3 Power Tips for Jobseekers using AIM Careerlink


AIM Careerlink is not merely a website that posts job openings. Our site makes it easier for jobseekers to not only see what’s available in their career field, but to be proactive in their job search.

Creating a free AIM Careerlink account allows us to help you connect with employers that best match your skills, interests and abilities.

With help from our internal specialists, we’ve put together 3 essential power tips to help you take full advantage of the opportunities AIM Careerlink offers jobseekers.

Use Our Free Resume-Building Toolresume

By creating a profile on AIM Careerlink, you become a searchable candidate for employers posting new positions. The more information you provide, the easier it is for employers to connect with you.

“There is a stigma that if a jobseeker doesn’t put in the time and effort to create a professional, well-written resume, they may carry those same qualities as an employee,” said Stephanie Fears, Customer Service & Account Manager, AIM Careerlink. “Jobseekers who don’t attach their resume, will often be filtered out when they are competing with other applicants who have professional resumes.”

If you don’t have a written or electronic resume, you can easily create one using AIM Careerlink’s Resume Building Tool. This tool can format a resume for you and can be found in the primary steps of creating an AIM Careerlink account under the “Resume” tab.

You can also upload and save multiple resumes to your account for free. This helps you customize your skillset and experience for each job you apply for.


Customize Your Job Search

AIM Careerlink makes it easy to tailor your job search results so that they reflect you, as an applicant, rather than an endless list of job openings.

“Play around with the options in the job search field to receive more customized results. Keep in mind you can also adjust the ‘Date Posted’ tab. For example, by choosing the ‘Past Month’ option, you can review job opportunities that may have been on the site longer, but better match your career field,” said Wanisha Clements, Business Development Executive, AIM Careerlink.


Save Your Searches


AIM Careerlink now allows you to save your favorite job postings on your mobile device. By clicking the star in the right corner of the job listing, Careerlink generates a customizable list of your starred openings under the “Saved Jobs” button on your dashboard. 

You can also enable push notifications daily, weekly or monthly to your device, to stay up to date on job openings in your career field.



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