5 Steps to your next Great Hire

If you’ve never hired an employee yourself, it can be a daunting task. Even if you have hiring experience, you can end up with individuals who turn out to be less-than-great employees. So how do you find someone who’s right for the job, qualified and will excel in the position? With help from our internal staff, we’ve crafted 5 steps to consider before sitting down with your next potential employee.

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Consider What You Are Really Looking For

Ask yourself about the job and what kind of person you really need to do it. If there are other people in your company who have a similar position, think about the best employee of the group and ask yourself what qualities make them the best. Once you know the job inside and out, it’ll be easier for you to decide whether or not a candidate measures up.

“I consider a potential employee’s resume as the beginning of their story. It tells me who they are and what experience they can bring to the table. I compare the required skills and primary tasks that I outlined in the description to what I find in their application and resume. I then ask myself if they have used this first point of contact to convince me to learn more about them,” said Marie Hiykel, Educational Grants Director, AIM Careerlink.


Write a Clear Job Description

Write a job description that lets potential candidates know exactly what you’ll expect of them. It can also be beneficial to infuse your description with colorful information about the company, but avoid being cheesy. Make sure anyone reading the description will understand what the job entails, while being interested in the prospect of gaining the position.


Reach out to Your Candidates

Through Careerlink, you can post highly specific job descriptions to get the best fit possible. The Internet is a wonderful tool for finding a large group of candidates, but make sure you’re choosing the right locations, keywords, etc. to attract your perfect jobseeker. Remember to also consider your current employees. Since you already know they are a good fit within your company, they may do even better in an advanced role.


Prepare for the Interview

Don’t expect your candidates to do anything you won’t do yourself— Make sure you show up on time for the interview and come prepared. Your candidates will appreciate it, and it will show them you take the job just as seriously as you expect them to. Know the questions you will ask and how they relate to finding the right employee for the job. Prepare as much as necessary for you to feel confident when speaking to potential employees.

“The social media presence of a candidate is the second part of how they tell me about themselves. I check to see if a job seeker has a LinkedIn and/or Facebook page. I ask myself it it matches the resume they submitted and if it is up to date with their latest skills and work history and how those relate to the job posting,” said Hiykel.


Ask Yourself Who Is the Best for the Position

Maybe you got along with a candidate or perhaps you know them personally. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best reason to hire someone. You must ask yourself who is right for the position— who will work well with the team, who is knowledgeable and who has the experience you’re looking for? If you’re considering giving someone a chance who doesn’t have a background in the field, ask yourself why. Consider how well each candidate would fit into the position and whether or not they have something the others do not.


These steps may seem simple, but it is important to pay attention to each of these concepts in order to choose the candidate that best fits with the position.

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