3 Tips on How to Prepare Millennials for the Workplace



Lately, we’ve had Millennials on our mind.

It only makes sense. Millennials are now entering the workforce at an increasing rate, meaning that employers need to take the initiative to ensure that they’re prepared to handle this generation with all of their values, wants/needs, and disadvantages/advantages.

Yesterday, we talked about the concern that Millennials aren’t quite as prepared to enter the workforce as they’d like to believe. This, of course, is a real concern that employers should take seriously.

To help you tackle the problem head on, yesterday, we promised to outline a few tips on how to make your Millennial hires a success. Without further adieu, here are three tips on how to prepare Millennials for the workplace. Take a look below:

    • Manage their expectations. From the start, Millennials have been told by their parents that they can pretty much do whatever they put their minds to. As such, they’ve become pretty big dreamers and have notoriously fallen prey to the “sense of entitlement” stereotype.Fortunately, employers can easily handle this problem by managing their Millennial employees’ expectations. The key is to be up-front, and make sure they know exactly what they’re getting themselves into before they commit to the job. Outlining what you expect out of them and what they’ll gain from their experience at your company will help to prevent any dissatisfaction they could other have from having too high of expectations from their job.


    • Rethink your core requirements. You’re now dealing with an entirely different generation. As such, it’s important that you rethink your core requirements in order to better match the values and skills of this generation. One of the biggest roadblocks that the Millennial generation runs into is their lack of experience in the professional field. Where they lack that quality, they make up for it in their drive, creativity, and desire to commit themselves to a company they truly believe in, so take that into consideration as you look at their credentials.


  • Be devoted to their training and mentoring. As we said, Millennials lack the job experience of the older counterparts, but make up for it in a variety of other qualities and characteristics. One desire that you can tap into is their desire to be mentored. Take advantages of this and shape this generation into the successful professionals you want them to be–in the end, you’ll be glad you did.

What do you think about Millennials entering the workforce? Do we need to help prepare them for the workplace or should they already come prepared? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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