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Ordnance Equipment Mechanic

Air Force Civilian Service Boise, ID

Job Description


MAJOR DUTIES: (Detailed duties are on the Position Description)

This position is located in the Munitions Maintenance, Storage, Handling, and Missile Maintenance Section of the

Munitions Maintenance Branch. The purpose of this position is to perform maintenance on assigned missiles, operate,

repair, maintain and calibrate missile test equipment, operate the Combat Ammunition System (CAS), store, handle

and perform intermediate level maintenance on assigned conventional munitions.


1)Missile Maintenance: Maintains and repairs assigned missiles. Conducts operational tests using special

purpose test equipment and precision measurement devices. Analyzes varying forms of data from different

sources of test equipment and isolates system component malfunctions by visual observation or use of

electronic, pneumatic, and pneudraulic test equipment. Interprets wiring diagrams, evaluates and analyzes

equipment specifications and other technical documents. Disassembles missiles and determines the nature

and extent of component and parts repair required. Removes and replaces defective major components,

connecting appropriate cables to insure continued operating capability of missiles and guidance and control


2)Munitions Storage: Receives, assembles, issues, identifies, inspects and stores conventional aerospace

munitions such as bombs, ammunition, starter cartridges, flares, egress munitions, etc. Unpacks, identifies,

sorts, and judges the physical condition of received munitions. Compares the material identification

markings and obvious physical characteristics against shipping documents. Checks munition shipping

documents for completion and accuracy and corrects documentation as needed. Determines proper storage

and safety requirements as to quantity distance, compatibility, pilferability, and applicable stacking of piling


3)Munitions Supply (FK): Operates Combat Ammunition System (CAS) in accordance with applicable

regulations and manuals. Maintains document files and accountable records. Manages the excess

serviceable/unserviceable munitions program. Coordinates scheduling of complete, sample and special

munitions inventories. Monitors and maintains munitions related report cycle, repairable processing, and

bench stock activities.

4)Inspects, maintains, repairs, and reconditions conventional munitions, containers, and munitions maintenance handling equipment (MMHE). Performs periodic, special, pre-use and returned munitions inspections. Inspect munitions and subassemblies for evidence or exudation, corrosion, rust, dents, burrs, scratches, cracks, broken or bent parts and check components for TCTOs. Removes dirt, rust and corrosion from metal parts with components and solvents, to include use of special tools, portable powered sanders and sand blasters.

5)Links and repositions ammunition by operating electrical or manual machines and inspecting for defects such as short or long rounds, corrosion and dented cases, and removes unserviceable rounds. Prepares bombs for loading by adjusting or installing fuzes, boosters, delay elements and signal devices. Adjusts, inserts and removes cartridges and squibs from explosive components.

6) Performs other duties as assigned.



Work involved in maintaining and overhauling major items and assemblies of ordnance systems and equipment. The work requires the knowledge and application of mechanical and electrical principles and the skill to perform intricate repair and adjustment of hydraulic and pneumatic components and devices. The work also requires skill in such processes as troubleshooting, repairing, modifying, rebuilding, assembling, testing, and installing a variety of equipment such as missiles, torpedoes, mines, depth charges, and associated testing equipment and transporting, handling, erecting, and launching devices.

Experience or training which has provided the candidate with the knowledge and application of mechanical and electrical principles and the skill to perform intricate repair and adjustment of hydraulic and pneumatic components and devices.


No special education requirements needed for this vacancy.


Within your application package, you must explain how you gained the specialized experience required for this position.  Applicants applying at the WG 10 level must have

18 months experience or training in repairing, rebuilding, modifying and testing a variety of major subassemblies. Experience in diagnosing malfunctions and determining repair in major components consisting of numerous assemblies, interrelated electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic assemblies and components.  Experience in use of precision measurement equipment.  Experience in interpreting and applying a variety of technical manuals and similar published materials.



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Job Details

Date Posted April 12, 2018
Date Closes May 12, 2018
Requisition 467046300
Located In Boise, ID
SOC Category 00-0000.00