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Medication Aide, Long Term Care, 3-11pm, 40hrs/week

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Lincoln, NE
                                                                    JOB DESCRIPTION
Job Title:  Medication Aide                                                                     
Job Code:  102024    

Status:  Non-exempt                                      
Responsible for coordinating and providing quality care to an assigned team of patients.  Delivers direct patient care, provides prescribed medication and treatments within scope of practice and under the direction of a licensed nurse.  Responsible for understanding and implementing the patient plan of care to deliver quality care within the clinical service systems and according to Madonna's philosophy and mission.  Responsible for reporting adverse patient condition changes to supervisor.  Work will be performed in an ethical and legal manner following organizational policies, processes, protocols and procedures. Responsible for quality service delivery and internal/external customer relations for Madonna as a whole, including upholding the mission and values for the department and facility.

  1. Understands scope of practice and utilizes position job description, job standards, procedures and facility policies to ensure quality care delivery.
  2. Compiles patient care information to meet patient goals.
  3. Administers and documents patient medication on assigned shift to ensure accurate and efficient medication administration.
  4. Provides the correct medication and dose to the right patient at the right time via the correct route as directed by the medication administration record and licensed nurse.
  5. Performs treatments per treatment sheets as directed by a licensed nurse.
  6. Documents completed treatments on the treatment sheet or flow record such as the blood glucose record.
  7. Properly charges patient billable supplies to ensure accurate patient billing.
  1. Provides medication via the following routes:  oral, rectal, sublingual, eye, ear, nose, topical and gastrostomy tube.
  2. Provides prescribed oral medication to patients, observes ingestion using specified procedures.
  3. Performs glucometer and BVI procedures, reports outcome to licensed nurse and documents results according to operational definitions.
  4. Provides oral suctioning and changes suction canisters as assigned by licensed nurse.
  5. Provides oxygen via nasal cannula (not to exceed 2L) at the correct liter per minutes as directed by the patient care plan and assigned by a licensed nurse.  Attends to liquid oxygen fill needs.
  6. Delivers nutrition formula and/or water flushes via a gastrostomy tube correctly using a tube feeding pump or gravity flow.
  7. Communicates with licensed nurse and other clinicians regarding patient's condition, concerns, patient goals achieved and other developments to ensure quality service delivery.
  8. Takes vital signs and pulse oximetry and reports their outcomes to licensed nurse.
  9. Attends to the direct care needs of patients, including transfers, ambulation, repositioning and activities of daily living to ensure quality of care.
  10. Communicates to patient, family and co-workers in a respectful manner to maintain a positive customer oriented approach.
  11. Receives and implements directions for patient care in order to meet patient goals.
  12. Follows instruction from licensed nurse to perform other functions as assigned in order to achieve the goals within the department and clinical services systems.
  13. Instructs and orients new staff to department, unit environment and operational guidelines.
  14. Participates in and assists with department and facility committees, project teams and/or task forces.
  1. Maintains and ensures a safe environment for the patient care unit.
  2. Passes food trays and transports patients.
  3. Handles and operates all necessary equipment.
  4. Performs required duties according to established safety standards to maintain compliance with regulations and to prevent injury.
  5. Sets up equipment and supplies necessary for providing medications/treatments and cleans up work area.
  6. Ensures accuracy of machines by following facility guided calibration or operational guidelines.
  7. Stocking and reordering supplies.
  8. Cleaning medication cart, patient servers, medication room, treatment/supply room.
Medical devices used in work, include but are not limited to:
            Stethoscope/sphygmomanometer                 Transfer devices
            Tympanic thermometer                                   Humidifier
            Suction machine                                              Trauma tub
            Oxygen cylinder or tank                                  Bladder Volume Instrument
            In-wall oxygen                                                 Bed scale
            Oxygen flow meter                                          Digital wheelchair scale
            Medication inhalers                                         Beds, wheelchairs, stretchers
            Nebulizers                                                       Paging system
            Glucometer                                                     Telephone      
Medium work with frequent lifting.  Manual patient transfer or reposition which does not exceed the equivalent of 35 pounds of force to lift, push or pull. Requires sufficient strength to produce 50 pounds of force to push a wheelchair with a 300-pound individual on level surfaces. Constant walking with maximum duration of up 30 minutes sustained walking on tile, carpet and other surfaces. Must tolerate frequent standing with sustained periods of up to 1 hour on tile, carpet, and shower surfaces. Must tolerate frequent sitting with sustained periods of up to 1 hour.  Frequent reaching with both arms at low, waist, and high levels. Frequent grasping of both hands for transfers and repositioning requiring normal grip strength based on national averages. Frequent stooping, bending, and twisting are required for patient care. Constant near visual acuity to evaluate and monitor patients.  Ordinary hearing and speaking skills.  May be  exposed to biohazardous materials. 
QUALIFICATIONS (Education/training and/or Experience)
State required age qualification of at least 18 years old.  Is listed on the State Registry as a Nurse Aide.  Current Madonna Nurse Aide with demonstrated skills/ability on patient care unit, six months working experience as a Nurse Aide at Madonna preferred.  Successful completion of the state approved Medication Aide training program which includes a 40-hour classroom course and a State administered test.  State renewal of Medication Aide every 2 years.  State renewal includes proof of annual competency skills completed during the six month preceding the expiration date and completion of the State renewal application.  Is listed on the State medication aide registry. 
Background checking is conducted on applicants for this position with the agencies as required by Nebraska State regulations in addition to any other agencies as determined by Madonna.  Applicants must sign authorization forms (when required by the agency) to release information to Madonna. 

Date Posted February 4, 2023
Date Closes February 19, 2023
Requisition 0005E7
Located In Lincoln, NE
Department Lincoln-Madonna Main Campus
SOC Category 00-0000.00

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