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Training Technician (D1378000)

Air Force Civilian Service Fort Smith, AR

Job Description


Responsible for development, management and control of the Operations Group Technical Training and Career Development. Responsible for Automated Training Systems and products and a multimedia library. Develops training policies and procedures. Provides technical training guidance and/or assistance to branch/section chiefs and workcenter supervisors. Chairs and conducts meetings with management to resolve critical or controversial training issues. Identifies and resolves training deficiencies from document research, subject matter experts, interviews, and work observations. Advises on critical or controversial training and training management issues which may arise, and provides solutions to these issues. Works with personnel at all levels to ensure training programs provide skill, upgrade and technical knowledge necessary to meet continuously changing mission requirements. Interviews and counsels new personnel to identify formal training deficiencies and indoctrinates them in the division training processes and programs. Reports status of maintenance operations training programs to the 188th Operations Group commanders and Base Education Training Manager. Performs curriculum development functions. Researches available resources to ensure cost effective quality training. Recommends revision to training programs. Recommends to management procedural changes/policies that will affect numerous facets of the Operations Group. Obtains data for Training Personnel Requirements (TPR); forecasts/budgets to identify Air Education and Training Command (AETC) or Mobile Training Team (MTT) requirements. Determines and establishes the type of training requirements for new systems and equipment based upon advance notice. Maintains liaison with activities conducting, scheduling, or supporting training requirements. Coordinates scheduling of training and facilities. Ensures availability of training materials. Develops and publishes training schedules. Communicates directly with other organizations to include FSS, NGB, AETC, and gaining Major Air Commands (MAJCOMs) when arranging for training resources. Reviews test results and other qualification data of newly assigned personnel to determine requirements for additional qualification and/or proficiency training, and certifications. May be required to augment the Quality Assurance team during activity inspections. Performs other duties as assigned.


SPECIALIZED QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Must have at least 12 months experience equivalent to the GS-07. Experiences that demonstrated the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities (Competencies/KSAs) to successfully perform the duties of the position. Knowledge of Army or Air Force vision, values, organization, policy, and mission is mandatory. Knowledge in training centers, training programs, schools, and units for these systems. Have experiences in conducting and developing education and training programs. Also, experienced in conducting, supervising, or developing education or training programs. Knowledge in the Army or Air Force education and training policy requirements. Experienced in managing programs to include developmental education, voluntary education, advanced academic education, promotion testing, and libraries. Knowledge is mandatory of audio-visual presentations, educational tests and measurements, and instructing techniques. Knowledge is mandatory of Army or Air Force education and training programs in regard to their principles, policies, and procedures. Experienced in performing interviews and counseling techniques; training techniques and instruction methods; task analysis procedures, learning processes, curriculum development, training evaluations, and education and training systems and products. Must have effective writing skills; editing practices; instructional media applications, training reports, program and curriculum validation, and training implementation procedures. Experiences in training program management; scheduling training events and facilities; conducting assistance visits and training meetings; work center and individual job qualification standard development; education institution registration requirements; military personnel classification system and policies; communicative interpersonal skill applications; and distance learning concepts. Experienced and effective communicator. Abilities and experiences in presenting professional courses and briefings; and proficient capabilities in writing reports and records. Experiences as a participant and presenter during training and military or civilian conference events. Experiences in organizing and preparing instructional materials. Understands and applies formal training objectives. Able to develop course syllabi, training project outlines, and daily and weekly lesson plans. Experienced in preparing assignments, laboratory exercises, demonstrations, training aids, and references and related material required to parallel and supplement course outline. Experienced in the art of instructing personnel, such as determining the instructional methods for class size and subject matter. Capable of instructing students by lectures, discussions, demonstrations, group activities, and laboratory work. Experienced in using audiovisual aids such as, mockups, graphs, training films, and film strips. Experienced in training aids such as, achievement and aptitude tests and rating scales. Experienced in identifying and conducting individual learning difficulties diagnoses and recommends courses of remedial instruction. Understands and applies basic classroom preparations for effective instruction using controlling factors such as, temperature, ventilation, lighting, cleanliness, and arrangement of desks and equipment.

Contact HRO with questions regarding your application BEFORE the closing date.


PLACEMENT FACTORS: Applicants should demonstrate through prior experience, education and training the following: (1) Knowledge in training centers, training programs, schools, and units for these systems. (2) Knowledge in education and training policy requirements. (3) Abilities and experiences in presenting professional courses and briefings; and proficient capabilities in writing reports and records. (4) Capable of instructing students by lectures, discussions, demonstrations, group activities, and laboratory work. (5) Ability to administer testing programs. (6) Ability to develop, administer and evaluate training programs. (7) Ability to gather data and compile plans and reports. (8) Completion of appropriate technical school/Career Development Courses (CDCs).


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Other Information

This position with the Arkansas National Guard is a Title 32 USC 709 position, not Title 5, and as such has different Reduction In Force (RIF) criteria, certain grade and promotion limitations, and no Veterans Preference.  Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer of Civilian Pay is required as a condition of employment/promotion/reassignment.  Initial in-processing of new employees will include enrollment procedures.  Permanent Change of Station (PCS) is not authorized.


Job Details

Date Posted June 10, 2018
Date Closes July 10, 2018
Requisition 465607500
Located In Fort smith, AR
SOC Category 00-0000.00