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Air Force Civilian Service Wichita, KS

Job Description


This position is located in an Air National Guard Wing, Mission Support Group, Security Forces Squadron. The primary purpose of this position is to conduct formal combat arms training and maintenance activities for the Security Forces Squadron and tenant personnel. Control and operate firing ranges; inspect, repair, and maintain ground weapons. To enforce law, maintain law and order, preserve the peace, and protect life and civil rights within the jurisdiction of the military installation. To oversee the work activities of Drill Status Guardsmen (DSG) assigned to the Security Forces Combat Arms function. Performs Combat Arms Training. Presents repetitive courses or designated blocks of longer courses and presents training material and instruction covering proper use of handguns, rifles, machine guns and other base defense/ground combat skills equipment, in accordance with approved lesson plans and course control documents. Instruction may take place in outdoor or indoor training facilities and will require multiple police/combat agility skill demonstrations. Applies specialized subject matter knowledge in course instruction. Maintains accountability and ensures security for weapons/ammunition/explosives utilized in the course of instruction in accordance with applicable Air Force Instructions. May oversee the work activities of subordinates and Traditional Guardsmen. Assigns work, establishes priorities, and ensures technical quality of work products. Manages and oversees the installation ground weapons training and maintenance program; serves as an instructor and inspects ground weapons. Plans, organizes, and directs the activities of the installations ground weapons training and maintenance program, incorporating safety requirements, and maintains adherence to safety regulations. Promptly evaluates accidents to determine cause and ensure safety guidelines are followed and necessary precautions are taken to prevent further occurrences. Performs self- inspections and presents detailed reports to senior leadership. Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures. Monitors special environmental requirements, such as lead removal. Coordinates with the local Civil Engineering Squadron personnel on various issues, to include development of a joint hazardous waste disposal site and procedures that comply with local environmental laws. Directs and monitors security/resources protection program and procedures. Notifies appropriate unit commanders of current no-shows rates and third time failures, initiates follow-up actions, and briefs data, as directed. Oversees and assists with the maintenance and inspection of all ground weapons assigned to the installation or covered by host tenant support agreements. Submits forecast and requisition for training weapons, equipment, tools, gauges, target material, and expendable items. Validates the annual munitions allocation product. Develops and publishes local operating instructions (OIs) and reviews other directives for updates as needed. Determines training needs by analyzing requirements and comparing student individual skills with job standards to identify training requirements. Develops training objectives related to training requirements and materials. On a continual basis, develops tests to effectively evaluate students current comprehension levels and strives to improve their work performance. Makes minor repairs on small arms, using tools, gauges, and equipment. Provides sub-depot level maintenance on ground weapons, assembling and disassembling all small arms utilized in security forces inventory. Provides SFS position on ground combat weapons issued at installation conferences and task group meetings. Coordinates and maintains liaisons with local civilian agencies on matters concerning weapons training and maintenance. Meets with key customer and coordinating officials to assess customer satisfaction, explain organization policy and procedures and resolve problems that arise. Provides or ensures that subordinates provide customer guidance and training. Participates in special projects and initiatives and performs assignments. Identifies the need for special projects and initiates milestones and goals. Evaluates reports by analyzing facts and performing appropriate research and prepares detailed responses. Determines appropriate recommendations for unresolved or questionable problems and performs follow-up. Allocates section resources to various projects including man-hours and budget. When needed or directed, performs and enforces the full range of security forces duties within the military installation. Incumbent is exposed to the day-to-day dangers associated with law enforcement and security duties. Incumbent has full powers to detain, pursue or direct detaining person(s) who attempt to flee crime scenes, an active shooter, or other means of resisting arrest. Incumbent carries a firearm as required or directed.


General Experience:  Understanding of the basic principles and concepts of military security forces functions, laws, policies, regulations, rules, procedures, and methods. Also, have general experience performing functions such as weapon systems and resource security, air base defense, law enforcement; and, if applicable for the position, experience in handling military working dog functions or combat arms functions.

GS-08 Specialized Experience  Must have 18 months experience in performing practical Security Force activities in direct support of the military weapon systems and physical security; law and order; and area security operations. The work experiences are in law enforcement, maintaining law and order, preserving the peace, and protecting life and civil rights within the jurisdiction of military installations.

Other specialized requirements: 

Current U.S. citizenship, naturalized citizen or permanent resident.
Males born after 12/31/1959 must be registered with selective service.
Must possess a valid state drivers license to operate government motor vehicles (GMV) in accordance with AFI 24-301, Vehicle Operations.
Never been convicted of domestic violence IAW the Lautenberg Amendment.
No history of excessive alcohol use or been arrested in the past two years for two or
more alcohol related incidents regardless of disposition, except when proven not guilty.
No more than one active wage garnishment for delinquency.
No more than two delinquent charge off/collection (>= 30 days) payments within last two years.
Within three years prior to entry into military service, not have been terminated from civilian employment more than twice for reasons of misconduct, theft, or alcohol use.
Must not have used, distributed, or manufactured illicit narcotics or been arrested for any narcotics use, distribution or manufacturing.
Have not sniffed or used a substance to obtain an altered consciousness state from aerosol spray, lighter fluid, petro chemical, adhesives, Freon, or any other chemical for a purpose not intended for use.
Qualification to bear firearms according to AFI 31-117, Arming and Use of Force by Air
Force Personnel.
Never been convicted by a general, special, or summary courts-martial.
Never received nonjudicial punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) which resulted in either reduction or suspended reduction in grade, or correctional custody for offenses involving substantiated drug abuse as defined in AFI 44-121, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) Program, acts of larceny, wrongful appropriation, robbery, burglary, housebreaking, misconduct in combat defined in UCMJ articles 99-106, or any act that harms or has the potential to harm the physical safety or well-being of animals to include Military Working Dogs.
Never been convicted by a civilian court of a Category One, Two, or Three offense, nor exceeded the accepted number of Category Four offenses. Category Three and Four traffic offenses alone are not disqualifying. NOTE: Categories of offenses are described and listed in AFI 36-2002, Regular Air Force and Special Category Accessions, Uniform Guide List of Typical Offenses.
No documented record of gang affiliation.
No fear of working around nuclear weapons or nuclear components.


For entry into this specialty, completion of high school or General Equivalency Diploma is mandatory. Combinations of successfully completed post-high school education and experience may be used to meet total qualification requirements for the grade levels specified.


Selected applicant must meet the following security requirement option:  2

  1. Applicant must successfully pass a Access National Agency Check plus Inquiries (ANACI).
  2. Applicant must successfully obtain/maintain a Secret Security Clearance.
  3. Applicant must successfully obtain/maintain a Top Secret Clearance.
  4. Applicant must successfully obtain/maintain a Top Secret Clearance/SCI.

RANK/GRADE REQUIREMENTS: Open to military ranks/grades of E5-E7


*Assignment to a compatible military position is NOT required for application, but requied for appointment.

  • AFSC:  3P0X1


This position is for the following categories:  1

  1. Enlisted   2. Warrant Officer   3. Officer   4. Non-Dual Status

This position is:  2

  1. Supervisory position   2. Non-Supervisory position


      1.  Permanent   2. Indefinite/Reimbursable   3. Indefinite NTE Deployment + 30 days   4. Indefinite NTE 30 SEP 17   5. Temporary


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Other Information

  • Selecting Supervisor:  SMSgt Stephen Vogt, 316-759-7456