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Printer Operator

CSG International Omaha, NE

Job Description

Job Summary

The operator operates the various auxillary components of the laser printing system and inkjet printing systems, including the Oce 7650 and the Infoprint/Ricoh 5000. These are duplex printing systems, the Oce printers using toner and printing BW and the Infoprint using ink and printing 4/c process. The operator also operates the IBM 3900 to print mail tray tags. The operator must inspect the printed output to ensure, correct form type, alignment, and print consistency. The operator must also be fluent in the navigation of the printer driver software (Emtex) and understand the importance of printing jobs in the order required to meet SLA's and keep the inserting equipment running without delays. The position assists in training new operators and provides guidance and assistance to new print operators.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Operate the Oce and Infoprint/Ricoh printers and the IBM3900 simplex and duplex printing systems by issuing commands to the printers via Emtex.
  • Ensure print and mail jobs are executed in a timely manner, and mail tray tags are processed as soon as they are transmitted to the print facility.
  • Print AESP and Direct Solutions statements, checks, reports, tags, and Daily Letters, Past Dues, Test Jobs, Reprints and Reruns to ensure proper routing and handling of all printed output.
  • Responsible for new product testing and testing of enhancements to existing products, setting up and executing test jobs, sometimes at a moments notice to meet crucial company deadlines.
  • Answer telephone inquiries, investigate issues, and inform callers of job status. Monitor voice mail and email throughout the shift.
  • In the event a lead or supervisor is absent, operators work with SSC to resolve problems in production/programming/systems, via ITSM tickets and telephone conversations.
  • Continuously monitor printers and take appropriate action when printers require intervention. Do visual quality checks between print jobs.
  • Responsible for catching and notifying management of quality issues.
  • Monitor quantities of paper stock to ensure completion of printed output. Operators are also required to capture, weigh, and record all paper waste that is produced on printers they are running.
  • Assist the Supervisor and Lead in monitoring the usage of print supplies and notify the Print Supervisor when supplies are low.
  • Assist in the training of all new print operators and oversee training.
  • Keep the print facility and climate control area clean and organized.
  • Determine the proper forms required for each print job. Ensure proper alignment of the forms and correct form settings are applied to initiate and terminate the print action.
  • Ensure highest print quality, form quality, etc., check for print carry over, alignment, correct form type, wipeout, completeness of output, ensure print head alignments, and that print heads are firing corrrectly on the color printers. Also ensure duplicate statements are extracted from all printed output.
  • Ensure daily logs are completed (Production logs and meter readings at three hour intervals). Issue 3 hour production reports in the absence of the lead.

Job Details

Date Posted August 11, 2017
Date Closes September 10, 2017
Requisition 12296
Located In Omaha, NE
Job Type Full-time Employee
SOC Category 00-0000.00
Zipcode 68102