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Aircraft Survival Flight Equipment Repairer

Air Force Civilian Service Garden City, GA

Job Description


The following list of duties is not conclusive but provides a brief snapshot of the duties that may be required of this position:

  •  Implements safety regulatory requirements. 
  • Ensures that other workers in the shop wear appropriate safety equipment and follow pertinent safety precautions.
  • Performs the full range of journey level work of the shop.
  • Provides recommendations and input to the supervisor concerning personnel actions such as performance appraisals, awards, position description changes, disciplinary actions, leave, etc.
  •  Determines approaches, methods, and courses of action required to accomplish the mission of the shop in an effective and efficient manner.
  •  Plans, organizes, and directs shop maintenance programs/procedures under general supervision.
  •  Devises and maintains all program plans and records, performs surveillance and troubleshooting, and determines maintenance/repair procedures to be utilized.
  •  Independently determines appropriate maintenance procedures such as how and when the work should be accomplished.  Estimates manpower, equipment, and material requirements.
  •  Utilizes knowledge and skills of the journey level as well as those required to plan, accomplish, and maintain a functional shop maintenance program.
  •  Plans and lays out work to be accomplished in the shop which is then completed by the incumbent and lower graded worker(s).
  •  Ensures all aircrew flight equipment meets strict airworthiness criteria and that it will sustain combat operations/readiness by inspecting, testing, calibrating, certifying, diagnostic evaluating, troubleshooting, repairing/replacing,    assembling and disassembling all aircrew life support equipment, aircrew chemical/biological defense equipment, and aircraft ejection/non-ejection systems.
  • Clear Red X symbols on aircraft forms, aircraft/aircrew electronic communications equipment, and aircraft-oxygen related systems.
  • Certify Aircrew Life equipment requirements for all missions; and ensures aircraft are properly configured with proper types and numbers of aircrew life support equipment dependent on destination and mission being flown.
  • Conduct in-depth and quality control inspections to diagnose the nature and extent of equipment malfunction and to determine whether equipment may be economically repaired or declared unserviceable. Additionally, makes technical evaluations and inspections of all life support equipment to determine whether the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the equipment.
  • Utilize, maintain, and update multiple computer main frame programs/data bases to analyze, troubleshoot, schedule, and maintain inspection and accountability reports/documentation on all aircrew/aircraft life support and aircrew     chemical-biological defense equipment.
  • Order Technical Orders (T.O.s), receives/updates T.O. changes, files and distributes T.O.s, performs inventories and checks, orders compliance and modification items, performs Interim Time Compliance Technical Order (ITCTO),     Operational and Safety Supplement changes to all affected equipment, performs T.O. Familiarization, records and documents appropriate forms.
  •  Inventory and monitor Precision Maintenance Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) equipment, prepares equipment for pick up and delivery, prepares appropriate documentation, coordinates with inspection or maintenance activities, picks up and     drops off equipment, unloads and loads vehicle, performs acceptance inspection, and annotates equipment record.
  • Maintain certification and remain proficient in handling, shipping, storing, and ordering multiple hazardous materials. These materials include Life Saving Appliances, Lithium Batteries, Explosive Devices, Corrosive Materials,     Isopropyl Alcohol, etc.
  • Certify, handle, and ship all required hazardous materials for operational contingencies on any type of military aircraft, commercial aircraft, and/or vehicles, which directly support Aircrew Life Support Equipment.
  • Manage a comprehensive Aircrew Life equipment mobility package required to sustain bare base operations under surge type conditions.


General Experience: Applicant must have experience which provide knowledge of materials and equipment used in the line of work (helmets, torso harness assemblies, parachutes, survival equipment). Ability to understand written instructions and to use reference materials and manuals.

Specialized Experience: Applicant must have at least 18 months specialized experience which demonstrates knowledge of aviation life support equipment. Experience reading and interpreting military manuals. Experience in supply procedures and property accountability. Experience collecting information and presenting it to various sized groups. Experience in planning a functional shop maintenance program is essential.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs): Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be further evaluated by the Selecting Official based on the following KSAs considered essential to perform the duties and responsibilities of this position.

  • Knowledge and understanding of all aircrew flight equipment and chemical/biological defense equipment utilized by the units aircrew to ensure aircrew flight equipment/components meet airworthiness criteria, operate within specified tolerances and in the proper sequence, and are mission ready to support the requirements of day-to-day operation as well as sustained critical combat operations.
  • Ability to inspect, test, calibrate, certify, evaluate, troubleshoot, disassemble, repair, overhaul, assemble, replace, as necessary, and issue flight equipment parts.
  • Ability to utilize a variety of complex, state of the art diagnostic testers/systems/specialty tools to test, troubleshoot, and repair all aircrew flight equipment utilized by the unit.
  • Ability and certification to plan, organize, develop, direct, implement, conduct, and evaluate formal academic classroom and technical instruction on a wide variety of life support topics to provide initial and recurring training for all aircrew and passengers.
  • Knowledge of materials handling, inventorying, and supply procedures to store and maintain adequate supplies of aircrew flight equipment to include hazardous materials and munitions/ammunition assets.
  • Skill and ability in the operation of materials handling equipment utilized in receipt, storage, and shipment of the unit aircrew flight equipment.

Other Requirements: For positions requiring a security clearance (Secret or Top Secret) the applicant must posses or be able to obtain a clearance within one year of appointment. 

For positions requiring the operation of motor vehicles, applicants must have a valid State drivers license for the state in which they live or are principally employed.

National Guard Compatibility: Once an applicant is selected and prior to being placed in the technician Aircraft Survival Flight Equipment Repairer position, the selectee must be assigned to 165TH Operations Squadron in the Georgia Air National Guard as an  Enlisted in AFSC: 1P0X1 OR 2A7X0  Rank inversion is strictly prohibited.

Wear of the Air Force uniform as prescribed by AFR/NGB/GA NGR is required for incumbent of this position.  Acceptance of this position constitutes concurrence


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Other Information

Males born after 31 December 1959 must be registered or exempt from Selective Service (see

Job Details

Date Posted July 15, 2018
Date Closes August 14, 2018
Requisition 467235800
Located In Garden city, GA
SOC Category 00-0000.00