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RN, Staff Nurse - Erlanger East NICU - Full Time - night shift

Erlanger Medical Center Chattanooga, TN

Job Description


Position Summary:
A registered professional nurse employed by Erlanger Medical Center is responsible for direct and/or indirect care of the patient.

The RN in Special Care Nursery must have knowledge and skill in caring for the sick neonate regardless of gestational age and the use of equipment/supplies associated with that care.  The RN in the Special Care Nursery must have skills in caring for the needs of the immediate family members, be familiar with newborn care, as well as familiar with neonatal resuscitation, and be able to care for mom-baby couplets in postpartum phase.

Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.

Knowledge of general, obstetric, and neonatal nursing principles and practice skills; knowledge of organizational functions, policies and regulations; knowledge of current trends and new developments; knowledge of principles and practices of nursing, applicable to those areas requiring special education.

Current licensure to practice nursing in the State of Tennessee.
Certification in neonatal nursing desirable.

Core Competencies:
1. Admission- Neonatal Data Base, Multi-disciplinary Education Sheet, Physical Assessment Patient Assessment & Accurate Completion of Patient Care Flowsheet (per unit standards of care)
2. Select, Develop and Individualize Plan of Care using Problem Oriented Charting by Exception 
3. Implement Plan of Care
4. Evaluate Plan of Care on a daily basis
5. Pharmacology (administration and interaction)
6. Documentation
7. Gestational/Post Conceptional Age Appropriate Care
8. Knowledge of Growth and Development
9. Lab Values, Panic Levels, & ABGs (assessment, reporting to Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and intervention)
10. Interpersonal Communication
11. Safety and Infection Control
12. Participates in Rounds on Assigned Patients
13. Collaborates with Intra-hospital departments
14. Chest Tubes- Set-up, Assisting with Insertion, Maintenance
15. IV Technique Site Inspection, Labeling Tubing, & Documentation
16. 02 Therapy/CPAP/Ventilator setup and adjustments, nasal cannula
17. Suctioning- Oral/ETT
18. Hypo/Hyperthermia
19. Specimens- C&S, Urine Drug Screens, Sputum, Gastric, Stools
20. OG-NGT/Care
21. Volume Replacement - Continuous/Bolus/Rapid
22. Blood Products
23. Cardiac Monitoring- Placement of Electrodes, Trouble-shooting
24. Documentation of Intake and Output
25. Neonatal Code
26. Drainage Tubes
27. Setup/Assist or Perform Invasive Procedures
28. Body Substance Isolation (BSI)
29. Phlebotomy- Technique, Labeling, Type & Cross Match
30. Hospital Information System
31. IVF Administration Pumps/Medfusion Pumps
32. Code Drug Box-Location on Unit, Knowledge of Contents
33. Wall/Portable Suction
34. Pyxis-Supplies/Medicines
35. Scales
36. Diaper Scales
37. Isolettes/Incubators without humidity
38. Radiant Warmers
39. Phototherapy/Biliblanket
40. Capillary Blood Glucose Monitor
41. HP Bedside Monitor and Modules (EKG/Resp, NIBP Invasive Pressure Monitoring, SpO2)
42. Setup ventilator, NCPAP and nasal cannula
43. SpO2 Monitor (Bedside)
44. Breast Milk Refrigerator/Freezer
45. Blanket Warmer
46. Breast Pump
47. IV Tubing Assembly/Invasive Pressure Transducer
48. Digital Thermometer
49. Maintain Developmentally Supportive Neonatal Care Environment
50. Provide Appropriate Neutral Thermal Environment For The Neonate
51. Ensure Security Of The Neonatal Patient From Admission Until Discharge
52. Policies and Upholds Infection Control Measures
53. Assures Necessary Equipment Available For Care Of The Neonate (Including As Applicable:  Admission Bed Set-Up, Stocking Bed Space For Oncoming Shift)
54. Identifies And Appropriately Communicates Pertinent Findings And Concerns To The Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
55. Incorporates Positional Support And Changes As Neonate Tolerates
56. Correctly Employs Procedures And Equipment Necessary To Provide Optimal Nutritional Support And Management For High Risk Neonates
57. Competently Monitors Cardiopulmonary and Hemodynamic Status and Intervenes as appropriate
58. Coordinates with Neonatal Nurse Practitioner from assembly/set-up to completion/disposal of equipment necessary for procedures
59. Maintains and monitors IV fluid volume replacement device (PIV, RAC, or UAC), and fluid administration including obtaining blood specimens from central or peripheral arterial lines
60. Provide appropriate care to the neonate 
61. Educate and incorporate parent(s) in the care of the neonate as the neonates condition permits
62. Console and participates appropriately in supporting parent(s) and families who have experienced perinatal loss
68. Securing a Neonate to prevent injury during a Procedure
69. Urinary Specimen Collection
70. Assist with administration of surfactant
71. Assisting with Circumcision
72. Assisting with Lumbar Puncture
73. Assisting with Suturing
74. Assisting with Chest Needle aspiration/Chest Tube insertion
75. Assisting with UAC insertion
76. Assisting with Chest Needle aspiration/Chest Tube insertion
77. Assisting with UAC insertion
78. Assisting with Intubation
79. Assisting an Intubated Neonate
80. Bag-Valve-Mask Device
81. ETT/Nasopharyngeal Suctioning
82. Accurately recording I and O
83. Measuring vital signs
84. Time management skills
85. Discharge Process
86. Transfers into and out of the Special Care Nursery
87. Handwashing
88. Station Isolation
89. Accurate weight with minimal disruption of care
90. Correctly calculate acuity

Job Details

Date Posted September 22, 2017
Date Closes December 21, 2017
Requisition 20312
Located In Chattanooga, TN
SOC Category 00-0000.00