5 ways to improve your content marketing efforts

Yesterday we attended an Agile Content Marketing Bootcamp hosted by AJi Software at the Microsoft building in Omaha. The main purpose of the event was to introduce the idea of agile marketing and how to apply those ideas and theories to your business’s current marketing strategies. Participants were able to network with other marketers from the area, discuss common issues concerning content marketing and solidify the concepts of agile marketing.

Jeff Julian, the chief marketing officer at AJi, explained how content marketing is found in nearly every area of marketing a business, especially with the recent push for more branded social media and blogs in the last few years. Agile marketing refers to applying a customized strategy to every piece of content that your business produces.

Among the many concepts of agile marketing that Julian discussed, we picked 5 ideas to share with you to help improve your content marketing efforts.


Have simple pieces of content published regularly

A huge part of agile marketing is addressing the issue of limited time to produce content. Your audience is more likely to engage and come back when your content is cut into small, easy-to-read pieces. It also very important to have your content delivered on a dependable schedule. A main goal should be to have a space that an audience looks to, to fill a certain need or desire while recognizing and trusting your business as a brand. They can’t do that if your publishing schedule is different every day or if your theme is inconsistent.


Know your audience

One the key pillars of agile marketing is customer satisfaction. It takes a minimum of nine months to see any sort of ROI on content marketing because it is a long-term effort. Content marketing is really an extension of your business’s brand so it is hard to quantify its results.

When starting content marketing efforts, businesses should really look at their readers as their ROI. The product that you are using as a vehicle for content marketing (blog, newsletter, etc.) should revolve around the consumer. As an agile marketer you should constantly ask questions like these when analyzing and pitching ideas for content:

-Who is my target persona? (what are their typical demographics? What is their job, age, education level, location, etc.)

-How is your piece of content addressing a need that your target persona has? (Look at what questions they have, their interests, concerns, etc.)

-Is the piece of content reflecting the mission for your content marketing strategy and your business?


Find your niche

How is your content different than what’s already out there? Do you have access to expertise that other people don’t? Why would your readers find that information interesting?

Your content should offer insight, advice, expertise, lessons or guidance from an authoritative stand point. If you don’t have that thought leadership than you need to reference someone who does within your company or field.


Share and connect

When you have a good flow of content and you know who your target persona is, you can begin your efforts towards growing readership. One of the best ways to do that (besides quality content) is to connect with competition and exchange social shares.

For example, Borrow For Your Bump (BFYB) recently launched a guest post series called Mama Takeover where they spotlight other local moms who are running businesses. Not only is BFYB getting more quality content quickly, they are also connecting with all of those ladies’ social circles by mutually sharing the content.


Analyze your results

The last key point of agile marketing that we will talk about today is analyzing your data to help shape future content. It’s very important to pull statistics on hits and engagement so you know what resonated well with your audience. Tools like DivvyHQ or Google Analytics, allow you to analyze your content and pick out trends on what did well and what didn’t. There are also free tools like Topsy that allow you to analyze your Twitter engagement.



For more insight on agile marketing you can watch Julian’s presentation via AJi’s website. What strategies does your business utilize for content marketing? We’d love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter!




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