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Composite Fabricator Leader

Air Force Civilian Service Langley Afb, VA

Job Description


 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  Serves as a working leader of three or more Composite Fabricator positions. Assigns work orders to specific team members and selects workers for various jobs on the basis of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Coordinates planning and scheduling of LO systems maintenance. Responsible for the shop level LOASM program by managing and leading the overall direction of the maintenance effort, enforcing safe maintenance practices, and assembling/managing critical equipment items. Executes plans and schedules for LO systems maintenance. Participates in establishing the monthly and weekly maintenance plans. Attends daily maintenance planning meetings for the purpose of incorporating unscheduled maintenance into the weekly and daily maintenance plans. Monitors work of assigned personnel. Sets the work pace, conveys work assignments, and ensures that materials, tools, equipment, and stock are available. Advises supervisor of overall work operations, status and progress of work, causes for delays, problems encountered, and individual performance (e.g., additional on-the-job training requirements for individual employees). Utilizes safety practices and procedures following established safety and Special Access Programs (SAP) rules, environmental requirements, regulations, and maintains a safe, secure, and clean work environment.



Skilled in collecting and analyzing data effectively, efficiently, and accuratelySkilled in diagnosing and repairing mechanical concerns 

Ability to format and write English in reports and presentation formats

Skilled in presenting formal training presentations and briefings
Skilled in applying procedures and directives by reading and interpreting material
Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
Skilled in training, mentoring, leading, and problem solving

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE:  Must have at least one year of specialized working experiences in performing maintenance on B-2, F-22, and/or F-35 aircraft Low Observable (LO)/low signature. Must have at least six months of leadership and training experiences in the military maintenance programs. Must have working knowledge of aircraft structural maintenance, metals technology, survival equipment, and nondestructive inspection methods; characteristics and identification of aerospace and non-aerospace materials; concepts and application of maintenance directives; maintenance data reporting; and proper handling, storage, use, and disposal of hazardous waste and materials. The applicant must have a working knowledge in the principles of LO aircraft signature management and aircraft radar signature reduction techniques. Must be competent in providing technical guidance and training to other employees who perform maintenance on Low Observable (LO)/low signature aircraft (B-2, F-22, and/or F-35). Capabilities include the knowledge and skills in troubleshooting procedures, diagnosing problems and determining corrective actions in the maintenance of LO aircraft systems. The applicant must have the working skills and knowledge of assigned computer systems such as, IMIS, IMS, ALIS, SAS, and/or LOHAS used for maintenance planning, technical instruction, and maintenance documentation. Must have the competencies to apply the TOD, JTD and/or other technical publications and directives relating to work requirements. Must have working skills and knowledge of metal strength characteristics (annealing, tempering, and normalizing), composite and LO material characteristics, selection of proper materials for repair actions and knowledge of 4 health hazards associated with maintenance as well as proper mitigation procedures, decontamination, and housekeeping. Must have a working knowledge and experiences in Quality Assurance (QA) inspections that were sufficient to comply with AF directives and guidelines. Knowledge and skills in the evaluation, installation, removal, and repairs of LO coatings. Experienced in the aircraft design, repair, modification, and fabrication of metals, plastics, composites, advanced composites, LO, and bonded structural parts and components. Experienced in applying preservative treatments to aircraft, aerospace ground equipment (AGE), and support equipment (SE). Experienced in the principles and techniques of aircraft and AGE structural maintenance, and corrosion control techniques. Knowledge and skilled in the repair of exotic composite, thermal plastic, and conventional composite aircraft structures using state of the art materials, methods, and procedures. Experienced in the repair and maintenance of aircraft sheet metal and metallic structural elements ensuring aircraft structural integrity. Experiences included the planning and scheduling of LO systems maintenance. Competent in working and leading others in the Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance (LOASM) shop level program by providing overall direction of the maintenance effort, enforcing safe maintenance practices, and assembling and managing critical equipment items. The applicant must have the working skills and knowledge of assigned computer systems such as, IMIS, IMS, ALIS, SAS, and/or LOHAS used for maintenance planning, technical instruction, and maintenance documentation. Experienced in forecasting maintenance actions through reviews and updates of Integrated Maintenance Information System (IMIS), Autonomous Logistics Information System (ALIS), B-2 Information Maintenance System (IMS), F-22 Signature Assessment System (SAS) and/or F-35 Low Observable Health Assessment System (LOHAS). Experienced in determining methods necessary to meet mission requirements and Mission Capable (MICAP) requisitions.

For hire into a FWS 4352 DST position, award of the compatible Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC), and unit position assignment, a high school diploma is mandatory. Completion of high school courses in mathematics, algebra, chemistry, physics, mechanical drawing, and metal working is desirable. Higher academic college degrees are desirable. For the WS DST position, completion of at least two military professional education course programs is a mandatory requirement. For the WL DST positions, completion of at least one military professional education course programs is a mandatory requirement.

- Participation in direct deposit is mandatory.

- Selectee may be subject to a one-year probationary/trial period.

- Possess or be able to acquire and maintain a Secret security clearance.


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Other Information


Under 32 USC 709, Veterans Preference does NOT apply. 


1. If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.

2. Please DO NOT send/fax/courier/email any applications or resumes to the National Guard Human Resource Office, YOU MUST apply on-line or fax your application to the fax number listed on this announcement with the prescribed Cover Letter. The Human Resource Office can only process materials received through USA Jobs



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Job Details

Date Posted August 4, 2017
Date Closes September 3, 2017
Requisition 466375200
Located In Langley afb, VA
SOC Category 00-0000.00

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