4 Reasons Why a Transparent Work Environment is Essential

In our post on 3 Ways to Help your Employees Understand the Big Picture, we mentioned the concept of being open with your employees and letting them know the ins and outs of the company.

What that really means is a transparent work environment.

Workplace transparency, or corporate transparency is when an organization makes their actions “observable by outsiders.” In a transparent work environment, decisions and other operations are open to employees, stakeholders, and shareholders. And in some instances, companies may choose to even go as far as providing information to the general public.

Several companies have committed themselves to providing a transparent work environment, believing that all of those involved in their company benefit greatly from it. In that vein, we thought that it could be useful to highlight several reasons why you should have a transparent work environment.

Take a look below:

Transparency enhances your company culture.

We’ve already talked about what it can do to your employer branding, but more specifically, transparency can do a lot for your company culture. Transparency helps to foster a relationship up and down the workplace ladder. Because all operations are made public, employees feel included in the decision-making process rather than simply receiving orders from the higher-ups.

“Transparency breeds trust.”

In an interview with Inc. Magazine, Joel Gascoigne, co-founder of the social media software application Buffer, argues that transparency is a great way to build trust among your employees, which can also do wonders for enhancing your company culture.

Transparency affects services and productivity.

Along with the two reasons above, transparency does a lot to affect the services and productivity/creativity of your employees. Employees are more likely to feel invested in a company that they completely understand, which increases their willingness to be more productive and contribute to the company’s goals.

And, if employees are happy about what they see and understand, they will most likely represent your company in a good light, which makes a great impression on customers and potential candidates. 

Transparency means no surprises. 

A transparent work environment also eliminates the fear of receiving backlash for speaking out. Rather than letting problems slowly creep up and then explode, employees in a transparent work environment will feel comfortable relaying their problems, helping you avoid any disasters that can prove costly to your company’s profit and image.

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