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Outpatient Clinic Assessment Coord - full-time, Mon - Fri

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Lincoln, NE
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Job Title: Outpatient Specialty Clinic Assessment Coordinator
Job Location:  Lincoln
Status: Hourly

Responsible for coordinating follow-up clinics and outpatient comprehensive clinical assessments by contacting patients/ families via phone or mail, completing patient telephone screens, greeting patients/families and serving as a liaison between physician services and TherapyPlus.  Ensure that patients who are discharged from Madonnaâ??s specialty programs maximize opportunities for ongoing follow-up assessments by assisting them with resources (i.e., transportation, housing, adaptive equipment) necessary to complete the visit. Coordinate referrals from individuals or their providers who are new to MRH and request to have a comprehensive assessment.  Responsible for ongoing monitoring, adjustment and completion of scheduling for OP comprehensive assessments and specialty clinics.

  1. Collect information via phone or mail from persons with disabilities and/or their caregivers regarding current medical and functional status, clinical needs, and other information necessary to coordinate on-site follow-up clinics and comprehensive clinical assessments.
  2. Collect information necessary to determine need for specialized services such as Wheelchair Seating Assessment, Assistive Technology Assessment, Neuropsychology, Swallowing Assessment, etc. Uses this information to create an individualized schedule.
  3. Process orders relating to the on-site follow-up clinics and comprehensive assessments, insuring their inclusion in the patientâ??s medical record.
  4. Collect information over the phone and also via faxed medical records from an external provider or primary care physician needed by the interdisciplinary team to prepare for a thorough assessment.
  5. Work with the interdisciplinary team, including the rehabilitation physician, to insure a comprehensive clinic assessment report with recommendations is forwarded to key stakeholders.
  6. Arrange schedule for patients being seen on-site for follow-up clinics and comprehensive assessments, insuring accuracy and coordination of appointments.
  7. Evaluate the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of scheduled appointments and makes adjustments as necessary.
  8. Provide follow-up to individuals who have completed one of Madonnaâ??s specialty inpatient rehabilitation programs, or to their caregiver regarding their current medical and functional status and needs.
  9. Collect payer information from potential patients and provides them with information regarding additional resources if the services will not be covered.
  10. Serve as an advocate by assisting the person served with problem solving and suggesting community resources in their region as appropriate.
  11. Discuss the specialty clinics with primary care physicians in order to facilitate a referral, obtain necessary prescriptions for assessments, and to obtain any additional medical documentation needed by the interdisciplinary team.
  12. Respond to email or other communications from external sources, both professional and the general public, regarding potential referrals to the specialty clinics and comprehensive assessments.
  13. Negotiate appointment times with physician services, OP staff, and patients to ensure patients are seen in a timely manner.
  14. Work collaboratively with outpatient scheduling department to ensure schedule consistency and balancing of patient requests.
  15. Communicate with the patient/family in writing and by telephone regarding their schedule to minimize cancellations and no-shows.
  16. Greet patients/families when they come on-site for a follow-up clinic or comprehensive assessments, ensure their visit is positive, and provide excellent customer service while building a long-term relationship with them.
    Requires sufficient sight to see and read reports and computer screen.  Requires sufficient hearing and speaking to communicate by phone or in person.  Prolonged sitting with use of the telephone and computer.  Ability to enter and access data using a computer.  Manual patient transfer or reposition which does not exceed the equivalent of 35 pounds of force to lift, push or pull. Requires sufficient strength to produce 50 pounds of force to push a wheelchair with a 300-pound individual on level surfaces. May be exposed to patients in an aggressive or agitated state.
    Diploma in a health-related field required.  Two years applicable health/medical work experience required, rehabilitation experience preferred.  Nebraska LPN licensure preferred. Additional applicable work experience may be considered in lieu of formal education.

Date Posted June 8, 2024
Date Closes June 23, 2024
Requisition TAL10006J0
Located In Lincoln, NE
SOC Category 00-0000.00

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