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Head Custodian - Engineer - Licensed

Omaha Public Schools Omaha, NE

Position Title:  Head Custodian - Engineer - Licensed


Location:  McMillan Middle School, 3802 Redick, Omaha, NE  68112


Reports To: Building Principal


Work Schedule/FLSA Status: 261 Duty Days/ Non- Exempt


Salary Schedule: This is a full-time negotiated position. Sal plan: 33 N; based on negotiated agreement.



Position Purpose:  The Head Custodian - Engineer - Licensed and Shift Engineer positions will be responsible for the general care and upkeep of the building(s), grounds and equipment in support of school programs assuring facility and grounds are well maintained and safe. The HC-E - Licensed and Shift Engineer will provide guidance and direction as approved by the building administrator and/or Supervisor of Operations; work along side custodial employees for maximum productivity; assist in establishing a productive work environment; consistently complete routine tasks, follow safety procedures, correctly diagnose and address problems in a timely manner while anticipating supply and equipment needs.




Qualifications & Competencies:            

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent required.
  • City of Omaha Third Grade Stationary Plant Operators License, required.
  • Minimum of 3 -5 years' satisfactory experience in custodial field is required.
  • Knowledgeable of HVAC equipment operation, housekeeping cleaning procedures, and custodial equipment.        
  • Knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.  
  • Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures, and strategies to promote clean and safe learning environments.  
  • Knowledge of computers and various software (e.g., work request, energy management, and ordering systems).        
  • Demonstrated organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills required to achieve the goals of the position.     
  • Communicate (written and verbal) at a superior level and be trustworthy with confidential information.       
  • Interact with staff and students in a courteous manner.
  • Submit and review work orders. 
  • Under the direction of the building administrator, coordinate tasks among custodial staff.   
  • Maintain a satisfactory attendance record.



  • Responsible for the general care and upkeep of the building(s), grounds, and equipment.
  • Clean and disinfect bodily fluids according to district standards.        
  • Clean facilities (i.e., hallways, cafeteria, kitchen, and school rooms).  
  • Prepare chemicals for work application.
  • Dispose of trash or waste materials.     
  • Handle and move equipment and/or supplies.
  • Assist administration in establishing and implementing facility cleaning schedules.    
  • Assist administration in guiding staff on work policies or procedures.
  • Perform various preventative maintenance duties.      
  • Submit work requests and requisitions. 
  • Maintain adequate inventory of supplies and equipment.       
  • Maintain work records.   
  • Maintain accurate documentation for equipment.       
  • Maintain accurate preventative maintenance records.  
  • Maintain proper climate control. 
  • Operate and inspect HVAC equipment.
  • Operate energy management systems and equipment.
  • Report all emergency and problems, maintenance, and safety concerns, according to policy and procedures.       
  • Inspect the facility and adjacent grounds for security, vandalism, and safety hazards.
  • Inspect the quality of supplies and equipment. 
  • Assist in auditing work to ensure standards are met.      
  • Provide assistance for various activities, school functions, and/or community events.
  • Care for grounds. 
  • Clean snow and debris from sidewalk and grounds.     
  • Mow lawn and fields,      
  • Cultivate, plant, irrigate, and trim vegetation.  
  • Operate buildings and grounds maintenance equipment (i.e., hand-tools, power-tools, weed eater, leaf blower, washing machine, and carpet machine).    


Physical and Mental Demands, Work Hazards:

  • Must be able to respond rapidly in emergency situations.
  • Must have organization, time management, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Work in an office environment, school buildings and warehouse setting.
  • Ability to lift, move and reposition objects and materials- frequently exerting force equal to lifting fifty (50) pounds.


Physical Demand Classifications:

-Rarely 1-5% of the time, in an 8-hour day

-Occasionally 6-33% of the time, in an 8-hour day

-Frequently 34-66% of the time, in an 8-hour day

-Continuously 67-100% of the time, in an 8-hour day



Essential Physical Functions:


STANDING: (Remaining on one's feet in an upright position without walking). Occasional:

Monitoring trash cans during lunch periods; working on ladders changing light bulb and cleaning vents.


WALKING: - (Moving about on foot requires 3 consecutive steps to be considered


Frequent: Operating: the floor scrubber, push mower, carpet machine, weed eater, leaf blower. Spreading salt and gravel during icy weather. Accessing different areas of the building and campus (machine shed). Walks on various terrains, during all weather conditions.


SITTING: (Remaining in a seated position with hips and knees bent to some extent and buttocks resting on a surface) Rarely-Occasional: Operating the large mower-mowing large field, using the computer to check emails.


LIFTING: (Raising or lowering an object from one level to another.)

Occasional: Performing cleaning and maintenance tasks. The rate will vary depending upon the specific work area. Some examples include:

Daily - Bags of trash 12-40 lb. from 37 (top of bag) to ~50 (dumpster). Rate will vary

Daily - Lifting (folding) cafeteria tables 55 lb. of upward force at 17-~50; 38 tables but two individuals available.

Rarely- Bags of Calcium Chloride (salt) 50 lb. from pallet to spreader

Rarely- Ladders: 16' Werner Ladder Model 416 77.5 lb.; 12' Werner Ladder Model 412 55 lb.


CARRYING: (Transporting an object over a distance through walking)

Occasional: Moving equipment; tools and materials. (see examples of weight above)


PUSHING/PULLING: (Exerting force upon an object so that the object moves away from the force)

Occasional: Operating the floor scrubber initial force 25-30 lb.; sustained force ~25 lb. hand height ~42-44 distance will vary but up to several hundred feet. Pulling out bleachers with tool with hook (2 person) waist height. Force will vary.


CLIMBING: (To Ascend or Descend apparatus or structures)

Occasional: To access lighting with ladder; to access boiler room via 10 steps; accessing the portable classrooms via ramps. Scaffolding is available for use when performing prolonged cleaning of ceiling. Accessing the swimming pool via vertical ladder when cleaning and repairing the pool. Climbing bleachers in the gym area.


BALANCE: (Maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling)

Frequent: Working on uneven terrain; various weather conditions; up/down ladders; up/down stairs; performing overhead tasks.


STOOPING: (Bending the body downward and forward from a standing position by bending the spine at the hips and/or waist)

Occasional: Cleaning lower aspect of walls; accessing floor level when cleaning.


KNEELING: (Bending the legs at the knees to come to rest on one or both knees)

Occasional: Working at floor level cleaning gum and other materials from the floor.


CROUCHING: (Bending the body downward and forward by bending legs at the hips and knees with simultaneous forward bending of the spine)

Occasional: Working at floor level


REACHING: (Extending arms and hands away from the body in any direction. Shoulder angle must be least 45 degrees from the body to be considered reaching) Frequent: Forward Using tools; operating equipment (scrubber; carpet cleaning) Occasional: Overhead Cleaning air vents; accessing light bulbs; inspecting repairing and replacing ceiling tiles.


HAND USAGE: (Seizing, holding, grasping, turning, or otherwise working with the hand or hands.   Fingers are involved only to the extent that they are an extension of the hand, such as to turn a switch or shift gears) 

Frequent: Operating equipment; using tools for repair and replacement. Tools include: Shovel; broom; hand tools; power tools; circular saws; wrenches. Handling/moving school furniture. Handling/grasping trash bags. Pinching threading nuts and bolts.


CRAWLING: (Moving about on hands and knees, hands and feet or on the abdomen) Rarely: May have to access areas behind the bleachers. Accessing under desks and tables.






Below is a list of major responsibilities but job is not limited to:

  • Maintain accurate preventative maintenance records including: routine maintenance information i.e. record of dates for changing filters, belts, oil/lubrications schedule pool maintenance records etc. Maintain detailed and updated instructions for trouble shooting problems unique to the mechanical operations of the building.

  • Maintains complete an correct work records and preserves confidentiality with personnel matters

  • Consistently anticipates supply and equipment needs, assuring that the necessary materials are available and in good condition when needed.

  • Operates HVAC equipment for environmental comfort according to established guidelines and directives, and performs all operator inspections and maintains operator log sheets.

  • Assists in inspection of the facility and adjacent grounds for security, vandalism, safety hazards, and housekeeping and makes reports to the appropriate personnel.

  • Establishes the facility cleaning schedules and performs housekeeping cleaning using approved housekeeping methods and acceptable standards.

  • Monitors inventory of supplies and equipment in facility and ensure they are used according to manufacturer's directions.   Also, ensure tools and equipment is clean and in good condition.

  • Report all emergency situation and problems, maintenance, and safety concerns to appropriate personnel; take appropriate action to ensure adherence to established guidelines and established procedures in the handling of problems and emergencies.

  • Under the direction of the building administrator, assist in coaching and counseling with the housekeeping supervisors and serve as the lead in assigning custodial staff assigned to the facility in maintaining housekeeping of the facility and adjacent grounds.

  • Develop and maintain courteous customer service with students, administrators, and staff including prompt attention to issues and concerns.

  • Performs all other tasks and duties as assigned.


* NOTE: The statements herein are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification.  They are not intended to be construed, as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified.



Date Posted March 4, 2023
Requisition 7269
Address McMillan Magnet Middle
Located In Omaha, NE
Salary Comment 33 N; based on negotiated agreement - 33 N; based on negotiated agreement / Per Hour
SOC Category 00-0000.00

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