3 Ways to Get Employees Prepared for the Summer


Summer may not officially be here, but with the weather getting warmer and warmer, it’s safe to say that most of us are ready to get out and enjoy the sun.

This can be difficult during the workweek. When employees are stuck in the office, it’s not uncommon to see decreases in productivity and efficiency as everyone does a little daydreaming about the outdoors.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can avoid this issue. To show you, here are three tips on how to get your employees prepared for the summer and ensure that they stay as productive as possible.

  • Rethink your summer schedule. Depending on the business, you might find that your summer hours have slowed down. As such, now might be a great time to consider changing your office hours or providing a flexible schedule.

    For example, Gwen Gulick, an associate director at Harvard Business Publishing, suggests giving your employees the option to leave early one day –like on Friday, for an early weekend –if they get all their work done. Incentives like these can give you the best of both worlds, because they keep your employees happy by allowing them time to enjoy the weather, and also ensure that they’re staying on top of their game.

  • Bring the office outdoors. No one says that you have always conduct your business inside. Consider taking your meetings or brainstorming sessions outdoors where employees can clear their minds and get a breath of fresh air that will help energize them.

    You can also try letting them bring their laptops to an outdoor area with wi-fi (such as a café) on certain days of the week, suggest places with an outdoor patio where they can have their lunch, or even start the trend of taking a simple walk around the block during breaks. Anything you can offer to get them outdoors is a great bonus.

  • After-Hours Outdoor Events. Company picnics don’t always sound glamorous, but they are certainly a great way to get employees outdoors. You can also suggest to your employees the idea of getting together for company sponsored sports team (i.e. basketball or softball). This is a great way to help coworkers connect, build on teamwork, and enjoy some time outdoors.

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photo credit: Sprengben [why not get a friend] via photopin cc