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Adjunct Faculty- Medical Law & Ethics

Methodist Health System Omaha, NE

Job Description

Course Duration: January 15-May 11, 2018 (15 weeks) & May 21, 2018- August 3, 2018 (11 weeks)

Nebraska Methodist College is seeking an experienced adjunct faculty member to teach Medical Law and Ethics the Allied Healthcare Professional. This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of medical laws, ethical principles and bioethics for the health care practitioner. The application of these fundamental principles will be applied using current medical-legal issues and bioethical dilemmas of today. The course is designed to improve the student's ability to critically think and make sound decisions that are in alignment with professional ethics and values, integrity and judgment.

  • Provide effective student instruction to meet course objectives

  • Seeking a minimum of a master's degree and/or doctoral degree in related field preferred from a regionally accredited institution required, with a minimum of 18 semester hours in content-specific related field.
  • In addition to completing an application and submitting a curriculum vitae (CV), candidates are required to provide unofficial transcripts prior to a scheduled interview. Official transcripts are required prior to the first teaching assignment.

  • Minimum of one (1) year experience in area relevant to program assignment required; one or more years of experience in teaching at the post-secondary level is preferred.

  • Ability to provide academic instruction, read, analyze, interpret and grade academic assignments in a higher educational environment.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Proficiency with personal computer and standard office applications.
  • Knowledge of various teaching methods and adult learning styles.
  • Skill in the effective use of resources including time, information and available services.
  • Knowledge and support of the College mission statement and its values.
  • Physical Requirements
    • Weight Demands
      • Light Work - Exerting up to 20 pounds of force.
        • NOTE: Faculty who work with students completing clinical assignments will be required to meet Medium Work standards-exerting up to 50 pounds of force.

    • Physical Activity
      • Occasionally Performed (1%-33%):
        • Balancing
        • Climbing
        • Carrying
        • Crawling
        • Crouching
        • Distinguish colors
        • Kneeling
        • Lifting
        • Pulling/Pushing
        • Reaching
        • Standing
        • Stooping/bending
        • Twisting
        • Walking
      • Frequently Performed (34%-66%):
        • Hearing
        • Repetitive Motions
        • Seeing/Visual
        • Speaking/talking
      • Constantly Performed (67%-100%):
        • Fingering/Touching
        • Grasping
        • Keyboarding/typing
        • Sitting

    • Job Hazards
      • Not Related:
        • Biological agents (primary air born and blood born viruses) (Jobs with Patient contact) (BBF)
        • Physical hazards (noise, temperature, lighting, wet floors, outdoors, sharps) (more than ordinary office environment)
        • Equipment/Machinery/Tools
        • Explosives (pressurized gas)
        • Electrical Shock/Static
        • Radiation Alpha, Beta and Gamma (particles such as X-ray, Cat Scan, Gamma Knife, etc)
      • Rare (1-33%):
        • Chemical agents (Toxic, Corrosive, Flammable, Latex)
        • Mechanical moving parts/vibrations
  • Essential Job Functions
    • Essential Functions I

      • Teaching

        • Factors: Instructional Responsibilities: Demonstrate effective instructional methodology.

          • Command of the subject and use of effective teaching/learning methods.

          • In conjunction with Program Director and/or Course Coordinator, facilitate clear formulation of learning objectives/outcomes demonstrated by thorough course planning, and thorough preparation for individual classroom, laboratory, and/or clinical sessions.

          • Skill in communicating with students and challenging them to go beyond what is required.

          • Effective course implementation through the use of a variety of instructional methods, as appropriate, to foster an environment to stimulate student interest and pursuit of learning.

          • Integrity, open-mindedness and objectivity in presenting material.

          • Ability to relate the subject to other areas of knowledge.

          • Collaboration with other faculty in the development of curriculum.

          • Systematicassessment of student learning.

          • Provisionof constructive feedback in a timely manner to students to foster professionaldevelopment.

          • Punctuality and reliability in conduct of classes.

          • Course revision as needed to increase effectiveness

          • Summarize (list in comments) any additional instructional responsibilities, activities, or accomplishment(s) for the review period.

      • Professionalism

        • Demonstrate interpersonal and team skills
          • Supports collegiality by behaving in a professional manner with faculty, staff and administration.
          • Responds to communications and requests in a timely fashion.
          • Treats staff and faculty in a professional manner.
          • Supports College strategic initiatives.
          • Responds appropriately to guidance and constructive criticism.
          • Maintains a professional appearance appropriate for the position.
          • Follows and understands the mission, vision, core values and Standards of Behavior.
          • Participates in required meetings and events as appropriate.
          • Fulfills mandatory job requirements (e.g., timely submission of syllabi and grades, AOR, maintenance of certification/licensure, related employee health requirements as applicable).
          • Summarize (list in comments) any effective instructional methodology as applicable for the review period.

Job Details

Date Posted October 6, 2017
Date Closes December 5, 2017
Requisition 6960
Located In Omaha, NE
Work At NE Methodist College
Department CV Sonography
Shift Rotating
SOC Category 00-0000.00