3 Ways a Two-Way Approach to Management Can Help Boost Productivity

“My way or the highway” tends to be the management model in many workplace environments, with leaders doing all the talking and employees doing much of the listening.

However, despite its popularity in many workplaces, this “one-way” mantra is not the kind of advice we’d suggest to most business. Employees have valuable things to say, and a lot of the time, what they say can be give employers great insight into how things should run. Needless to say, employees are often underutilized in larger businesses as far as input is concerned.

To show you what we mean, we’ve outlined three reasons why your relationship with your employees should be like a two-way street. Take a look below:

Letting employees construtively criticize you can make you a better leader

Those under you are the ones who are affected the most by your leadership, so it only seems right that they should have a say in how you manage them.

Thoughtful criticism and positive feedback can make a big difference in how you manage your team. In turn, you and your team will be more in sync, allowing for a more productive use of time.

Just like you constructively criticize your employees to help them improve, employees should be able to do the same to you.

More opinions can help the creative process and big picture thinking

Your role as a leader/employer is usually to think of the big picture, often handing down the final process to your employees once everything is set in stone.

But employees can have important things to say as well, and can often enhance the creative process if you let them. By utilizing the diversity of your team, you can push your creative boundaries further and further.

Not only will this allow you to gain a better perspective on how your team works, but it also gives you the opportunity to gain more insight into how your company works. Each and every member of your team has a specific function that helps to contribute to the company’s overall success, so why not let them contribute to the discussion?

Letting employees speak up helps to avoid crises

Employees are usually supposed to do as they’re told. So when it comes time to speak up about an issue in regards to a certain process or situation, they often shy away and just slip things under the rug until it finally creeps up later, leading to some pretty disastrous results.

To avoid this, you need to break the away from the “be quiet and do as you’re told” approach to business. Let your employees feel comfortable speaking up about a potential hazard–doing so can end up saving you a lot of grief.

Taking the time to ensure that your employees’ satisfaction is taken into consideration is one of the key steps to maintaining a successful business and being a good manager. We believe the workplace should be a mutually beneficial environment, so drop the “my way or the highway” approach and opt for the two-way street method instead. With that approach, you and your employees should both end up getting much better results.