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Self-Assessment Monitor (D2245000)

Air Force Civilian Service Fort Smith, AR

Job Description


Serves as Wing Self-Assessment Program Manager (SAPM) and Management Internal Control Toolset Lead. Independently assesses wing programs and capabilities as reported in MICT in order to support the wing CCIP and exercise and evaluation program, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and ensuring the prioritized interest of the Air Force (e.g. SII, CII, etc.) and Airmen needs are met. Manages the SA by ensuring that the MICT is accurate and up to date. Coordinates with wing leadership, Major Command (MAJCOM) IG, MAJCOM Functional Area Managers (FAM), NGB FAMs and ANG/IG to provide feedback on Self-Assessment Communicators (SACs) quality, Staff Assistance Visit (SAV) effectiveness and trends identified. Ensures all wing SACs for locally developed instructions are IAW Air Force Instructions, are current and updated. Schedules unit SA, MICT, Inspector General Evaluation Management System (IGEMS) Training.  Performs analysis of unit self-assessed capabilities versus inspection requirements to build inspection sampling strategies. Establishes and utilizes metrics and analysis systems to assess efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with regulatory procedures to enable Wing IG to determine the most efficient exercise and inspection scenarios to minimize costs and maximize unit readiness. Interprets data within MICT to allow Wing IG to focus inspection efforts appropriately. Aids in developing inspection criteria for exercises based on analyzed MICT data. Analyzes data from multiple sources (MICT, IGEMS, Status of Resources & Training System (SORTS), Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS), Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) Reporting Tool (ART), etc.) to detect excellence and deficiencies, and to report trend information. Uses analyzed data to formulate and execute exercise scenarios relevant to the Wings primary mission and the surrounding environment. Assists in the scheduling, planning and execution of inspections/exercises including short-notice and no-notice inspections/exercises at all organizational levels of the wing to include GSUs. Oversees and validates self-assessed unit compliance and capability to execute combatant command missions. Assists and trains the Wing Inspection Team (WIT) to accurately perform inspection duties utilizing MICT. Develops and coordinates data for Wing IG to brief monthly (or quarterly) Commander's Inspection Management Board (CIMB) results to the Wing Commander. Runs reports, collects data, results, and MICT status for the Wing Commander's Inspection Report (CCIR). Gathers and analyzes unit reporting data to ensure compliance with federally mandated programs which include, but are not limited to, IO; WII; and VAP.  As the Wing SAPM and MICT technical expert, trains IG personnel, WIT, and group, squadron, and flight SAPMs on the proper use of MICT. Trains WIT members on how to derive data and validate MICT inputs during inspections. Runs IGEMS and MICT reports to gather data for trend analysis of the wing's SA program. Compares and validates proposed corrective actions in MICT and IGEMS so Wing IG can assess effectiveness. Ensures corrective action officers are answering self-assessment observations in MICT and post-inspection results in IGEMS in an accurate and timely manner IAW with AFI 90-201 timelines. Compiles information from MICT and IGEMS to ensure inspectors have all information for CCIP inspections/exercises, validation and verification. Represents the Wing IG with a variety of wing, functional area, local community, state and federal organizations. Establishes, develops, and maintains effective working relationships with ANG/IG, NGB staffs, MAJCOM staffs, State IGs, and wing leadership at all levels on matters concerning Air Force inspections. Represents the Wing IG and the Inspections Directorate at conferences, meetings, seminars, briefings, and other official functions. Meets with key customers (e.g. wing leadership, local law enforcement/first responders, federal agencies such as FAA, and inspectors) and coordinating officials to assess customer satisfaction, explain organization policy and procedures, and resolve problems that arise. Provides advisory services to individuals, other staff offices, managers, supervisors and employees concerning the IG program and processes. Explains and interprets AFIS and CCIP inspection program and AFI 90-201 requirements to all Wing personnel. Explains and refers complaint procedures, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) inquiry procedures, and Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA); etc., and responds to a variety of inquiries concerning redress available to military and civilian members. Performs IG duties IAW the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency's (CIGIE) Quality Standards for Inspection and Evaluation. Performs other duties as required.


Contact HRO with questions regarding your application BEFORE the closing date.

SPECIALIZED QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Must have 24 months of the following: Experienced in working within the definitions of laws, regulations, and policies. Experienced in working the military inspection programs and basic understanding of military missions, service structures, capabilities, and organizational functions. Experienced in applying analytical and evaluative techniques to analyze the self-assessment program plans. Experienced in developing training materials and instructing others in the basic inspector general program elements, activities and procedures. Capable and experienced in conducting interviews, reading reviews, and evaluating situations or conditions. Have a working knowledge of various office automation software programs, to include specific inspector general forms, tools, and techniques to support office operations to produce a variety of documents such as, letters, reports, spreadsheets, databases, and graphs. Have a working knowledge of inspector general investigations, understands how to conduct interviews, fact finding projects, and/or complete data analysis. Experiences may have included activities such as, approaching individuals who may be fearful, skeptical, or uncooperative during the questioning process of the investigation; establishing rapport with different personality types in order to glean appropriate information pertaining to complaints and allegations, and resolving complex problems. Experienced in applying conventional methods to gather, analyze, and evaluate information and data, draw conclusions, and recommend appropriate action. Skilled in comprehending procedures outlined in inspector general regulations and directives and experienced in applying them to complete conventional inquiries, complaints, Congressionals, etc. Experienced and confident in communication skills, both written and oral, to prepare comprehensive reports of investigation, responses to congressional staffers, and make presentations to high level management officials. Experienced in completing work assignments and handling problems and deviations in accordance with instructions, policies, previous training or established practices. Experienced in interpreting and executing policies using general guidelines and precedents. Experienced using learned judgments, initiatives, and resourcefulness in order to modify, adapt, and/or refine broader guidelines to resolve specific complex or intricate issues and problems, research trends and patterns, develop new methods and criteria, or recommended changes to complete the required planning and programming requirements. Experienced in comprehending compliance or noncompliance activities. Experienced in compiling, reconciling, correlating, or analyzing data from various sources. Experienced in working with assignments that required developing recommendations for overall detailed plans, goals, and objectives for implementation and continued evaluation. Experienced in deciding a course of action based on an analysis of the subject and issues involved. Experienced in exercising versatility, judgment, and perceptions to understand interrelationships among different strategies, activities, and laws or requirements. Experienced in making recommendations for work refinement methods and techniques for resolution of deficiencies or issues. Experienced in the assessment of productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of program operations and efforts to analyze a variety of conventional problems. Experienced and skilled in applying a broad knowledge of service operations to affect the adequacy of complex systems, programs, and strategic planning efforts and in identifying criteria to measure and/or predict the execution of organizational goals or program objectives. Experienced in identifying and developing ways to resolve problems, implementing corrective actions and providing realistic data for leadership to improve operational mission plans. Experienced in meeting with senior military and civilian leadership, high-ranking managers.

PLACEMENT FACTORS: (1) Knowledge of the missions and functions of Air Force wing level organizations. (2) Knowledge of analytical and evaluative techniques to analyze the self-assessment (SA) program plan for and develop training materials for users; evaluate wing CCIP effectiveness, and evaluate proposed corrective action plans. (3) Knowledge of various office automation software programs, to include MICT and IGEMS tools, and techniques to support AFIS operations and produce a variety of documents such as letters, reports, spreadsheets, databases, and graphs. (4) Skill in applying conventional methods to gather, analyze, and evaluate information and data, draw conclusions, and recommend appropriate action. (5) Skill in comprehending procedures outlined in IG regulations and directives and apply them to the handling of conventional inquiries, complaints, Congressionals, etc. (6) Ability to communicate orally and in writing to prepare comprehensive reports of investigation, responses to congressional staffers, and make presentations to high level management officials. (7) Completion of appropriate technical school/Career Development Courses (CDCs).




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Other Information

This position with the Arkansas National Guard is a Title 32 USC 709 position, not Title 5, and as such has different Reduction In Force (RIF) criteria, certain grade and promotion limitations, and no Veterans Preference.  Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer of Civilian Pay is required as a condition of employment/promotion/reassignment.  Initial in-processing of new employees will include enrollment procedures.  Permanent Change of Station (PCS) is not authorized.


Job Details

Date Posted January 6, 2018
Date Closes February 5, 2018
Requisition 466814100
Located In Fort smith, AR
SOC Category 00-0000.00