Why Being a Humble Leader Is Important (Part I)

desert-treeWhen we are asked to define what it means to be a leader, the words that come to mind usually run along the lines of strong, bold, determined, etc.




Those characteristics, however, only scratch at the surface of what it means to be a leader. As we’ve mentioned in our previous posts, leadership is a multifaceted trade, requiring people to take on many hats in order to truly have success.

Take for example, humbleness –a characteristic we overlook quite often. Being humble (modesty) is actually an essential part of great leadership and is very often a daily driving force for leaders, despite what many people think.

So to show you just what we mean, here are a few reasons why being the humble leader is so important. Take a look below:

It can help inspire your employees to succeed. There is no doubt that great leaders can be a bit intimidating. Employees can often feel overwhelmed or out of their element when they compare themselves to their leaders. As a leader, take this opportunity to let your employees know that they aren’t out of your league. Everyone has to start somewhere, and explaining to your employees that you didn’t just start from the top can help inspire them to succeed and be as great as you.

It can help you connect with your employees. Being humble about your talent can also help you connect with your employees. As we mentioned above, great leaders can seem a bit intimidating. And, as a result, may make their employees feel uncomfortable in their presence. To avoid this, try to be more down to earth with your employees. Making them feel like a colleague; it will not only make them come out of their shell, but foster a relationship of creativity and hardwork that will definitely be more fruitful to you and the company in the long run.

On Thursday, we’ll talk a little bit more about why being a humble leader is so important and how you can make steps to becoming more humble yourself. In the meantime, let us know what you think. Should leaders be humble? Why or why not? Give us your thoughts by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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