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Physical Therapist Clinic Supervisor - Outpatient, Mon - Fri

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Lincoln, NE
Job Title: Physical Therapy Clinical Supervisor TherapyPlus Main Campus     
Job Code: 220202
Status: Exempt   
Responsible for the clinical supervision of the TherapyPlus Main Campus physical therapy staff to include completion of performance reviews, staff orientation and mentoring for the development of the clinical skills of physical therapy professionals.  Deliver quality patient care from admission through discharge including patient and family education/training as well as outcomes assessment. Maintain accurate and timely documentation including monitoring visit utilization and insurance authorization. Performs duties of outpatient physical therapist. Responsible for quality service delivery and internal/external customer relations for the department and Madonna as a whole, including upholding the mission and values for the facility.
  1. Coordinate, analyze and compile short and long term goals for the development of clinical services and individual staff.
  2. Plan, coordinate and maintain current documentation for education and professional development of staff.
  3. Assists supervisor to maintain and update clinic process manuals, including those for orientation and education.
  4. Compile, record and analyze information through chart audits in order to ensure quality documentation and care delivery.
  5. Analyze outcome data related to physical therapy services, including program evaluation data, to give direction and manage the clinical provision of services.
  6. Plan and coordinate with staff student education coordinators to ensure regular, high quality educational experiences for students training in the field of physical therapy.
  7. Synthesize, analyze, compile and record current research articles to keep the professional/clinical services current with the latest research, as well as for the development or expansion of services.
  8. Analyze and make recommendations for purchase of special equipment and supplies within budget guidelines that promote quality service delivery.
  9. Contribute to the developing, writing and implementation of policies and procedures to promote consistency of operations.
  10. Compile clinical service information and communicate to staff in a timely manner.
  11. Perform job duties of staff physical therapist as outlined in that job description.
  1. Supervises TherapyPlus employees. Recruits, hires, coaches, conducts competency assessments and performance reviews, counsels and disciplines. Responsible to ensure timely and organized orientation and training of new staff to provide support and knowledge of facility and system policies, procedures and tasks.
  2. Participate and assist in professional and facility committee and/or task forces.
  3. Communicate effectively with peers, physicians and staff to ensure quality service delivery.
  4. Communicate regularly and effectively with manager in order to achieve identified goals and objectives of TherapyPlus and Madonna as a whole.   
  5. Works effectively with community groups and organizations who impact or have an impact on service delivery.
  6. Routinely meet with staff to maintain open communication and ensure quality service delivery.
  7. Coordinate and/or instruct and teach staff new information through in-services and educational offerings.
  8. Coordinate and/or provide information to community and consumer groups through speaking engagements, lectures, and workshops.
  9. Follow instruction from supervisor to perform other functions as assigned in order to achieve the goals within the department and/or system.
  10. Must perceive customer relations as a primary focus, and continually strive to satisfy the needs of every customer in all areas of the work force.  
  1. Operate equipment used for physical therapy care. 
  2. Maintain and ensure a safe environment for the department. Handle and operate all necessary equipment and perform required duties according to established safety standards to maintain compliance with regulations and prevent injury. Adhere to and participate with infection prevention guidelines.
  3. Must be able to operate copier, telephone, fax machine and have proficient computer skills, including e-mail, word processing, presentation and spreadsheet functions.
Medium work with frequent lifting. Moderate assist times 1 transfers for a patient of 250 pounds who is able to use his/her upper extremities for support routinely requires pulling/lifting force of approximately 50 pounds to be generated in order to complete a safe transfer. Requires sufficient strength to produce 50 pounds of force to push a wheelchair with a 300-pound individual on level surfaces. Constant walking with maximum duration of up 30 minutes sustained walking on tile, carpet and other surfaces. Must tolerate frequent standing with sustained periods of up to 1 hour on tile, carpet, and shower surfaces. Must tolerate frequent sitting with sustained periods of up to 1 hour. 

Frequent reaching with both arms at low, waist, and high levels. Frequent grasping of both hands for transfers and repositioning requiring normal grip strength based on national averages. Frequent stooping, bending, and twisting are required for patient care. Constant near visual acuity to evaluate and monitor patients. Requires sufficient sight to see and read reports and computer screen. Requires sufficient hearing and speaking to communicate by phone or in person. May be exposed to biohazardous materials. May be prolonged exposure to high temperature and humid conditions and to disinfecting chemicals used in the pool. May be exposed to individuals who are in an agitated or aggressive state. Mobility required to travel to scheduled events or meetings as needed. 
QUALIFICATIONS (Education/training and/or Experience)
Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degree in physical therapy. Current Nebraska license to practice. Three or more years of clinical experience in an outpatient setting preferred. One year supervisory experience preferred. Staff development experience preferred. CPR for Health Care Provider/CPR for Professional Rescuer required at time of hire or within 30 days from date of hire.  May be required to drive a motor vehicle. If required to drive, must have current valid Nebraska driverâ??s license and proof of good driving record.
Background checks are conducted.  When specific authorization forms are requested so that full background and history can be obtained, employees/applicants must sign the form(s) requested.




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