4 Tips on Using Pinterest for Your Business

Yesterday, we talked about the rise of Pinterest and gave you a few statistics behind the growing social media platform. Today, we’re going to talk a little bit more about how to use Pinterest for your business.

We’ve already established that social media can be a great way to boost your online recruiting–but many companies don’t realize that social media extends far past Facebook and Twitter. If you want to move past those platforms and into the world of Pinterest, give these tips a try:

  1. Make sure that your brand fits on Pinterest. First things first: What kind of company are you, and do you belong on Pinterest? It may seem like we’re trying to steer you away from Pinterest, but the point we’re trying to stress is that not every social media platform is meant for your company. To see if your brand fits, take a look around Pinterest and see what people are pinning. Make sure you can relate to them. For more, check out this great post by Social Media Examiner.
  2. “Curate” your board.  Although the word “curate” may seem lofty, what we really mean is to be mindful of what you post. Pinterest is designed to be simple and aesthetically pleasing, so when you are posting content, try to keep these things in mind:
    • Organize your boards: Make sure each board has a theme. If isn’t readily apparent to you what the theme is, then it probably won’t be apparent to your followers.
    • Make your visuals count: Likewise, try to keep your visuals interesting and in line with the theme of your board. The first thing your followers will see is the image. If they can’t tell what it is or how it fits in with what they are looking for, they will most likely skim over it.
    • Post meaningful content: Every post should have a purpose, but it shouldn’t just be about product placement. Increase your brand authority by posting useful tips and information that shows you are an expert in your field.
  • Connect with other “pinners.” This might be a no-brainer when it comes to social media, but you need to actually be social. Find people who have established themselves on Pinterest and follow them. If they follow you back, their followers might see your brand and follow you as well. Likewise, if you find any users or boards whose content relates to your brand, follow them and possibly repin their content. Establishing these connections helps you build a community of like-minded followers.
  • Invite guest curators. Another way to increase your user engagement is to invite followers to guest-curate a board for you. This will allow them to share their stories about your brand or start a conversation that relates to the content you are posting. This not only shows that your company is invested in its customers, but also allows customers to feel more invested in your brand.

As we’ve mentioned before, navigating your way through social media platforms isn’t easy. And keeping up with trends can distract you rather than benefit your company, which his why we hope that these tips will make the navigation a little bit easier for you.

Are you a company that uses Pinterest for your business, or one that plans on using it? If so, what do you think of these tips? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter.