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District Coordinator of Secondary Guidance - WHS

Westside Community Schools locationOmaha, NE

Web Mktg Technology Specialist

Westside Community Schools locationOmaha, NE
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Omaha, NE, United States


909 South 76th Street
Omaha, NE 68114



Position Available for 2021-2022 School Year

District Coordinator of Secondary Guidance - WHS


Education Level and Certification: Bachelor’s degree or higher required.  Must possess a Nebraska Teaching Certificate at all times during employment with such endorsements as required by NDE Rules 10 and 24.


Reports To: Principal and Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning



The Coordinator of Guidance is responsible to the Director of Student Services for the coordination and implementation of the high school guidance programs. General policies of the program are reviewed by the Director of Student Services and approved by the Superintendent of Schools. Guidance counselors are responsible to the Coordinator of Guidance for the performance of their guidance functions and to the building principal for general school functions.

General referral of students to the guidance department may be made by teachers, nurses, supervisors, administrators, parents, or students themselves. However, pupils who appear to be academically underachieving shall be referred initially to the appropriate special area director or chair of the department. After carefully screening these students and taking any possible corrective action at that level, those needing further counseling shall be referred to the guidance department by the special area director or chair of the department.       

Performance Responsibilities - Leadership 

  • The Coordinator is responsible for the coordination and administration of standardized and state tests in the Region. She/he works with the Assistant Superintendent, Director of Student Services, and the principals and/or vice-principals in planning, communicating, and evaluating the standardized testing program.
  • The Coordinator supervises and coordinates the development, organization, and implementation of developmental and/or career guidance curriculum unites in homerooms and classrooms.
  • The Coordinator supervises the collection, organization, and distribution of educational and occupational information.
  • The Coordinator conducts follow-up studies of former pupils of the high school.
  • The Coordinator participates in planning and organizing the curriculum at the various levels. Recommendation for revision of the guidance curriculum program is presented to the Director of Student Services and the Assistant Superintendent. The Coordinator actively participates in and leads summer curriculum writing in collaboration with the Assistant Superintendent.
  • The Coordinator holds regular department meetings to communicate curriculum initiatives, shares ideas and plan for ongoing improvements.
  • The Coordinator organizes special orientation programs such as College Night, Career Night etc., either virtual or in-person college visits.
  • Provide individual student and group counseling in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development as assigned and perform related duties as set forth under Job Tasks.
  • Serves as the liaison between the administration and counseling department, and they make sure consistent, accurate, timely, and clear communication is happening. The counseling coordinator supports all of the counselors to continue to follow through with the needs of students and families.
    • Urgency, accountability, timely and accurate responsiveness, follow-through, attention-to-detail, emphasis on professionalism, and positive results from all facets/individuals within the counseling dept
    • Leads the department towards the attainment of the RAMP award (Recognized American School Counselor Association Model Program).
  • Oversee and lead counseling department
    • Ensure achievement of department, building, and district goals as established with input from others.
    • Accountable for the overall functionality and performance of the counseling department
      • “The face” of the WHS Counseling Dept
    • Holds the department accountable for fulfilling their duties.
    • Holds weekly meetings to ensure clear, correct, and timely communication with counseling department with tons of follow-through, attention to detail, and consistent and responsive communication (not just email) to students, families, administration, and community.
    • Maintain confidentiality of information concerning staff, students, and parents in accordance with law, District rules, and American School Counselor Association (ASCA) ethical standards.
    • Adhere to the code of ethics of the District, ASCA and Nebraska Department of Education (NDE Rule 27). The Secondary Counselor must serve as a positive role model for staff and students.
    • Planning and/or promoting programs which enhance the academic, social, or emotional growth of students, e.g., Curriculum Fair, Career Fair, Underclass Honors Assembly & Senior Honors Program, Graduation, opportunities for student enrichment and/or remediation, scholarship opportunities and parent informational programs.
    • Counsel students regarding educational issues such as course and program selection, class scheduling, school adjustment, truancy, study habits, and career planning.
    • Counsel students to help them understand and overcome personal, social, or behavioral problems affecting their educational or career plans. Develop confidential relationships with students to help them resolve and/or cope with problems and developmental concerns.
    • Assisting student with the completion of college admissions applications
    • Assisting the principal in the preparation of diploma lists and identification of honor graduates for the Senior Honors Program and Graduation
    • Assuring the appropriate, accurate information is maintained in each student’s permanent, cumulative record.
    • To participate in, coordinate, conduct activities which contribute to the effective implantation of the high school complement of the K-12 guidance curriculum.
    • To evaluate and revise the building guidance and counseling program.
    • Other duties as assigned by the administration.

 Personnel Administration - Leadership

  • Develop and maintain a positive rapport with students, parents, and the community.
  • Develop and maintain a positive and professional working relationship with other staff and administration.
  • Serves as the liaison for colleges and universities as we work to expand partnerships and opportunities for students.
    • Coordinates with Universities to plan virtual tours, college visits, in-school visits to WHS, parent information sessions, etc.
    • Dual credit and work certification programming
    • Pushes the Career Academy offerings from Metro.
    • Summer Academies, Intern Omaha, and more!
  • Provides tons of information, communication, and resources for parents/guardians/families using a strategic approach.
  • Works with counselors to ensure that ALL students have a PLP and that they are re-evaluated every year.
  • Follows up personally on all new, incoming students (9th graders and transfers within 10th-12th grades) whether they are part of their alpha list or not.
  • Communicates and works well with the Foundation on projects, scholarships, and other shared initiatives.
  • Serves as a link to WMS Counseling Department to ensure smooth transitions and efficient processes.
    • Has an active role with K-6 counselors as well.
  • Helps provide input to evaluate counselors in the department.
  • Helps hire counselors that are a good fit for the school.
  • Advocates for student needs
  • Part of crisis response team
  • Will provide quarterly updates to the Senior Leadership and/or Board of Education.
  • Makes sure entry way data displays, student recognition boards, and guidance area communications are updated and accurate on a very regular basis.
  • Advocates for the counseling department throughout the school
  • Works with students within their alpha/assignment on academics, behavior, and PLP (Personal Learning Plan)
  • Looks at data to help create curriculum guides and needs for the school from a counseling perspective.
  • Works with the administration on the master schedule
  • Advocates for family involvement
    • Helps plan family engagement events.
  • Helps coordinate honors banquets and other recognitions.
    • Graduation and other high-profile events
  • Help maximize student and department involvement with All-Academic recognitions and pursuit of scholarships.
  • Ensure high-quality communication and follow-through with students, parents/guardians, and community.
  • Collaborates with counseling staff to verify that each counselor has met with each of their students at least twice per year with follow-up info provided to parents/guardians.
  • Sets up time for families to work on FAFSA and College applications at the school during/after normal school hours so it is family-friendly and efficient.
  • Works with the school registrar to help plan dual enrollment and AP classes.
  • Participates in building level leadership teams, as necessary.
  • Works an extended contract with additional compensation.
  • Utilize instructional materials and other resources in a competent and effective manner, including computer, e-mail, and other technology to perform assigned duties.
  • Adhere to all district policies, rules, regulations, and supervisor directives.
  • Promote the development of a comprehensive school counseling program based on the components of the Nebraska School Counseling Model: foundation, delivery, management, and accountability.
  • Identify and adhere to a philosophy statement based on school counseling theory and research/evidence-based practice.
  • Maintain accurate and complete student records as required by laws, district policies, administrative regulations, and ASCA ethical standards.
  • Consult with parents or guardians, teachers, other counselors, and administrators to resolve students’ behavioral, academic, and other problems. Utilize resources to effectively communicate with others with different communication abilities (e.g., non-English speaking, hearing impaired). Deliver culturally competent services to students, parents/guardians, and school staff.
  • Collaborate with teachers and administrators in the development, evaluation, and revision of school programs.
  • Meeting with seniors once a semester and mailing updates on their graduation status to their parents.
  • Ensuring that students are aware of requirements for graduation and college admission, as well as any NCAA requirements that may be necessary for athletic participation.
  • Helping students develop post-secondary educational plans in accordance with their interests, abilities, and career plans.
  • To consult with and serve as a resource for students, staff, and parents regarding developmental needs of students, which may include:
  • Identification and referral of students for Child Study Meetings
  • Creation and oversight of Section 504 Plans
  • Active participation in Special Education Meetings
  • Conference with individual students who have experience a death in the family or serious illness and notification of their teachers.
  • Work with teachers to better help them understand students with physical or emotional challenges.
  • Represent the school before the public and establish and maintain a program of public relations to keep the public well-informed of the programs and activities, policies and practices and need and successes of the school, so as to promote positive relationship between the school and the community.

 General Responsibilities

  • Handle yearly processes.
  • Provide Assistance in all areas of student information.
  • Establish protocols for data entry and system usage.
  • Collect and complete any required data for reporting.
  • Manage and prepare all academic reports.
  • Recommend system improvements.
  • Must be able to learn independently and be self-sufficient in solving problems.
  • Be creative and flexible to adjust to ever changing environment.
  • Able to communicate effectively both verbally and through written documents.
  • Work with outside entities to plan, coordinate and guide visits to WHS to demonstrate modular schedule and the systems used to support it.
  • The Coordinator organizes, supervises, and evaluates the work of the guidance counselors at all levels.
  • The Coordinator interprets the guidance program to the faculty and acts as a consultant to them.
  • Provide a leadership structure to ensure rules and instructions to school employees and students are in compliance with Board policy.
  • Confer with parents and staff to discuss educational activities, policies, and student behavioral or learning problems.
  • Organize and direct committees of specialist, volunteers, and staff to provide technical and advisory assistance for programs.
  • Establish, coordinate, and oversee particular programs, such as programs to evaluate student academic achievement.
  • Perform other professionally related tasks or duties as assigned by the Board or the Superintendent.


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