5 Power Tips for Employers using AIM Careerlink

AIM Careerlink provides a platform for employers to not only post job openings, but to connect with jobseekers in a more organized way that is backed by our proven strategy.

AIM Careerlink is dedicated to recruiting elite talent for your business; whether that means helping you prioritize your employee search or adding new tools to make your profile more visually appealing to jobseekers.

Innovative features like our Applicant Tracking System and Social Media Sharing tool allow us to connect you with qualified candidates that best fit your company’s culture and mission.

To help you take full advantage of AIM Careerlink’s features, we’ve teamed up with a few of our internal specialists to bring you 5 essential power tips to help you maximize the use of your AIM Careerlink employer account.


Customize your profile

Employers can now add photos, videos and brand colors to their mobile-responsive employer profiles. Personalizing your profile draws in more applicants and allows jobseekers to get a glimpse of your company’s culture. AIM Careerlink makes this easy by linking your corporate website to your mobile-responsive profile.

Employers can also customize everything from the “Benefits” tab of a new job posting to requiring specific skillsets of jobseekers. Customizing each job post ensures better applicant matches.


Utilize social media

Employers can now share job postings to social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. AIM Careerlink makes this easy by automatically generating your latest openings into posts for any of your company’s social media accounts. You can also track the success of social media sharing with our in-depth reporting feature.


Free webinars every week from the pros

“I recommend employers participate in Stephanie Fears’ webinars every Tuesday. Stephanie gives employers insight on creating job postings and how to manage their AIM Careerlink page properly,” said Wanisha Clements, Business Development Executive, AIM Careerlink.

You can find these webinars in the Upcoming AIM Careerlink Events box. Next Tuesday’s webinar will focus on Applicant Tracking and Pre-qualification Questions.


Utilize the Applicant Tracking System

AIM Careerlink makes it easy to stay organized with a free Applicant Tracking System. Employers with an annual subscription can manage applicants through the entire hiring process without all of the mess of paperwork.

“Employers can use the applicant search form to search all applications with a particular status.  This makes it easy to hand off applications for reference checks or to track applications across all jobs at a high level. You can also search for applications received during any two dates by clicking on the ‘Adjust Date Range’ button under the ‘Today’s Apps’ tab,” said J.D. Pace, Senior Software Engineer, AIM Careerlink.


Keep it simple by using templates

“Employers can store job postings and create posting templates by using the ‘Manage Job Library’ option in the Employer Services menu. This will save the recruiter time during their busy schedules,” said Wanisha Clements, Business Development Executive, AIM Careerlink.

“Employers can save all of their standard emails for communicating with jobseekers under ‘Email Templates.’ They can also trigger emails to go out automatically by tying them to statuses. The number one complaint from jobseekers is that they do not hear back from employers fast enough. This makes it a lot easier to communicate,” said Erin Lasiter, Director of Product Support & Operations, AIM Careerlink.



For more information on these features, please contact your AIM Careerlink employer account manager at 877.345.5025 x401.

What is your best tip for employers using AIM Careerlink? We’d love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter!

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