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Air Force Civilian Service Great Falls, MT

Job Description


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES:   Incumbent is the Wing Commanders principal advisor in all law enforcement and physical security matters. Enforces federal and assimilated state criminal and traffic laws, applicable regulations and administrative policies. Provides protection at the air base against possible theft, unauthorized entry, espionage, sabotage, and subversion from both internal and external threats. Performs analytical and evaluative duties related to the business of security. Responsible for accomplishment of the wing physical security and law enforcement programs. The DFC is on the Wing Commanders staff and has access on security issues, policy and program development. Manage a program comprised of a military and/or federal/state workforce involved in work which includes Air Force (AF) operations, assigning and directing security forces personnel in normal and emergency operations. The incumbent supports established Department of Defense (DoD), AF, and ANG security programs.

Serves as the Wing AT/FP Officer. Required to direct installation measures needed to protect against internal and external threats of terrorism. Exercises delegated authority by the Wing Commander to implement plans and protective measures to counter the threat, and for law enforcement initiatives and functions. Plans and develops selective law enforcement operations to assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Analyzes weaknesses identified during risk mitigation studies, and higher headquarters inspections of systematic security problems in order to modify and/or apply new theories and recommended solutions. Ensures compliance with requirements for the protection of the commands Protection Level 1-4 (PL 1-4) resources.

Plans, schedules, controls, and directs all unit functions. Provides leadership and guidance ensuring unit functions meets all wartime readiness requirement. Establishes unit goals that are the foundation for long and short range planning and execution of all internal programs. Develops, implements and reviews policies, procedures, and methods for identifying and protecting information, personnel, property, facilities, operations, or material from unauthorized disclosure, misuse, theft, assault, vandalism, espionage, sabotage or loss. Plans and advises on security and law enforcement issues. Interprets DoD, AF, ANG and State guidelines, and advises on methods and procedures for application. Evaluates overall effectiveness of the unit.

Performs a variety of DFC and supervisory functions to include assigning work to subordinates (dual and non-dual status, Active Guard Reserve (AGR), and traditional drill status members) by selective criteria such as the difficulty of the assignment, capabilities of the employee, or present work load assigned to each employee. Sets priorities and deadlines, develops standards and evaluates performance of subordinate employees. Periodically reviews position descriptions to ensure accuracy, and the most effective utilization of personnel resources. Explains performance expectations and provides regular feedback on strengths and weaknesses. Gives advice and counsel, hears and resolves complaints, interviews, and selects candidates to fill vacancies within the unit. Initiates action to correct performance or conduct problems and/or approves serious disciplinary actions involving subordinates. Ensures documentation prepared to support actions is proper and complete. Recommends awards and changes in position classification to higher-level managers. Develops methods to improve production and quality of work directed.

Serves as the highest technical authority in regards to security for the wing. Maintains liaison with national, state, and local governmental agencies such as law enforcement, disaster relief, and others regarding matters of operational and environmental safety, protection of resources and other issues of possible installation impact. Negotiates and reviews host/tenant agreements, memoranda of understanding, joint use and inter-service agreements, and leases, with military and civil agencies. Educates on appropriate command and control issues and ensures that applicable units understand organizational relationships and priorities in regards to security. Ensures a close functional working relationship with participating units. Coordinates physical security and other investigative matters with military, other federal agencies, or civil authorities. Provides guidance and assistance during emergencies as well as civil disturbances and disturbances involving use of military resources. Incumbent has full power to detain, pursue, or direct detaining of person(s) fleeing a crime scene, active shooter, or attempting to resist arrest.



Document prior experience, education, and training relating to the General and Specialized Experience requirements. KNOWLEDGE, SKILL, AND ABILITY (KSAs) are no longer basic eligibility factors, but will be used as rating and ranking factors.



1. Ability to analyze and interpret rules, regulations and procedures.

2. Skill in planning, scheduling and organizing.

3. Ability to use a computer to write reports, access the internet to research intelligence sources and current world events, and produce assessments for distribution.

4. Knowledge of Level II Antiterrorism procedures.

5. Knowledge of DOD, Army, Air Force, or NGB security or antiterrorism regulations and policies.

6. Ability to undertake long-range studies, projects, or forecasts for the purpose of enhancing force protection systems or developing new policies and    programs.

7. Ability to conduct threat, vulnerability and risk assessments for Army, Air Force or National Guard installations.

Mandatory Positive Education:

Air National Guard Officer: An undergraduate degree from an accredited college/university is mandatory. The college degree work should include completed academic courses in sociology, criminology, police administration, criminal justice, or a related area. A graduate degree from an accredited civilian academic college or from an equivalent professional military education school is optimum. To qualify and retain the ANG Security Forces Squadron officer position, completion of the Air Force Security Force Officer Course is mandatory.


GENERAL EXPERIENCE: All Series GS-0080 personnel must be certified at the next higher level before being eligible for that level. Each applicant must have the education and validated understanding of the basic principles and concepts of the occupational series and grade for one of the seven organizational program disciplines and its applicable Security Series career level, as cited on page two. Applicants must have the experiences, education, or training that demonstrates the ability to follow directions, to read, understand, and retain a variety of instructions, regulations, and procedures.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE : Must posses at least 36 months experience in the Security career field or intelligence career field to include technical training schools and drill-status working experience. Security Forces and Intelligence training experiences are not required for individuals performing Chief of information Protection duties/responsibilities; Security Officer duties/responsibilities; or, Special Security Representative duties/responsibilities. Apply the following specialized competencies (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) factors, as applicable to the seven organizational disciplines of Series GS-0080 and each disciplines requirements.

Must have expert experiences in developing, implementing, and managing the Wings law enforcement, physical security, wing security, and Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection programs. Have working knowledge on the Security Forces programs and the Defense Force program with expert knowledge and premier technical authority on the development, implementation, and management of law enforcement, physical security, installation security, and anti-terrorism programs, policies, procedures, and equipment. Must have knowledge of Air Force security concepts, principles, and practices to review, independently analyze, and resolve complex security problems. Competent knowledge of all Air Force and Air National Guard security and law enforcement programs. Experienced in developing, implementing, executing, and managing guidance for applying security policy, procedures, techniques, equipment, and methods to a variety of work situations and various levels of security controls. Must have analytical skills to conduct analysis on a broad range of security programs, and identify, implement, and plan for new solutions necessary to combat security issues, conventional methods and procedures. Must have technical knowledge of security classification methods, concepts, and eligibility for access to classified or sensitive information to review plans for proposed or new projects, organizations, and/or missions to assure required planning for information security and other controls. Must possess the ability to consider security alternatives in managing this program, including resource management, relationships to other protective programs, and over-lapping requirements between other service components and contractor organizations. Experienced in the Wings Security Programs. Capable of providing senior-level technical expertise and advice for new developments and advances in security techniques. Possess communication skills to develop organizational working relationships and able to manage program segments with diverse military, civilian, professional, and technical populations. Proficient in preparing, implementing, and executing presentations/briefings, formal training materials, policies and guidance, investigative reports, inspections and surveys. Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the Program, Planning, and Budgeting Systems to plan, organize, and advocate for resources within the wing. provides broad policy guidance and direction based on wing and Air Force priorities and objectives. Experienced in the Defense Force Program and knowledgeable on the Programs compliance requirements. Experienced in managing and supervising the administrative and technical aspects of the Security Forces Squadron. Experienced in planning, designing, and executing security programs based on Air Force and Air National Guard programs policy guidance and direction. Capable to make critical judgments and on-the-spot decisions regarding the safety of assigned personnel. Experienced in researching and interpreting departmental instructions, standards, policy letters, past and present Executive Orders, survey reports, public laws, procurement contract clauses, and other pertinent literature concerning national security programs that provide guidelines on the concepts, methods, and goals of security programs. Must have an understanding of conflicting local, state and federal security laws that impact security policy, procedure, and programs Air Force-wide. Experienced in reviewing and negotiating host/tenant agreements, memoranda of understanding, joint use and inter-service agreements, and leases, with military and civil agencies. Knowledgeable of AF security concepts, principles, and practices required to review, independently analyze, and resolve complex security issues that involve personnel from various functional program managers. Must have knowledge of authority and Use of Force legal issues regarding conflicting local, state and federal security laws. Competent to resolve complex security issues that occur within the military organizations. Experienced public speaker with professional communication skills required to brief Wing and Group Commanders in all security matters for the installation. Able to manage and assess the security programs effectiveness and efficiency for the wing. Experienced in applying basic criteria in Security Forces Integrated Defense specialty areas; or, in developing courses of action to minimize or eliminate deficient operations and conditions. Experienced in managing resources, funding, and budget requirements that support Security Forces programs and services.

You must list specific dates (DAY/MONTH/YEAR) of experience on resume to be considered.

NOTE:  Your application must contain a DETAILED description of both civilian and military experience as it relates to the general and specialized experience requirements.

Substitution of Education of Specialized Experience:

Education cannot be substituted for Specialized Experience for this position. 

PRE-EMPLOYMENT PHYISCIAL: A pre-employment physical examination or medical screening may be required for placement to this position.

DIRECT DEPOSIT PARTICIPATION: Selectee will be required to participate in Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer (DD/EFT) program as a condition of employment.

SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIREMENT:  Selectee is subject to attaining and maintaining a security clearance as required by the position.

MILITARY INCENTIVES: Acceptance of a technician position may affect bonus, educational assistance and/or military incentives. Please contact your Incentive Program Manager for further details.


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Other Information

If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/1959 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.      


This office does not accept applications by electronic mail(e-mail), regular mail, or in person.  Please do not fax any documents to the Montana National Guard Human Resources Office.  Failure to follow the procedures for applying, may result in loss of consideration for the position.  It is the applicants responsibility to verify that information entered, uploaded, or faxed (i.e., resume, assessment questions and answers, transcripts) is received and accurate.

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Date Posted May 10, 2018
Date Closes June 9, 2018
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