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Unit Secretary/Nurse Aide - Omaha Specialty Hospital, Days (Mon-Fri, 40 hrs)

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital locationOmaha, NE
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246 positions
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Job Location
Omaha, NE, United States



Job Title: Unit Secretary/Nurse Aide â?? Hospital
Job Code: 102014

Status: Non-Exempt


Responsible for managing and performing the non-clinical tasks for the patient care unit. Responsible for transcribing physician orders, coordinating patient appointments, coordinating discharge/aftercare paper work, filing of medical record documents and maintaining supplies and equipment on the patient care unit. Responsible for managing and performing the receptionist role for the patient care unit. Responsible for using discretion and protecting the confidentiality of patient information. Responsible for understanding and implementing the patient care plan and to deliver quality care within the clinical services systems and according to Madonna's philosophy and mission. Responsible for reporting adverse patient condition changes to supervisor. Work will be performed in an ethical and legal manner following organizational policies, processes, protocols and procedures. Responsible for quality service delivery and internal/external customer relations for Madonna as a whole, including upholding the mission and values for the department and facility.



  1. Accurately processes all aspects of the physician order transcription.

  2. Accurately maintains the daily census sheet and census activity boards.

  3. Performs telephone, fax communications for the patient care unit.

  4. Inventories office and medical record form supplies, orders the supplies, and organizes supplies.

  5. Maintains each patient's medical record: files patient data in chart holder in prescribed order, writes patient name on chart forms and places in chart holder as needed.

  6. Prints and posts unit and facility e-mail.

  7. Sorts unit mail and places staff mail in mailboxes.

  8. Maintains reference books and procedure manuals.

  9. Organizes shelves, drawers of the patient care station and unit substations.

  10. Analyzes the unit environment, investigates patient/family complaints involving environmental issues to ensure quality service delivery.

  11. Files telephone order receipts in the medical record.

  12. Posts therapy schedules and directs and educates the customer in patient schedule process.

  13. Maintains the unit bulletin boards.

  14. Schedules transportation.

  15. Coordinates documents for physician office visits.

  16. Understands and utilizes individual job description, program and facility policies and operational definitions to ensure quality care delivery.

  17. Compiles and coordinates patient care information to meet program and patient goals.

  18. Computes, compares, and documents patient care data to provide accurate information for the medical record.

  19. Properly charges patients for billable supplies to ensure accurate billing.


  1. Orients new clinical staff in unit functioning, order transcription.

  2. Assists physicians and other clinicians as needed.

  3. Communicates pertinent data and hospital information to all external and internal customers in a respectful and confidential manner.

  4. Coordinates activities, schedules, and services for the patient.

  5. Accepts instruction from supervisor to perform other functions as assigned in order to achieve goals within the department, the patient care system and Madonna corporate goals.

  6. Serves as liaison between patient, visitor, and clinical staff.

  7. Instructs and orients new staff to department/unit environment and operational guidelines.

  8. Communicates (speak-signal) with licensed nurse and other nursing staff members, regarding patient condition, changes, concerns, patient goals achieved to ensure quality service delivery.

  9. Serves/attends to the direct care needs of patients and families including transfers, ambulation, repositioning and transporting.

  10. Communicates to patient, family and co-workers in a respectful manner to maintain a positive customer oriented approach.

  11. Receives directions from a licensed nurse for patient plan of care in order to meet patient's goals.

  12. Follows instruction from licensed nurse to perform other functions as assigned in order to achieve the goals within the department and clinical services system.


  1. Operates patient care unit equipment: intercom system, paging system, fax machine, computer, mouse, printer, copier, telephone, and keyboard.

  2. Orders necessary equipment for patients and unit to ensure availability of work tools.

  3. Maintains unit environment in a clean and tidy manner.

  4. Maintains a safe environment according to established regulatory and safety standards.

  5. Serves as unit runner for outside pickups at the request of the supervisor.

  6. Maintain and ensure a safe environment for the patient care program. Handle and operate all necessary equipment and perform required duties according to established safety standards to maintain compliance with regulations and prevent injury.

  7. Set up equipment and supplies needed for rehab/restorative cares and clean up during and following cares.

  8. Operate stethoscope, sphygmomanometers, tympanic thermometer.

  9. Operate other equipment under the direction of supervisory staff.

  10. Ensures cleanliness of equipment and environment.

  11. Medical devices used in work, include but not limited to:

    1. stethoscope/sphygmomanometer

    2. transfer/repositioning devices

    3. Oral/tympanic thermometer

    4. telephone

    5. tub chair lift

    6. paging device

    7. beds, wheelchairs, stretchers

    8. trauma tub

    9. digital wheelchair/standing scale
      bed scale


Medium work with frequent lifting. Manual patient transfer or reposition which does not exceed the equivalent of 35 pounds of force to lift, push or pull. Requires sufficient strength to produce 50 pounds of force to push a wheelchair with a 300-pound individual on level surfaces. Constant walking with maximum duration of up 30 minutes sustained walking on tile, carpet and other surfaces. Must tolerate frequent standing with sustained periods of up to 1 hour on tile, carpet, and shower surfaces. Must tolerate frequent sitting with sustained periods of up to 1 hour. Frequent reaching with both arms at low, waist, and high levels. Frequent grasping of both hands for transfers and repositioning requiring normal grip strength based on national averages. Frequent stooping, bending, and twisting are required for patient care. Constant near visual acuity to read, type and evaluate and monitor patients. Ordinary hearing and speaking skills. May be exposed to biohazardous materials.

QUALIFICATIONS (Education/training and/or Experience)

Must know basic medical terminology and symbols. Must know basic medication categories including routes of medication administration and medication time scheduling. Must be able to operate a personal computer. Electronic medical record and electronic order transcription knowledge desirable. Must be able to operate a copier, fax machine, and printer. Must possess excellent spelling and grammar skills and legible writing. Good organizational and communication skills essential. Incumbent must be 18 years of age or older.

Successful completion of the State approved nurse aide training program which includes the 75 hour classroom, written, and competency skill exams and meets current Nebraska registry requirements.

Background checks are conducted. When specific authorization forms are requested so that full background and history can be obtained, employees/applicants must sign the form(s) requested.

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