3 Reasons You Run Into Trouble When Hiring Expectations Are Too High

Having an excellent team of employees is an important part of running a business, which is why at AIM Careerlink, we are committed to helping you find the top talent you need to keep your company successful.

But when employers or hiring managers set out to find the perfect candidate–with hopes of creating the best team possible–there seems to be a common problem: they end up coming up short.

That’s because sometimes, searching for the best of the best isn’t really the best idea. That isn’t because there isn’t any great talent out there, it’s just that at times we tend to have too high of expectations.

So today, we’re going to help you cut back on those expectations by giving you three reasons why you shouldn’t always go searching for the unattainable. Take a look below:

It narrows your talent pool

First and foremost, extreme expectations can really narrow your talent pool, which ends up meaning that you lose a big chunk of potential candidates who are most likely very qualified for the position you are hiring for.

Don’t excuse potentially great candidates simply because they don’t exactly fit the mold of the ideal candidate in mind. In the end, you’ll just end doing the opposite of what you wanted (i.e. not hiring someone) because you’ll most likely never find that more-than-perfect employee.

It’s a waste of time.

Finding top talent requires time and money. However, using up your resources when you just end up empty handed can cause you some trouble. Consider all of the resumes you passed up or the interviews you had that never went anywhere. All of these things required time and money, but if you have nothing to show for it, then all you’ve done is wasted valuable resources. 

It can put a damper on your hiring outlook.

Finally, coming up empty handed will most likely leave you dissatisfied. That can lead to burnout, which leaves you in a worse position than you were before. Not only do you not have that perfect employee, but you might not even have the get-up-and-go to look for them.

We think that having high expectations for who you hire is very important for finding top talent. However, it’s when those expectations are too high that things become troublesome. Always step back and reflect on who and what kind of candidate you are looking to hire. If your ideal sounds too good to be true, then chance are, it probably is.