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Air Battle Manager (Instructor)

Air Force Civilian Service Fort Dodge, IA

Job Description


  • Performs as an instructor for the Air Battle Manager/Weapons Director position
  • Ensures training encompasses the full spectrum of theory, formal classroom and actual live, distributive and simulation missions on Battle Management Systems functions
  • Determines training requirements by analyzing unit training objectives, missions, combat readiness reports, Training Review Boards, Standard/Evaluation reports and directives
  • Prepares local course outlines to include: operation of complex classified electronic and telecommunications equipment, involving audio and video programming equipment, high powered transmitters, receivers, antenna systems, and communications terminal equipment; basic crewmember duties and responsibilities; safety precautions in an electronic environment; psychological factors and mission procedures
  • Coordinates with intelligence officer for pre-mission briefings and debriefs intelligence section on pertinent mission data.
  • Performs mission crew duties as an ABM or WD.
  • Ensures that appropriate coordination and documentation are accomplished in accordance with prescribed directives and instructions.
  • Ensures the operations section maintain current and accurate tactical situation, weapons, weather, airbase status and other situational information.
  • Maintains qualification to perform mission crew duties as an Air Battle Manager (ABM) or Weapons Director (WD).
  • Provides direct support to strike-attack aircraft by relaying accurate, concise target data and threat warning.
  • Performs as an Air Battle Manager or Weapons Director Evaluator; ensures established standards of proficiency are maintained through evaluation and observation; administers scheduled and unscheduled evaluations during operational and training missions;analyzes evaluation data for adverse trends in performance; conducts crew evaluation critiques;recommends necessary changes or improvements; and develops testing material for evaluations.
  • Performs required mission planning and staff work in scheduling, training, current operations, standards and evaluation, intelligence, weapons and tactics, combat readiness, exercises, Staff Officer or other command executive positions.
  • Performs other duties as assigned. D2350


In describing your experience, please be clear and specific.  We will not make assumptions regarding your experience.  Applicants who do not fully address the minimum/specialized experience needed for the position in their resume will not be referred for consideration.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: Experience, education, or training interpreting, explaining, and/or applying a variety of regulations and procedures. Experience using computer and automation systems.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must have 36 months of the following type of experience:

  1. Experience in weapons control as well as in airspace and data link management.
  2. Experience which demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of and skill in surveillance, target detection and tracking, reporting, receiving, displaying, recording and relaying threat data. 
  3. Experience reading and interpreting computer-generated console situations and tabular displays, electronically generated data and air tasking orders. 
  4. Experience with theater ground and air activities.
  5. Experience on EA/EP procedures
  6. Experience with inter-operability and integration of command, control, communications, computers and intelligence.
  7. Experience instructing personnel

Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in fields listed below leading to a bachelors degree, in an accredited college or university, meets the GS-5 level requirements. Education -Undergraduate and Graduate Education: Major study -- accounting, business administration, business or commercial law, commerce, economics, engineering, finance, industrial management, statistics, traffic management, transportation, motor mechanics, or other fields related to the position. Applicant must provide college transcripts with your resume if substitution of education for experience is to be considered.


  1. Knowledge of surveillance and data equipment; activities; surveillance situation analysis; detection, tracking, reporting, display, and dissemination of air situation, and tactical threat information is implied
  2. Knowledge which demonstrates the ability to monitor multiple stations simultaneously.
  3. Knowledge of Air Battle Manager concepts and principles.
  4. Knowledge of flight operations and missions of supported units.
  5. Knowledge of the methods of instruction and training concepts and practices and the skill and ability to apply this knowledge to provide airborne and ground training that maintains the highest level of combat mission-ready proficient crew members.


OTHER REQUIREMENTS: A pre-employment physical or medical screening may be required for placement to this position.

Selectee will be required to participate in Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer (DD/EFT) program as a condition of employment.

SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIREMENT: Employment is subject to attaining and maintaining a security clearance as required by the position. Failure to complete NGB prescribed courses at the PEC for new FTS personnel within the first year of employment may be cause for reassignment or termination of FTS.

ENLISTMENT CASH BONUSES: Acceptance of a technician position may affect any bonus and/or educational assistance that may be applicable.


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Other Information

Males born after 12/31/59 must be registered or exempt from Selective Service (see