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Air Force Civilian Service Montgomery, AL

Job Description


ALABAMA AIR NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED: This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the Alabama Air National Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Applicants who are not currently a member of the Alabama Air National Guard must be eligible for immediate membership and employment in the Alabama Air National Guard in the military grade listed on this announcement.
All permanent Alabama Air National Guard civilian excepted technicians currently employed.
AREA 2: All other members of the Alabama Air National Guard.
AREA 3: Individuals eligible for membership in the Alabama Air National Guard.
(1) Manages the unserviceable asset listing and awaits for disposition instructions from the Air Logistic Centers and Item Managers, etc. Assists customers with the preparation of AF Form 1996s and coordinates with the GLSC for adjusted stock level requests. Coordinates with the GLSC regarding the computed data for base stock levels including Readiness Base Leveling (RBL); Customer Oriented Leveling Technique (COLT); and Proactive Demand Leveling (PDL). Manages and validates the Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) program and semi-annually submits an SDR analysis report to NGB. Manages Supply Interface Systems files to ensure validation of customer and stock requirements. Oversees and controls in-transit shipments and transfers to the Defense Re-Utilization Marketing Office. Processes unclassified, classified and sensitive item shipments. Processes routine shipments to include lateral support and redistribution orders (RDO). Manages the customer due-out validation program. Processes force due-out releases for customer demands. Cancels customer due-outs when item is no longer required for mission effectiveness. Validates due-ins and reviews and updates status from source of supply. Processes special requisitions (SPR). Manages the issue exception code program. Manages the Tracer Action Reconciliation (TAR) program to ensure all property shipped is received and potentially lost shipments are recovered. Coordinates the special requirements flag "R" program with the GLSC. Validates assignment of Stockage Priority Codes (SPC).
(2) Responsible for audit and control of all accountable supplies and equipment documentation. Performs quality control of transaction documents, identifies discrepancies, and coordinates with flight chiefs to correct the problems, and initiates reverse-post action when documentation errors are involved. Manages the delinquent documents program. Manages and files supply transaction reports per AFMAN 23-110. Researches computer document register to insure all transactions are processed. Identifies problems and trends, meets with flight chiefs to resolve difficulties, and recommends training. Responsible for managing the shipment suspense listing; coordinates with cargo movement element and central storage element to resolve discrepancies.
(3) Performs base level Records Maintenance functions. Responsible to validate locally assigned exception codes and override records for National Stock Numbers (NSNs) semi-annually. With the exception of issue exception codes and additions or deletions of exception codes, phrases or modifiers will be coordinated with GLSC prior to processing. Maintains an updated copy of the Organizational Effectiveness Report. Maintains and publish current delivery destination listing. Researches, prepares and processes inputs to add, change or delete organizational records for the host, satellite and geographically separated units.
(4) Performs MICAP verification, report and process cannibalization actions for non-maintenance customers. Establishes, upgrade, downgrade or cancels MICAP due-outs. Processes local manufacture (LM) MICAPs and corrects discrepancies identified by the GLSC resulting from MICAP Enterprise Supply Solution (ESS) reconciliation.
(5) For non-maintenance customers; establishes, maintains and deletes bench stocks in coordination with supported activities. For non-maintenance customers, reviews on-hand balances and processes replenishment actions. Upon coordination and agreement, the customer may assume the responsibilities for binning, inventory, etc. (Refer to Support Agreement Procedures for support of tenant activities). Schedules and conducts bench stock reviews with the organizations.
(6) Responsible to periodically visit/contact all shops to discuss adequacy of support, resolve problems, provide/receive information or conduct informal training as necessary.
(7) Conducts Demand Processing responsibilities for on/off base customer order requests.
(8) Performs other duties as assigned.


EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: Each applicant must fully substantiate (in his/her own words) that he/she meets the requirements of the specialized experience listed below; Otherwise, the applicant will be considered unqualified for this position. DO NOT COPY THE VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT OR THE POSITION DESCRIPTION.
  Experience, education, or training in a variety of operations or situations concerned with substance or content of supply actions, requiring ability to decide course of action to take, considering the circumstances or conditions encountered.  Experience using computer and automation systems.
SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must have at least 12 months experience, education, or training which demonstrates a thorough knowledge of governing supply regulations, policies, procedures, and instructions applicable to the specific assignment.  Experience conducting extensive searches for required information; reconstructing records for complex supply transactions; and/or provide supply operations support for activities involving specialized or unique supplies, equipment, or parts.  Experience performing routine aspects of supply work based on practical knowledge of standard procedures, where assignments include individual case problems related to a limited segment in one of the major areas of supply management.
1. Thorough knowledge of supply regulations, policies, procedures, and instructions applicable to the specific assignment. 
2. Knowledge to conduct extensive and exhaustive searches for required information for complex supply transactions. 
3. Knowledge to reconstruct records for supply transactions and provide supply operations support for activities involving specialized or unique supplies, equipment, and parts to supported organizations missions. 
4. Knowledge of requisitions, supporting documents, and reference material to ensure supply support for production, overhaul, repair, or other operations requiring special handling. 
5. Ability to work well with customers and other offices on program requirements for urgent, critical shortage, and other special items. 
6. Ability to prepare requests for cataloging action and to prepare documentation to effect additions, deletions, and changes to items authorized. 

Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience High school graduate or the equivalent may be substituted for three months of specialized experience. Education in schools above the high school level may be substituted for experience on the basis of one academic year of study (i.e., 36 weeks or substantially full-time study or 30 semester hours or the equivalent.) for 12 months of the required experience. For experience required in excess of 24 months, education in schools above the high schools level may be substituted at the rate of one academic year of education for six months of experience. School above high schools level means an educational institution (e.g., a business or commercial school or college, a secretarial school, a junior college or a college or university.) for which high school graduation or the equivalent is a prerequisite and in which an applicant successfully completed study which was not primarily limited to courses in word processing and keyboarding or both. Substantially full-time study in the case of business and commercial schools is the equivalent of at least 20 classroom hours of instruction per week. One academic year consists of approximately 36 weeks of substantially full-time study or 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours.

COMPATIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: All applicants will be considered regardless of AFSC. Incumbent will be required to assigned to qualify in a compatible military position. The selected individual may be required to attend formal technical school training in a military status.
Compatible Military Assignment: AFSC: 2SXXX
Military Requirements: Selected candidates will be required to be in a compatible military grade and assignment prior to the effective date of placement.
Military Grade: Only applicants within the military grade listed below will be considered. **Please include your military grade on your resume.
Maximum Military Grade: SSgt Individuals exceeding the maximum military grade are required to submit a letter along with resume agreeing to a military demotion if selected. This statement of understanding is required for basic qualification.
Other Requirements: For positions requiring the operation of motor vehicles, candidates must have a valid state drivers license for the state in which they live or are principally employed.


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Other Information

If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.

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Date Posted August 4, 2017
Date Closes September 3, 2017
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Located In Montgomery, AL
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