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RN, Relief (PRN)- North Senior's Unit

Erlanger Medical Center Chattanooga, TN

Job Description


Position Summary:
A registered professional nurse employed by Erlanger Medical Center is responsible for direct and/or indirect care of the patient.

The employee must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served on his or her assigned unit. The individual must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and possess the ability to assess data reflective of the patients status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patients requirements relative to his or her age-specific needs and to provide the care needed as described in the units policies and procedures.

Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.

Knowledge of general nursing principles and practice skills; knowledge of organizational functions, policies and regulations; knowledge of current trends and new developments; knowledge of principles and practices of nursing, applicable to those areas requiring special education.

Current licensure to practice nursing in the State of Tennessee.

Ability to assess patients, select, develop, implement and evaluate plan of care.  Ability to administer pharmacological drugs as ordered, perform procedures and operate equipment necessary for patient care as assigned.

Core Competencies:
Admission- Data Information Form, Triggers, Multi-disciplinary Education Sheet, Physical Assessment
Patient Assessment & Documentation (per unit standards of care)
Select, Develop, and Individualize Plan of Care
Implement Plan of Care
Evaluate Plan of Care
Pharmacology (administration and interaction)
Make Patient Assignment/Supervise delegated functions on Acuity
Age Appropriate Care
Knowledge of Growth and Development
Lab Values, Panic Levels, & ABGs,  (assess and intervention)
Interpersonal Communication
Chest Tubes- Set-up, Emergency Treatment, & Emptying
Central Line Draws- Care of & Lab Draws
IV Technique/TPN or PPN- Site Rotation, Labeling, & Documentation
O2 Therapy/CPAP
Trach Care
Suctioning- Trach/Oral/NT
Restraints- Assessment, Alternatives, Application, & Documentation
Wound Care-Vac-Pac & Irrigation
Ostomy Care & Irrigation
Skin Care- Decubitus Prevention, Intervention, & Documentation
Specimens-C&S, 24 hr Urines, Sputum, Gastric, Stools, etc.
Enteral Feedings-Continuous/Bolus- Residual Checks, Irrigation
Volume Replacement- Continuous/Bolus/Rapid
Blood Products
Cardiac Monitoring- Placement of Electrodes, Trouble-shooting
Code 99
Foley Care- Insertion, Precautions, Removal, Documentation of Output
Drainage Tubes
Setup/Assist or Perform Invasive Procedures
Skin Staples/Sutures- (removal of)
Body Substance Isolation (BSI)
Phlebotomy- Technique, Labeling, Type & Cross Match
Elimination- Removal of Impaction, Enema Administration
Pre-op/Post-op Care- Turn, Cough, Deep Breathe Q2H
Hospital Information System
Specialty Carts-Latex, Urology, Traction, ENT, etc.
IV/PCA Pumps
Code Carts- Location on Unit, Daily Checks, Knowledge of Contents
Wall Suction/Portable Suction
Pyxis- Supply/Medicine
SCD/TED Hose/Foot Pump
K-Pad (Heating Pad)
Pulse Oximetry
Specialty Beds/Mattress
Incentive Spirometer
Glucose Monitor

Job Details

Date Posted October 11, 2017
Date Closes January 9, 2018
Requisition 20493
Located In Chattanooga, TN
SOC Category 00-0000.00