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Air Force Civilian Service Chattanooga, TN

Job Description


DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Performs required repair of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles and equipment as assigned, using independent judgment and own initiative on the repair work. Performs body repair and corrosion control, repaints, and refinishes surfaces as required. Diagnoses malfunctions by visual or auditory examination methods. Prepares, maintains and submits maintenance work orders for man-hour and data collection accounting. Reviews and maintains technical orders, operating instructions, commercial publications, Major Command (MAJCOM) and local publications, automotive data base updates, as well as other pertinent directives. Establishes and maintains adequate bench and special stock support levels and appropriate tools and equipment. Participates as On-the-Job Training (OJT) instructor in the vehicle maintenance area. Conducts the local occupational safety and health training program, to include compliance with directives and procedures for proper disposal of hazardous/contaminated waste products. Operates general and special purpose vehicles, base maintenance, materials handling equipment, and Aeronautical Ground Equipment (AGE), as required to support the unit mission. Plans and schedules tasks and training activities for drill status guard members.  Trains assigned drill status guardsmen on the maintenance, repair, and modification of various types of motor vehicles and powered support equipment, both gasoline and diesel. Carries out various duties in support of mobilization readiness of section assigned personnel and equipment. Performs other duties as assigned.





: Selected candidate is required to be assigned to a compatible military unit and MOS/AFSC in accordance with TPR 303. AFSC: 2TXXX

Meeting the months of experience requirement will not by itself be accepted as proof of qualification. Quality, type, and scope of experience or education must be demonstrated to show that applicant is fully qualified to perform duties at the grade level announced.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Experience or training that has provided the candidate with the skill to make repairs or the ability to assist with repairs that can be accomplished by removing, adjusting, or replacing defective or worn parts. 

REQUIRED SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must have at least 18 months experienceor training diagnosing, repairing, overhauling, and modifying more complex vehicles, equipment, and more complicated systems.  Experience which has provided a thorough knowledge of diagnostic equipment.  Experience applying independent judgment in determining methods and techniques required to solve unusually complex maintenance and repair problems. Experience in testing, inspecting, and evaluating the work performed on heavy mobile vehicles, equipment and systems.  

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Resume must reflect applicable experience.

Knowledge of the makeup, operation, removal and installation of major components and assemblies such as engines, power transmissions, power take-offs, suspensions, steering systems, braking systems, and related electrical, fuel, hydraulic, and wheel assemblies in assigned vehicles.

Knowledge of and skill in operation of specialized digging and trenching equipment.

Skill in troubleshooting hard-to-find vehicle defects or problems and determining repairs needed.

Knowledge sufficient to troubleshoot, repair, remove, install, inspect, or rebuild complex major systems and assemblies.  Skilled in use of related special power tools, hand tools and a wide variety of test and diagnostic equipment (e.g. test stands, oscilloscopes, compression gauges, engine and chassis dynamometers, etc) common to the trade.

Skill, knowledge, and ability to troubleshoot problems with major components and assemblies and determine how far major components should be torn down, what parts and mechanisms can be reworked and refitted or should be replaced with new parts, the type and extent of adjustments and alignments required, and the skill and knowledge to overhaul, repair, align, adjust, and perform operational checks on such components and assemblies.

Ability to interpret and apply manufacturers' repair manuals, technical specifications, schematics, engineering drawings, diagnostic codes, computer printouts, and other instructions, work orders, and established standards.


MILITARY REQUIREMENTS Military skill set is determined by AFSC/MOS requirements.  Upon selection, individuals must be assigned to a compatible military AFSC/MOS in accordance with statutes and National Guard Bureau regulations and must obtain/maintain all requirements of the AFSC/MOS.  Specific requirements are found in: references listed below, NGB Compatibility tables and your local Personnel section.

For positions requiring a security clearance (Secret or Top Secret) the applicant must possess or be able to obtain a clearance within one year of appointment. 

OTHER REQUIREMENTS - For positions requiring the operation of motor vehicles, candidates must have a valid state driver's license for the state in which they live or are principally employed.


The Federal Government offers a comprehensive benefits package. Explore the major benefits offered to most Federal employees at

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This link provides an overview of the benefits currently offered to Federal employees.

Other Information

1. If you are a male applicant

who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.

2. Please do not send/fax/courier/email any applications or resumes to the National Guard Human Resource Office, you must apply on-line or fax your application to the fax number listed on this announcement with the prescribed Cover Letter. The Human Resource Office can only process materials received through USA Jobs.

3.  EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT: The Tennessee National Guard is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Soldiers and Airmen will not be assessed, classified, trained, promoted, or otherwise managed on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, reprisal, or non-disqualifying handicap. Discrimination due to age or disability are prohibited where not a factor of employment due to the military nature of the position. 29 CFR PART 1614. Discrimination due to gender is prohibited except as the direct combat probability coding policy applies to women.

Job Details

Date Posted May 11, 2018
Date Closes June 10, 2018
Requisition 464518600
Located In Chattanooga, TN
SOC Category 00-0000.00