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IT Specialist (CUSTSPT)

Air Force Civilian Service New London, NC

Job Description


Design, deploy, install, operate, maintain, modify, and recover various types of communications electronics (CE) information technology (IT) systems and their components.  Incumbent is responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing the mission accomplishment and training workload of the Theater Deployable Communications (TDC) workcenter.  Monitors, maintains, and recommends optimum voice and data network systems configuration and architecture, to include administering and programming the systems messaging, broadcasting, automated attendants, load capacity, call restrictions, and classes of services.  Performs all software upgrades and troubleshooting of the operating system and switch hardware using appropriate software solutions or diagnostic equipment.  Applies diagnostic and network management equipment to test, configure, evaluate, and optimize all circuits and services. Develops detailed lists of equipment and capabilities to satisfy current requirements for the entire switched system or segments of the complete switched system.  Designs, develops and conducts technical and operational tests and evaluations of a wide range of communications equipment and systems.  Designs specific kinds of communications networks, according to operating requirements, planned traffic and the location of stations and users. Conducts site surveys for information systems equipment, verifying adequacy of network cable, power, and general condition.  Assembles  cables and connectors for military and/or commercial interface.  Installs, configures and programs networking equipment to include routers, network encryption devices, switches, channel switch units (CSU), digital switch units (DSU) and multiplexers using military and commercial protocols such as Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Routing Interchange Protocol (RIP), and Point to Point Protocol (PPP).  Programs  and uses remote management tools to administer and operate active networks. Evaluates and recommends commercial of-the-shelf software (COTS) solutions for all telecommunications requirements.  Coordinates with outside agencies and customers to provide required services and technical solutions.  Responsibilities involve direct customer support including recommending new equipment, site surveys, training, resolving problems related to configuration management, systems functionality, hardware and software configuration, and system conflict resolution.  Develops and coordinates tactical Internet Protocol (IP) networks for local, metropolitan, and wide area networks.  Administers the implementation of approved telecommunications projects and contracts by planning the installation, maintenance and evaluation of the system.  Develops and manages problem and trend analysis data of communications equipment and systems.  Prepares, maintains and submits applicable maintenance records and reports.  Administers the Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Program (MSEP) within the workcenter.  Provides technical assistance and guidance to the users of the system to include adherence to established policies and procedure.  Performs maintenance, strapping, and configuration of Cryptographic units Develops, establishes and maintains work center training programs.  Plans and schedules tasks and training activities for drill status guard members.  Oversees and conducts on-the-job training (OJT) for personnel.  Creates and develops lesson plans. Ensures availability of facilities and training aids.  Monitors the training status of personnel and ensures that supplemental and/or remedial training is accomplished. Implements the Base Information Protection (BIP) training program under guidance of unit program to include training scenarios for BIP (e.g., hacker, intrusions, etc) local procedures for reporting and responding to BIP issue.  Performs duties required for the mobilization readiness of section personnel and equipment.  Plans and lays out work to be accomplished. Determines approaches, methods and courses of action required to accomplish the mission. Determines appropriate maintenance procedures.  Estimates time, equipment and material requirements.  Performs other duties as assigned.

PD:  D1557000


Minimum Requirements:   Experience, education or training that has provided a basic knowledge of data processing functions and general management principles that enabled the applicant to understand the stages required to automate a work process.  Experience may have been gained in work such as computer operator or assistant, computer sales representative, program analyst, or other positions that required the use or adaptation of computer programs and systems. 

Specialized Experience:  Must have at least 36 months experience, education, or training that approaches techniques and requirements appropriate to an assigned computer applications area or computer specialty area in an organization.  Experience planning the sequence of actions necessary to accomplish the assignment where this entailed coordination with others outside the organizational unit and development of project controls.  Experience that required adaptations of guidelines or precedents to meet the needs of the assignment.   Experience preparing documentation on cost/benefit studies where is involved summarizing the material and organizing it in a logical fashion.   


Knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) listed below will be used in the selection process. KSAs are important to the entire selection process and should be addressed specifically and completely within the resume.

1.  Knowledge of the uses of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and components to install and maintain systems and networks.

2.  Knowledge of applications, operating systems, network systems, communications, protocols, and equipment to provide advice and assistance to customers.

3.  Knowledge of methods and practices for troubleshooting, recovering, adjusting, modifying, and improving telecommunications systems to provide support that minimizes interruptions in the customers' ability to carry out critical business activities.

4.  In-depth knowledge of hardware, software, network operations functions, packet switching communications protocols, and diagnostic tools to analyze difficult and complex system and customer problems, furnish assistance, and provide a resolution.

5.  Knowledge of information technology systems security principles and methods to design, develop, implement, and manage systems, networks, and data that ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Incumbent has knowledge of electronic combat principles.

6.  Knowledge of customer support principles and methods; systems installed in customer organizations; training methods; and knowledge-based applications.  The knowledge is sufficient to participate in the planning and delivery of customer support services to the organization; to install, configure, upgrade, and troubleshoot any hardware and software components; to present formal and informal training and assistance to customers; and to report, respond to, and resolve customer requests.

7.  Displays in-depth understanding of the technical theory of electronic communications concepts, principles, practices, procedures, policies, standards, and operational requirements.

8.  Knowledge of maintenance, installation, and operation of analog/digital signal conditioning equipment.

9.  Ability to understand, evaluate, and translate the needs of communications users into requirements and to relate customer requirements to existing technology, policies and priorities, available technology and services, operating practices and procedures, equipment and staffing requirements, and other supporting services required; to include the knowledge of technical methods to perform assignments such as carrying out limited projects which involve use of specialized, complicated techniques.

Quality of Experience: Level of time is not of itself qualifying. Candidates experience should be evaluated on the basis of duties performed rather than strictly on the rank of the individual; however, established compatibility criteria/assignments must be followed.   The applicants record of experience training, and education must show possession of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to fully perform the duties of the position.

Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience: For the GS-5 level, a 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree may be substituted for the experience requirements.  At the GS-7 level, on full year of graduate level education or superior academic achievement.  At the GS-9 level, a masters or equivalent graduate degree or 2 full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree may be substituted.  At the GS-11 level, a Ph.D. or equivalent, or 3 years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree.  

Major study-computer science, information science, information systems management, mathematics, statistics, operations research, or engineering, or course work that required the development or adaptation of computer programs and systems and provided knowledge equivalent to a major in the computer field. 

Military Assignment:  Occupants of this position must maintain continuous military membership in the North Carolina Air National Guard (NCANG).  Assignment to a compatible Enlisted (E7 and below) position in the NCANG is mandatory.  (AFSC: 3D0X0, 3D0X2, 3D0X3, 3D1X0, 3D1X1, 3D1X2)

Security Clearance:  Employment is subject to attaining and maintaining a security clearance as required by the position (Secret).  If selected eligible to obtain Top Secret Clearance. 

Direct Deposit: The applicant selected for this position will be required to participate in the Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer Program.


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Other Information

1. If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.

2. Please do not send/fax/courier/email any resumes to the National Guard Human Resources Office. You must apply on-line or fax your resumes to the fax number listed on this announcement with the prescribed Cover Letter. The Human Resources Office can only process materials received through USA Jobs.

Job Details

Date Posted July 11, 2018
Date Closes August 10, 2018
Requisition 464326100
Located In New london, NC
SOC Category 00-0000.00

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