.  

“Come with a commitment and show that you’re genuinely interested in the job. I think most people find that it’s actually really rewarding work. You’re not just earning good pay, there are a lot of great benefits to seasonal work and it can be a very enjoyable if you have the right attitude,” said DeVeney.

Be prepared

Before you start applying and interviewing for seasonal work ask yourself why you want the job. You should also have an idea of the pay you want and the schedule that works best for you.

“Some people appear to not be prepared. Meaning, they don’t know what brought them in or why they’re interested in a particular position. We want all employees to have a passion for what they’re doing,” said DeVeney.

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Be a great coworker

Seasonal work offers many opportunities to meet and connect with tons of new and interesting people from your community. People that care about their coworkers are sought after more often because they are easy and enjoyable to work with.

“Many folks come back and it’s like a reunion. We’re a family kind of culture and we try to make that happen even though there are hundreds of employees who are only here for a handful of weeks. We want to make that experience memorable for them.”


Follow the company on social media

Many companies including Omaha Steaks are utilizing social media to help recruit for the holiday season.

When you connect with them on platforms like Facebook or Twitter, you can be the first to learn about job openings as well as their company culture to see if it’s a good fit for you.  


Keep an open mind

Many places like Omaha Steaks actually hire the majority of their staff through seasonal hiring. DeVeny explained that many of Omaha Steak’s long-term employees actually started as temporary employees.

“We hire many employees seasonally and then keep a big group of folks through January. Usually, that’s the majority of hiring for the year,” said DeVeny. “If someone shows a commitment to the job and really works hard there’s a really great chance of full-time employment.”


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