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Emergency Management Specialist

Air Force Civilian Service Lincoln, NE

Job Description


(1) Develops, coordinates, obtains approval, and publishes plans and procedures for implementation of wing policies and instructions relating to Emergency Management (EM). Develops, updates, and coordinates the Wing Emergency Management Plan (IEMP) 10-2. Establishes wing emergency management plan objectives, effectively correlating the requirements on interdependent functional areas and provides comprehensive and timely guidance for all units in accordance with Homeland Security Presidential Directives (HSPDs), National Response Framework (NRF), National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF), Consequence Management (CM), National Incident Management System (NIMS), the Air Force Incident Management System (AFIMS), and DoD guidance. Ensures EM planning and response actions are included in the wing Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (AT/FP), Medical Contingency Response, Disease Containment Plans, state and local plans, Emergency Operations Center, and Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Control Center checklists. Serves as a member of Force Protection and Threat Working Groups. Develops, coordinates, and schedules annual review of Memoranda of Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding (MOA/MOU) and Mutual Aid Agreements (MAA). Analyzes, reconciles, compiles and correlates difference in approaches and identifies capability shortfalls and limitations. Develops and maintains applicable EOC Quick Reaction Checklists (QRCs) in support of the IEMP 10-2. Recommends course of actions regarding Readiness and Emergency Management within the Wing.

(2) Conducts wing EM assessments; interprets and analyzes assessment results. Evaluates EM program to ensure compliance with established guidance. Ensures wing Risk/Hazard/EM vulnerability assessments are performed annually. Provides written findings and recommendations on corrective actions to Readiness and Emergency Management to the squadron, group or Wing leadership. Establishes metrics and analysis systems to ensure actions are timely and reviewed at critical points. Performs unit self inspections to check policies and procedures as needed to find ways to improve quality, timeliness, and efficiency of work and provide comprehensive report with any corrective action taken to leadership. Performs follow-up to ensure complete and qualify resolution of discrepancies. Determines best course of action form many alternatives and recommends and supports this action to leadership.

(3) Conducts initial and recurring training programs for EM functional areas. Develops, implements, and conducts wing EM and CBRN related training for first and emergency responders, specialized teams, and wing personnel. Conducts specialized EM training for senior wing leadership. Develops written examinations and practical demonstrations to measure and assess the knowledge and skill of trained members. Educations and assists unit EM representatives on the EM education and training program. Develops and maintains master lesson plans for instructor-led courses utilizing available instructor guides created by Air Force Civil Engineer Center and Readiness Directorate tailoring lesson plans to local conditions. Reviews exercise reports to identify training shortfalls and conducts remedial training where required.


QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: To be qualifying, experience must have been progressively responsible with increasingly difficult and complex duties. Experience must have been at the next lower or second lower grade or its non-federal equivalent.

GENERAL EXPERIENCE: All series personnel must be certified at the next higher level before being eligible for that level and must have a minimum of one year on-the-job experience in the grade immediately below the next higher level. An applicant must have a validated understanding of the basic principles and concepts of the occupational series and grade.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Is experience that prepares the applicant to perform the duties of the position.

Must demonstrate the following experience competencies to qualify for a GS-11 Emergency Management Specialist: Skilled in preparing and briefing emergency management plans. Ability to speak distinctly. Knowledgeable in personnel activations and deployments. Knowledge of readiness status reports. Competent in writing, designing, formatting, publishing, and presenting specific EM program assigned work to peers and immediate supervisors at workshops or special committee meetings. Knowledge is mandatory of the characteristics and effects of peacetime WMD and wartime conventional and CBRN weapons; detection and identification of CBRN contamination; threat analysis; passive defense measures; principles of contamination control; related technical information, policies, procedures, techniques, and equipment; and EM and contingency planning, training, operations, equipment supply procedures, directives, and policies. Working knowledge is required in how to develop, coordinate, obtain approval, and publish plans and procedures for implementation of installation policies and instructions relating to Emergency Management (EM). May have practical experience in a supervisory or management position in a government related public safety field or equivalent private industry position. The work requires knowledge of emergency management and related directives, policies, regulations, procedures, and methods; and the collaboration and fostering of relationships between Federal, State, Tribal, and local governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sector, and their response mechanisms and authorities. Experiences involve providing hazardous materials (HAZMAT) responses for unknown or suspect incidents; or in coordinating actions to ensure prompt response during EM operations including immediate mobilization of resources and participation of agencies and organizations. Skilled in delivering technical advice to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Director. Knowledgeable in written examinations and practical demonstrations to measure and assess the knowledge and skill of trained members.

NOTE: REGARDING QUALITY OF EXPERIENCE: Length of time is not of itself qualifying. Candidates experience will be evaluated on the basis of duties performed rather than strictly  on the rank of the individual; however, established compatibility criteria/assignment must be followed. The applicants record of experience, training and education must show possession of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to fully perform the duties of the position to be filled.

Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience: There is no substitution of education for this position.


 NOTE: The Nebraska National Guard HRO has a document entitled "Secrets to Getting a Technician Job"; you are encouraged to follow the link provided if you are interested.


REMEMBER: Military training directly related to the type of work of the position may be substituted on a day for day basis. 

To submit the documents requested follow the instructions below: Submit your resume or any other written format you choose to describe your job-related qualifications. Your document(s) can be submitted electronically using the document upload process or by fax. Please ensure that your resume contains your full name, address, and phone number.


Note: Please ensure that your resume contains the basic information outlined under the Applying for a Federal Job link:


MILITARY REQUIREMENTS:  Selected candidates will be required to be in a compatible military grade and assignment prior to the effective date of placement.


MILITARY GRADES:  Maximum Military Grade E8; Minimum Military Grade E5; Military grade inversion within the full time work force is not permitted.  The military grade of the full time supervisor must equal or exceed the military grade of the personnel supervised.


Compatible Military Assignments: Enlisted - 3E9X1; Selected individual has 12 months to become qualified in a compatible military position.


Individual does not have to be currently assigned to one of these career fields to be considered for this position; however compatibility requirements must be met prior to appointment to the position.




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Other Information

1. If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.


2.  Please do not send/fax/courier/email any applications or resumes to the National Guard Human Resources Office, you must apply on-line or fax your application to the fax number listed on this announcement with the prescribed Cover Letter. The Human Resources Office can only process materials received through USA Jobs. 

Job Details

Date Posted June 10, 2018
Date Closes July 10, 2018
Requisition 466699300
Located In Lincoln, NE
SOC Category 00-0000.00

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