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Director Env Srvs & Sustainability

Methodist Health System Omaha, NE

Job Description


Bachelor's Degree preferred, preferably in Management, BusinessAdministration, or Healthcare.


7 10 years management experience required, preferably in EnvironmentalServices, Healthcare or Sustainability.


Knowledgeof advanced management principles required.

Knowledge of cultural diversity preferred.

Knowledge of environmental services practices andtechnologies required.

Knowledge of infection control procedures required.

Knowledge of Joint Commission standards required.

Knowledge of sustainability practices, procedures, andregulations required.

Skilled in planning, delegation, time-management, andproblem-solving required.

Skilledin Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and Outlook, required.

Strong verbalcommunication skills for positive interaction with staff and customersrequired.

Able to read, write,and comprehend various written reports and documents required.

Able to travel to variouslocations required.


AHE or IEHA certification preferred.

Valid and current driver's license required.

GeneralSummary: The Director of Environmental Services &Sustainability oversees environmental services, linen distribution functions, andthe sustainability program for the Health System.

Essential JobFunctions:

1. Leading Motivating and influencing, managing vision and purpose.


Modelingbehaviors expected of others

Creatinga climate of trust

Makingwords consistent with actions actions are congruent with organizationalvalues

Keepingpromises accepting responsibility for what I do or fail to do

Communicatingcommitment to organizational values and expectations through my behavior

Promoting Change

Empoweringpeople and making change happen

Encouragingpeople to challenge the process (status quo)

Aligningpeople behind change strategies

2. Standards andAccountability


Articulatingto people what is expected

Supportingpeople to achieve their full potential by removing barriers and obstacles


Takingownership of outcomes


Followingthrough by evaluating and adjusting


Promotingaccountability by giving people authority and responsibility

Maintainingstandards set by being consistent and accepting nothing less

3. Planning andDecision-Making


Developinga strategy for a better future

Encouragingquality improvement effort

Operatingwith the whole organization in mind

Problem Solving

Seekingthe root causes of problems without seeking to lay blame

Makingit safe for people to challenge and create

Focusingand prioritizing crucial issues

Tellingwhy instead of telling how

Financial Stewardship

Promotingthe best use of resources

Achievingset benchmarks and standards

4. Communication

Keeping People Informed

Empoweringothers by sharing information and keeping people informed

Listeningmore than I talk

Listeningto understand

Being a Coach

Creatinga comfortable environment for giving and receiving feedback regularly

Prioritizingtime for coaching every day

Usingrewards and recognition to reinforce positive behaviors

5. Developing People


Promotingemployee growth and development

Challengingpeople to new performance levels

Supportingthe use of peoples' natural talents every day


Encouragingpeople to express why they think the way they do

Beingopen to contrary opinion

Beingsensitive to individuality

Supportingand promoting face-to-face interactions

6. Building Relationships Conflict prevention andmanagement, teambuilding, showing support.

A Culture of Openness and Truthfulness

Leadingwith questions not answers

Engagingin dialogue and debate, not coercion

Encouragingothers to say what they think and to express what they feel


Structuringsituations to promote collaboration toward goals

Connectingpeople with each other and with sources of information

Facilitatingpositive interdependence

7. Performs management duties, such as hiring,training, coaching, counseling, corrective action, terminations, and evaluations,to ensure competent staff.

8. Manages direct reports in EnvironmentalServices and Sustainability by mentoring, coaching, training, supporting, andestablishing objectives to promote success and growth and to contribute toHealth System and division goals.

9. Monitors and reviews employee productivity andperformance, staff development, and program implementation for customersatisfaction, efficiency, effectiveness, work priorities, and compliance withlaws, rules, regulations, and standards.

10.Works with the Vice Presidentof Integrated Service, Finance and other Health System departments to developcapital, staff, and operating budgets to meet or exceed budgets and by implementing plans to controluse of resources, such as people, supplies, and contracts, to help ensurefinancial viability of the Health System.

11.Works with theIntegrated Service Value Analysis team to negotiate contracts with vendors forcontract cleaners, window cleaners, pest control, solid waste hauling, medicalwaste hauling, carpet salvage maintenance, and HIPAA document destruction byobtaining and reviewing bids, negotiating prices, and awarding contracts whileensuring uncompromising quality and adhering to the established budget.

12.Builds and maintains relationships with all Health System administrationsby meeting with Executive Leadership on a routine basis to ensure all HealthSystem facilities' needs are met.

13.Participates in mandatory in-servicesand/or continuing education programs as mandated by policies andprocedures/external agencies and as directed by management.

14.Is able tounderstand and operationalize the mission, vision, core values, LeadershipStandards of Behavior, and policies/procedures.

15.Collaborates with other Integrated Service departments andhospital departments to develop capital budgets and provide input for facilitymaintenance and construction projects by reviewing surfaces, fabrics, windowtreatments, and other construction choices to ensure the correct products andsurfaces are selected for longevity of use and ease and economy of cleaning.

16.Works to systematizeall Environmental Service and laundry/linen functions, including supplypurchasing and resource sharing, at all facilities to ensure the optimization of Environmental Servicesoperations throughout the Health System.

17.Promotes awareness of the Environmental Services departmentthroughout the Health System by participating in committees and providingfeedback to ensure knowledge and understanding of Environmental Services issuesare presented to all entities and areas within the Health System.

18.Develops and implements departmental policies and proceduresby analyzing and evaluating, such as infection rates, to ensure a clean andsanitary environment.

19.Attends internal andexternal meetings to ensure oversight and compliance regarding environmentalservices issues within the Health System.

20.Serves as Chairperson of the HealthSystem's Sustainability Committee and organizer / leader of Sustainabilityvolunteers.

21.Develops and executesa sustainability program to address sustainability goals from the sustainabilitymaster plan, which include goals on the following topics: transportation; waste management & sourcereduction; engagement; building energy emissions and water.

22.Identify and evaluatepilot projects to enhance the sustainability program. Research environmentalsustainability issues and concerns of proposed projects. Submit proposals for sustainabilityprojects. Consider factors such as costeffectiveness, technical feasibility, and integration with other initiatives.

23.Review sustainabilityprogram objectives, progress, or status to ensure compliance with policies,standards, regulations and evaluate sustainable operations or programs forcompliance with standards or regulations (local, state and federal).

24.Work with the NMHSMarketing Department to formulate and/or implement sustainability campaigns ormarketing strategies to promote sustainability projects.

25.Write projectproposals, grant applications, or other documents to pursue funding for sustainabilityinitiatives.

26.Write and distributefinancial or environmental impact reports, prepare financial documents,sustainability reports, status reports, presentations, proposals and budgets.

27.Developsustainability evaluation and/or monitoring systems. Assess the viability or success ofsustainability initiatives.

28.Develop and maintainsustainability program policies and procedures.

29.Create and maintain recordssupporting sustainability for energy processes or otherenvironmentally-sustainable activities.

30.Identify educationaltraining or other development opportunities for sustainability team members.

31.Supervise/assistsustainability team members working on sustainability projects.

32.Performs other related duties asassigned.

Job Details

Date Posted December 8, 2018
Date Closes February 6, 2019
Requisition 10262
Located In Omaha, NE
Work At NE Methodist Health System Inc
Department Integrated Services
Shift Daytime
SOC Category 00-0000.00