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High School Career Coach- Omaha, NE

Avenue Scholars Foundation locationOmaha, NE
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Web Mktg Technology Specialist

Avenue Scholars Foundation locationOmaha, NE
1 position
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Omaha, NE, United States


Job Title:  High School Career Coach

Department:  High School

Reports To:   Director of High School Programs 

Status:  Full Time 

Hire Date: June 15, 2021


Job Summary:

Provide year-round intrusive support, education, and resources to high school juniors and seniors who participate in the Avenue Scholars (AS) program.  Lead recruitment and selection of AS program participants at assigned high school.  Teach credit-bearing classes to AS students at assigned high school.  Build strong relationships with students and guide them in discovering and developing their strengths, skills, and career interests.  Teach students the necessary skills to be successful and productive students, colleagues, employees, and citizens.  Guide students in successfully completing their high school education while preparing them for postsecondary education/training or employment in their chosen AS-supported career field (high-demand positions requiring an associate degree or less).   Collaborate effectively with co-workers, personnel at assigned high school, and other external stakeholders to facilitate program delivery.  Engage with area employers to facilitate student employment opportunities and evaluate students’ work performance.  The position requires a Nebraska teaching certificate/permit with a secondary grade-level endorsement.


Duties and Responsibilities:



  • Leads recruitment and selection of program participants at assigned high school.


Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

  • Plans and prepares lessons, teaches classes, and grades assignments/assessments, following the prescribed curriculum.  Emphasizes student development of knowledge, skills, and awareness that contribute to academic and career success.
  • Leads, instructs, and guides students through AS’ curriculum and Senior Academy/Senior Experience programming.  Assists in planning and execution of collective high school programming efforts, such as Senior Academy and Senior Experience.
  • Promotes student growth and progress by assessing individual needs and determining a suitable course of action to meet realistic and attainable personal, academic, and career goals.  Meets responsibilities and timelines related to development and implementation of students’ AS career plan.
  • Monitors student progress.  Collects data such as grades and attendance records. Gathers information from families, guardians, teachers, coaches, employers, and relevant others.  Prepares progress reports and communicates this information as necessary.  
  • In collaboration with AS Business Outreach Team, assists students in exploring career options and determining what career may align with their interests, skills, and abilities.  Facilitates student participation in career awareness/exploration events. 


  • Provides students with year-round academic, social/emotional, and vocational support.  This one-on-one coaching in relation to personal, family, educational, career, and other issues is provided both inside and outside of the school setting. 
  • Performs summer activities such as writing lessons, planning and supervising student-centered activities, and maintaining relationships with students and their employers. 

Student Part-Time Employment and Work Supervision

  • Establishes and maintains positive relationships with area businesses and employment supervisors to facilitate student employment opportunities and evaluate students’ work performance, providing necessary follow up and documentation.

Communication, Collaboration, and Use of Technology

  • Serves as an ambassador for the AS program and students in interactions with employers, education partners, community organizations, and other external parties.
  • In collaboration with AS Student Support Coordinators, connects students with community resources, as necessary, to address individual needs.  Refers students to Student Support Coordinator for additional assistance when appropriate.
  • Engages AS Business Outreach Team for assistance in securing student employment after initial efforts by the student and Coach are unsuccessful.
  • Establishes and maintains positive relationships with staff and administration at assigned high school.  Utilizes such individuals as resources in their areas of expertise to support programming and address student needs. 
  • Collaborates effectively with AS colleagues and external partners to ensure students successfully transition from high school into postsecondary education/training or the workforce. 
  • Participates in Professional Learning Communities, staffing meetings, and other collaborative forums to promote student progress.
  • Utilizes AS’ technology platforms (e-mail, Salesforce, Canvas, Slack, etc.) to effectively communicate, deliver programming, and collect and use data to monitor student progress.



  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant education, human services, or workforce development field is required.
  • Graduate degree in a relevant education, human services, or workforce development field is preferred.




  • Two or more years of experience in providing services to high school-age youth and young adults from low-income backgrounds is preferred.  
  • Two or more years of successful teaching experience in a large urban high school is preferred.
  • Bilingual skills are preferred. 




  • Nebraska educator’s certificate/permit with secondary grade-level endorsement is required. 



Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics:

  • Knowledge of basic adolescent development and teaching fundamentals.
  • Knowledge of common challenges facing, and best practices for serving, students growing up in poverty.
  • Knowledge of school and community resources available to meet student needs. 
  • Knowledge of high school policies and procedures. 
  • Knowledge of high-demand, financially sustaining career options in area job market.
  • Knowledge of scholarship opportunities as well as local postsecondary education/training options.
  • Ability to effectively manage a classroom, engage students, and facilitate progress among a variety of learners within a classroom. Ability to develop and provide meaningful curriculum and experiences that benefit students’ readiness for postsecondary education/training and careers. 
  • Ability to understand student challenges and assist them in problem solving and goal setting.
  • Ability to advocate for students and represent the organization in a positive, professional manner.
  • Ability to relate well with diverse populations and at-risk teens and young adults.
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with students, parents, co-workers, and community partners. 
  • Ability to work productively independently as well as in a team setting.
  • Must be outgoing, patient, persistent, flexible, personable, positive, self-confident, and a self-starter.
  • Strong planning, problem-solving, and analytical skills.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills; ability to multi-task.
  • Excellent listening and communication (oral and written) skills.
  • Must operate with a high degree of professionalism and accountability.
  • Must be punctual in attending work-related events, responding to communication, and completing assigned tasks.


Work Environment:

Work takes place in the AS offices, large urban high schools, postsecondary education institutions, local businesses, and the community. 


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