5 tips on creating an effective job posting


AIM Careerlink provides a platform for employers to not only post job openings, but to connect with jobseekers in a more personalized way that is backed by our proven strategy.

We are dedicated to recruiting elite talent for your business; whether that means helping you prioritize your employee search or guiding you through the job-posting process.

To help you take full advantage of AIM Careerlink’s platform, we’ve researched the best ways to create an effective job posting that will help you reach more quality applicants.


Keep  job titles as simple as possible

Jobseekers only spend a few seconds looking at a posting. Don’t confuse them with elaborate titles. Your job opening’s title should clearly define what the job is and the field they will be working in.

While it’s important to include as many details as possible, it’s also key to appear organized. Tell the jobseeker exactly what you’re looking for by including the details of the position within the qualifications and job requirement sections instead.

It’s also important to put yourself in the mind of a jobseeker. When deciding on the title of a position, think about what they would Google if they were looking for that position.


Write your posting as specific as possible

Make sure to include detailed job requirements for the position. In order to attract the best candidate for the job, the candidate needs to know if they are qualified within the first few seconds they look at the opening.

Work with the hiring manager to paint a picture of what the ideal candidate would look like for the position. Ask yourself what previous job experience they would need, what degrees or certificates are required and what they need to bring to the business that is currently lacking.

Do they have an outgoing personality? Do they have a large network that can be utilized by your business? Getting as specific as possible will help you attract the best applicants, while helping you transition to the interview process as well.


Utilize Prescreening Questions (PQs)

Prescreening questions are a basic set of yes or no questions that some employers use during the application process to determine if a jobseeker is the ideal candidate for a job. PQs are a great way to establish basic information about a person.

PQs also weed out applicants that are not legally able to work in the position, or do not have the main requirements for the position such as a college degree. Read more about PQs here.


Provide links that display your company’s culture

What’s special about your company? Do you offer great benefits? What does the common workday look like for your business?

Providing quality links to your about page or adding videos and photos will not only lure applicants, it will weed out those who know they wouldn’t be the best fit for the position.


Check out the competition

Looking at how other employers advertise their openings can be a big help when you are improving your application process.

Take a look at how your competition or bigger businesses display their openings. Look at the structure and verbiage they use to help you get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.


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