5 Ways Employers Can Handle Productivity Decline

Every year, as the winter holidays approach, the steady upbeat hums of the workplace become a bit meeker and the steady flow of progress slows to a dull roar in what has come to be known as the holiday productivity slump. With bellies full and approaching holiday celebrations at the front of everyone’s minds, it can become difficult to focus and stay on task. This time of year also marks the annual scurry of wrapping up annual strategic goals and planning for the year ahead. With planning comes the realization of things undone and things to do, which can lead to burnout.

Embracing the holiday excitement can be beneficial to productivity and it starts with you, the employer. Provide opportunities for your employees to feel celebrated and appreciated throughout the year and especially throughout the holiday season. In honor of the giving season, we have compiled a healthy list of ideas to help maintain productivity and positivity this holiday season.

1. Incentives

It is common knowledge that incentives increase productivity. During the season of giving, why not use this to your advantage? Give incentive for finishing by deadline or before deadline by saying something like “If we wrap this up, we can leave at 3.” or “If we hit this number, I’ll bring in lunch on Friday.”

2. Teamwork

Plan for collaborative projects throughout the holiday season. Collaboration reduces the urge to slump over the holiday season. Being part of a team project means that others are depending on you providing incentive to stay motivated.

3. Themed Projects

Have a project that seems daunting that you are having trouble getting yourself or employees excited about? Give it a theme. Make it cheerful! It may not make the task less daunting but it will definitely add some holiday cheer to the task at hand. Ex. Conducting an audit? Name your project something fun like “Making a List and Checking it Twice”

4. Holiday Metrics

Make metrics/goals a part of the season by putting a lighthearted spin on it. I.e., bringing in the new year, filling Santa’s sleigh, making a list and checking it twice.

5. Creative Scheduling

Tis the season for vacation! With gaps to be filled as employees take vacation, plan ahead. Ensure that you have adequate and fair staffing levels while being as flexible as possible.

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