10 Hot IT Jobs in 2015

4497167582_6f241ebc09_zWith the recent overwhelming sweep of “the cloud” over the IT world and Big Data transforming the waydecisions are made, it is no wonder that Gartner estimated over 4 billion IT jobs on a global scale for 2015. Information Technology is the 4th fastest growing career field. It is also one of the fields with the highest number in worker shortages. According to current research, the number of IT graduates makes up a mere ½ of the number of workers needed to grow the economy. Here is a compilation list of current hot jobs in IT.

Software Engineer
Focusing on efficiency, the Software Engineer designs and modifies software for efficiency, both economically and otherwise.

Systems Engineer
Specializing in both hardware and software, the Systems Engineer is responsible for the planning and implementation of the infrastructure of the given system.

Network Engineer
Responsible for assessing hardware and software needs, Network Engineers excel in the analysis, creation, and presentation of ideas based around the internal systems and configurations.

Web Developer
Concerned primarily with user experience and armed with programming expertise in various languages, web developers design and code front and back end to provide the optimal user experience.

Software Developer
Proficient in problem solving, the Software Developer is responsible for the creation, testing, and debugging of software.

Java Developer
Proficient in the design, development, and the implementation of Java Applications, Java Developers are tasked with the development of Web-based Java applications as well as other Web services and interfaces.

.NET Developer
Versed in .NET programming, the NET Developer use their expertise in .NET to develop, implement, and test websites and applications.

Systems Administrator
Overseeing vast networks, the Systems Administrator is the go-to person for any number of software and hardware issues and for proper systems maintenance.

Business Analyst
Skilled in profitability, Business Analysts assist at each level of a project by way of planning and monitoring projects, delegating tasks, and organizing, managing, analyzing and communicating requirements throughout the process.

Project Manager
Organized and goal-oriented, the Project Manager is responsible for defining a project, planning that project, and seeing it through completion while analyzing and minimizing potential risks.

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photo credit: NASA/GSFC/Chris Gunn via flickr

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