3 Reasons You Should Consider Doing Video Interviews

In the past, we’ve covered the almighty video and how much you can enhance your recruiting process by adding it to your arsenal.

But what about using videos beyond simply conveying a message, and trying to have a two-way conversation instead–that is, using it in the interviewing process?

Video interviews are nothing new, but they are steadily gaining in popularity. According to a survey taken late last year by workforce consulting firm Right Management, about 18% of those surveyed participated in a video interview within the past year, which is more than double the number in the year prior. That is why today, we’re going to about three reasons why you should consider doing video interviews.

Take a look below for several reasons video interviews should be a part of your recruiting arsenal:

They’re cost- and time-effective for everyone.

As companies tighten their belts, departments need to become more efficient in everything they do. One way to do that is using video interviews. Video interviews can be a very effective way to utilize your company’s time and money because they eliminate the need to bring the interviewee in, allowing you to interview more candidates in a day, as well as fit everyone into your schedule because you can interview from their home, or on their lunch break.

And, since most computers are now equipped with webcams, there is no need to worry about finding the proper equipment, or whether or not your candidate will have the equipment necessary to video interview.

Video interviews help your company geographically broaden its candidate pool.

Have you ever found a great candidate who happens to also be a couple of states, or maybe even a continent away? With video interviews, there is no need to worry about flying them in and wasting your time and money if the initial interview doesn’t happen to work out.

Video interviewing gives interviewees a sense of control (and a better candidate experience).

According to a survey taken by videoconference company PGi, 60% of candidates say they actually prefer video interviews. Not only does it allow candidates to pick a time that is appropriate for them, but it gives them the convenience to do it from wherever they like, making them much more comfortable in the interviewing process, which in turn gives you a much more personable interview.

Whether it means making things much more time- and cost-effective, broadening your talent pool, or just giving your interviewees a better candidate experience, video interviews can do a lot to help you streamline your hiring process. In turn, you’ll spend much more time worrying about which talent to choose from, instead of all the logistics needed to interview them in the first place.

Technology has done incredible things for recruiting and hiring, and video interviews are no exception. They may not be all that you need to find great candidates, but they can certainly make your life much easier when it comes time to go through that first round of interviews.