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Air Force Civilian Service Newington, NH

Job Description


The primary purpose of this position is at this level, the Safety and Occupational Health Manger has overall responsibility for a fully developed safety program and advises key managerial and executive personnel on courses of action that will achieve mission goals with a minimum risk of injury to personnel and damage to property. At this level, the work is to assess the effectiveness of specific programs, projects, or functions and often involves the development of weapons and explosives safety criteria and procedures for major agency activities. Work products impact on a wide range of agency safety program.

Position Description Number:  D2203000 / D2204000


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:  Must be certified at the next higher level before being eligible for that level and must have a minimum of one year on-the-job experience in the grade immediately below the next higher level.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: (GS-12): Must have the experience and training that demonstrates the ability to perform industrial construction standards, methods, practices, techniques, materials, equipment, and utility systems sufficient to determine compliance with building safety standards and devise hazard control measures applicable to airport ground facilities and supporting industrial shops. Knowledge of psychological and physiological factors sufficient to develop a ground aviation safety education activity for supervisors and employees, to motivate maintenance personnel to apply safe working practices and to persuade supervisors to accept changes or modifications where required to achieve a safe working environment. Performed safety and occupational health principles, practices, procedures and standards applicable to a full range of complex safety and occupational health management responsibilities at a military aviation installation and requiring the planning, organizing, directing, operating and evaluation of a safety and occupational health program related to ground aviation, industrial and marine operations. Performed aviation maintenance work processes and support equipment, airport ground operations, facilities and runway maintenance techniques, and industrial work processes.

Upgrade to GS-12 dependent upon completion of Explosive Safety Course (ANGC ESC).  If completed, please include certificate with application packet.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: (GS-11):  Must have the experience and training that demonstrates the ability to perform periodic/unscheduled inspections of base facilities, warehouses, and equipment maintenance operations and evaluated compliance with applicable regulations and hazard systems.  Recommend measures and methods to correct safety and occupational health deficiencies.  Participate in planning for testing of munitions, and assured integration of explosive safety criteria in testing procedures.  Reviews test implementation directives for inclusion of appropriate safety criteria.  Prepares supplements to regulations and manuals for aircraft weapons safety and develops local regulations defining applicable mishap prevention procedures.


-Knowledge of occupational safety and health principles, practices, procedures, health regulations and standards applicable to the performance of a full range of complex occupational safety and health management responsibilities at a military installation involving planning, organizing, directing, operating, and evaluating the occupational safety and health program for ground and explosive surety.

-Knowledge of construction standards, methods, practices, techniques, materials, equipment, and utility systems sufficient to evaluate compliance with construction safety standards and devise innovative hazard control measures applicable to new building construction and industrial modifications.

-Knowledge of work processes, methods, techniques and procedures to detect and correct unsafe conditions in diversified environments, e.g. aircraft maintenance/flight line operations, civil engineering, motor vehicle maintenance, contractor operations, and explosives handling and storage.

-Knowledge of weapons and explosives safety principles, practices, standards, and abate measures related to diverse aviation and industrial settings sufficient to apply a wide range of methods and techniques in the inspection of government weapons and explosives storage locations, maintenance facilities, demolition areas, etc., to determine compliance with applicable regulatory provisions.

-Knowledge of the body of laws, regulations, policies, standards, procedures, methods, and techniques applicable to a broad range of Safety And Occupational Health, weapons and explosives safety requirements sufficient to plan, direct, coordinate, and evaluate a diverse weapons and explosives safety program and advise key managerial personnel on courses of action affecting facility operations, weapons handling procedures, explosives operations, work processes, human-machine relationships, etc., which impact on the safety and efficiency of personnel.

-Knowledge of the requirements, methods, and techniques of accident and mishap investigation of normal to high risk weapons and explosives storage and operating areas, to include fact-finding, analysis, risk assessment, resolution of safety problems, and submitting formal reports.

-Knowledge of organizational and communication skills to develop working relationships and manage program segments with diverse military, civilian, professional, and technical populations. Verbal and writing skills sufficient to prepare safety presentations/briefings, formal training materials, investigative reports, weapons and explosives safety inspections and surveys.


-The incumbent of this position description must have, at a minimum, a completed National Agency Check (NAC) prior to position assignment.

- This position is covered by the Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Amendment (30 Sep 96) of the Gun Control Act (Lautenberg Amendment) of 1968. An individual convicted of a qualifying crime of domestic violence may not perform the duties of this position.

- This position may be designated mission essential based on local conditions. Mission essential personnel report for duty at normal times when the unit is closed or delayed reporting, and remain on duty during phased or early release.

- May occasionally be required to work other than normal duty hours.

- May require travel in military and/or commercial aircraft to perform temporary duty assignments.

- The work may require the incumbent to drive a motor vehicle; if so, and an appropriate valid driver's license is mandatory.

- May be required to wear special protective clothing such as coats, boots, vests, gas masks, and/or helmets and may be exposed to high levels of noise such as aircraft engines.

- Ability to establish effective professional working relationships with coworkers and customers, contributing to a cooperative working environment and successful accomplishment of the mission.

MILITARY REQUIREMENTS: Selected candidates will be required to be in a compatible military grade and assignment prior to the effective date of placement.

Military Grades:  E6 to E8 (E6 must be in a promotable status)


Selectee(s) must be within the military grade(s) listed in this job announcement prior to the effective date of placement into the technician position.

Applicant(s) who are over grade must clearly state, in their resumes,  their intentions to willingly take a reduction in grade.

Compatible Military Assignments: 1S0X1, 2W0X1, 2W1X1

It is not necessary for applicants to possess the MOS/AFSC listed as compatible to the position in order to apply.  It is, however, the applicants responsibility to acquire a compatible MOS/AFSC within 1 year of appointment.  Coordinate with your units training representative to determine whether or not you can qualify for a specific MOS/AFSC and/or receive training.


This vacancy will be processed in accordance with NHNG TPR 335 & Article 16 of the Labor Management Agreement.   Military compatibility and grade inversion rules will be strictly adhered to. In order to comply with the NGB compatibility criteria, selected individual will be immediately assigned to compatible military assignment.




Reimbursement for PERMANENT CHANGE OF STATION (PCS) expenses is not authorized.


Selected individual must enroll in the Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer Program.   The Federal Financial Management Act of 1994, SEC 402, Electronics Payments, requires direct deposit to a financial institution for all Federal wage or salary payments.


If you are a male born after 31 December 1959, and you desire employment with the Federal Government, you must be registered with Selective Service.


The Enlistment/Reenlistment Bonus, Student Loan Repayment Program incentive, and Selected Reserve Recruitment Health Care Professionals incentive will be terminated upon start date for a military technician position or AGR Title 10 or Title 32 tour.   Recoupment may be required depending on the specific incentive contract recoupment procedures.


Participation in direct deposit is mandatory.


The Federal government offers a number of exceptional benefits to its employees. The following Web addresses are provided for your reference to explore the major benefits offered to most Federal employees.


ain Website for New Employees -

Federal Employment Information Fact Sheet: Benefits of Working for the Federal Government:  This fact sheet is provided for a review of most of the benefits offered here. Please click on the link below for more information:

Retirement Information and Services for New Employees.
This link provides an overview of the benefits currently offered to Federal employees.

Other Information

1. If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.

2. Please do not send/fax/courier/email any applications or resumes to the New Hampshire National Guard Human Resources Office, you must apply on-line or fax your application to the fax number listed on this announcement with the prescribed Cover Letter. The Human Resource can only process materials received through USA Jobs.  

Job Details

Date Posted May 10, 2018
Date Closes June 9, 2018
Requisition 465714600
Located In Newington, NH
SOC Category 00-0000.00