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Certified Medical Assistant

Methodist Health System locationCouncil Bluffs, IA
485 positions

Web Mktg Technology Specialist

Methodist Health System locationCouncil Bluffs, IA
485 positions
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Job Location
Council bluffs, IA, United States


  • Purpose of Job
    • Performs duties, and procedures of a certified medical assistant.
  • Job Requirements
    • Education
      • High School Diploma, or General Educational Development (G.E.D.) required.
      • Associate's of Applied Science Degree from a Commission of Accredited Commission Allied Health Education Program (CAAHEP) - accredited college program preferred.
      • Participates in mandatory in services, and continuing education programs as mandated by policies, and procedures, and as directed by supervisor.

    • Experience
      • Previous employment in a physician's office, or other related field.

    • License/Certifications
      • Current Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) required.
      • Current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification preferred.

    • Skills/Knowledge/Abilities
      • Promote positive relations interacting with patients or other customers.
      • Knowledge of medical procedures, aseptic technique, and EMR documentation.
      • Knowledge of medicine including recognizing, and diagnosed diseases, deformities, and other illnesses.
      • Skill to proficiently type information into the computer to capture or detail information quickly.
      • Ability to provide caring patient care services when talking with patients and their family members.
      • Ability to critically listen to questions from patients and information from providers to convey information effectively.
      • Ability to anticipate, recognize, and resolve problems before they occur and avoid bigger problems in the future.
      • Ability to problem solve during several daily activities which includes the ability to be flexible.
      • Ability to learn and proficiently navigate through computer programs that contain patient information.
      • Strong verbal communication skills for positive interaction with providers, staff and patients.
      • Able to follow written and verbal instructions/directions.
      • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
      • Ability to anticipate and meet the needs of patients/clients.
      • Skill in prioritizing, organizing and performing assigned tasks.
  • Physical Requirements
    • Weight Demands
      • Medium Work - Exerting up to 50 pounds of force.

    • Physical Activity
      • Occasionally Performed (1%-33%):
        • Climbing
        • Crawling
        • Kneeling
        • Sitting
      • Frequently Performed (34%-66%):
        • Balancing
        • Carrying
        • Crouching
        • Distinguish colors
        • Keyboarding/typing
        • Lifting
        • Pulling/Pushing
        • Repetitive Motions
        • Standing
        • Stooping/bending
        • Twisting
        • Walking
      • Constantly Performed (67%-100%):
        • Fingering/Touching
        • Grasping
        • Hearing
        • Reaching
        • Seeing/Visual
        • Speaking/talking

    • Job Hazards
      • Not Related:
        • Explosives (pressurized gas)
        • Electrical Shock/Static
        • Radiation Non-Ionizing (Ultraviolet, visible light, infrared and microwaves that causes injuries to tissue or thermal or photochemical means)
      • Rare (1-33%):
        • Chemical agents (Toxic, Corrosive, Flammable, Latex)
        • Mechanical moving parts/vibrations
      • Occasionally (34%-66%):
        • Biological agents (primary air born and blood born viruses) (Jobs with Patient contact) (BBF)
        • Physical hazards (noise, temperature, lighting, wet floors, outdoors, sharps) (more than ordinary office environment)
        • Radiation Alpha, Beta and Gamma (particles such as X-ray, Cat Scan, Gamma Knife, etc)
  • Essential Job Functions
    • Essential Functions I

      • Promotes positive relations when interacting with patients, visitors, families, physicians, customers, and co-workers.
        • Greets, smiles, and makes eye contact.
        • Introduces self by name.
        • Volunteers to help co-workers, and other employees.
        • Addresses patients, and others by surname.
        • Responds quickly to patients, and/or other peoples' needs.
        • Knows, and demonstrated 6 step customer complaint management process.
        • Identifies problems, and/ or customer concerns, and reports them promptly to clinic manager.
        • Follows the standards of timeliness, and office policies.
        • Practices excellent customer service skills.

      • Recall system, and filing system.
        • Maintains a recall system to retrieve computerized information, records, and code names in a notebook accessible to office personnel.  
        • Maintains an up-to-date filing system for all correspondence, projects, and educational information.
        • Maintain copies of all patient information, and scans into electronic medical record.
        • Verifies insurance coverage in PayNav prior to patient's appointment.
        • Collects co-pay amounts, and posts in HealthPay 24.
        • Scans insurance cards, and verifies patient identification, including face photo.
        • Ensures all consent forms are signed (Consent to Treat, NEHII, HIPAA, etc.).
        • Enroll patients in the Patient Portal.

      • Collects initial data to prepare patients to see the physician.
        • Follows office practice protocols.
        • Makes appropriate appointments for patients in department, and other departments.

      • Communicates with physicians, and other staff regarding changes.
        • Follows the standards of timeliness, and office policies.

      • Receives incoming phone calls to the Clinic.
        • Must have excellent telephone etiquette.
        • Must be able to refer calls to the appropriate personnel, and be able to retrieve information for the caller.

      • Practices excellent customer service skills.
        • Follows the practices, and policies of the Health System regarding customer service.

      • Maintains confidentiality regarding patients, and their injuries/illnesses, and obtains appropriate releases.
        • Follows Iowa Worker's Compensation guidelines, and hospital protocols regarding release of information.

      • Charts appropriately, concisely, and as needed in the patient record, includes communication with employer.
        • Follows standards of practice for charting, and documentation.

      • Assists physicians with patient visits.
        • Follows the principles of infection control, and minor surgery protocols.
        • Follows the policies for office equipment sterilization, and infection control.
        • Communicates with physicians, and other staff regarding changes.

      • Transports patients, and assists with their needs in the department.

      • Performs patient care skills - weight, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen, temperature.

      • Maintains a list of all pending appointments for Radiation Oncology patients.

      • Ensure all appropriate materials are sent to the pre-authorization team.

      • Makes appropriate referrals to American Cancer Society (ACS), and Wings of Hope Cancer Support Center.

      • Registers every new patient for an EMMI educational program, and follows up with patient to ensure completion.

      • Identifies problems, and/or customer concerns, and reports them promptly to clinic manager.
        • Follows the principles for prompt, and effective customer service practices.

    • Essential Functions II

      • Participates in mandatory in-services and/or CE programs as mandated by policies and procedures/external agencies and as directed by management.

      • Follows and understands the mission, vision, core values, Employee Standards of Compassionate Care/AIDET and company policies/procedures.

      • Other duties as assigned.

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