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Wheelchair Technician - Omaha (FT Days, Mon-Fri)

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital locationOmaha, NE
140 positions

Web Mktg Technology Specialist

Madonna Rehabilitation HospitallocationOmaha, NE
140 positions
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Job Location
Omaha, NE, United States


                              JOB DESCRIPTION
Job Title:  Wheelchair Technician-Therapy                                Job Code222010
Immediate Supervisor:  Therapy Support Staff Supervisor                     Status:  Non-exempt                                                  
Responsible to facilitate the provision of rehabilitative technology and patient care to persons served by applying specialized knowledge and skill sets in the areas of technology and rehabilitation with licensed therapy personnel.  Collaborates with licensed therapy personnel, including the occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech and language pathologist and recreation therapist, in the areas of fabrication, modification, maintenance, tracking and repair of specialized technology devices to include assistive technology devices (AT), augmentative and alternative communication devices (AAC), specialty wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories and/or any other technology equipment within the therapy areas. Work requires the use of a wide variety of skill sets, knowledge base, tools, materials and equipment to design, construct and/or modify specialized rehabilitation technology equipment. Emphasis is on the technology component to rehabilitation and the unique skill sets required to maintain knowledge and skills for multiple domains using advanced clinical technology.  Responsible for quality service delivery and internal/external customer relations for the department, including upholding the mission and values for the department and facility.
  1. Independently monitors adequate inventory of specialty technology equipment, specific to seating and positioning and AT devices, including tools, equipment and supplies to assure availability for patient care needs.
  2. Communicates inventory stock needs to licensed personnel and complete ordering of supplies, as requested.
  3. Designs, develops and implements tracking processes for use of specialty technology equipment.
  4. Reviews daily patient schedules to ensure efficiency when setting up, modifying or repairing specialty equipment.
  5. Reports clinical or technical observations or needs to appropriate licensed personnel.
  6. With the exception of initial patient assessments, completes all tasks as needed and requested in the areas of AT, AAC and seating and positioning.
  7. Performs job duties of Rehabilitation Associate â?? Therapy as outlined in that job description.
  1. Takes direction from occupational therapist in the areas of assistive technology and patient activities.
  2. Takes direction from physical therapist in the areas of seating and positioning and patient activities.
  3. Takes direction from recreation therapist in the areas of equipment and technology and patient activities.
  4. Takes direction from speech and language pathologist in the areas of augmentative communication.
  5. Communicates with occupational/physical/speech therapist, and other clinical staff members regarding patient condition, changes, concerns, and developments to ensure quality service delivery and customer service.
  6. Communicates with others in a respectful manner to maintain a positive customer oriented approach.
  7. Assists with planning and coordination of new staff orientation and provide advice and guidance for new staff members.
  8. Takes instruction from supervisor to perform other functions as assigned in order to achieve the goals within the department and/or system.
  9. Must perceive customer relations as a primary focus and continually strive to satisfy the needs of every customer in all areas of the workforce.
  1. Maintains and assures a safe and efficient work environment.  Handle and operate all necessary equipment and perform required duties according to established safety standards to maintain compliance with regulations and prevent injury.
  2. Assists in implementation of assistive technology, seating and positioning and augmentative communication plan of care for patients.
  3. Delivers, sets up and trouble shoots AT equipment, AAC devices and specialized seating and positioning systems, in collaboration with licensed therapy personnel.
  4. Maintains and repairs assistive technology equipment, augmentative communication equipment and specialty seating and positioning equipment, including power and manual wheelchairs, cushions and wheelchair accessories.
  5. Modifies AT, AAC and seating and positioning equipment, in collaboration with licensed therapy personnel.
  6. Follows verbal and written instructions.
  7. Operates an assortment of tools and equipment, including power tools, to design, fabricate, modify and/or repair assistive technology equipment, augmentative communication equipment and seating and positioning equipment.
  8. Operates patient lifts, transfer devices, body weight support equipment, wheelchairs or other specialty equipment within the therapy areas.
  9. Performs maintenance and repair of tools and equipment to ensure optimum operating conditions.
  10. Operates wheelchair elevator lift in storage area to effectively move and organize specialty equipment.
  11. Maintains a clean, neat and organized technology equipment storage environment.
  12. Maintains a clean and neat therapy treatment environment by cleaning assigned therapy areas and/or equipment. Cleaning duties may include, but are not limited to scrubbing/wiping surfaces, sweeping, vacuuming, washing dishes, and picking up equipment.
  13. Maintains knowledge of current trends and developments in the field of assistive technology, augmentative communication and seating and positioning.
  14. Takes initiative to research new technology advancements, training specialized rehabilitation staff in updates and available applications, as needed.
  15. Assists with ensuring cleanliness of equipment and environment.
Medium work with frequent lifting.  Moderate assist times 1 transfers for a patient of 250 pounds who is able to use his/her upper extremities for support routinely requires pulling/lifting force of approximately 50 pounds to be generated in order to complete a safe transfer. Requires sufficient strength to produce 50 pounds of force to push a wheelchair with a 300-pound individual on level surfaces. Constant walking with maximum duration of up 30 minutes sustained walking on tile, carpet and other surfaces.
Must tolerate frequent standing with sustained periods of up to 1 hour on variable surfaces. Must tolerate frequent sitting with sustained periods of up to 1 hour.  Frequent reaching with both arms at low, waist, and high levels. Frequent grasping of both hands requiring normal grip strength based on national averages. Frequent stooping, bending, and twisting are required for equipment management and patient care duties. Constant near visual acuity.  Ordinary hearing and speaking skills.  May be exposed to biohazardous materials. 
QUALIFICATIONS (Education/training and/or Experience)
Must be a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Successful completion of Rehabilitation Associate- Therapy coursework is required within three months of hire. Training and experience in the area of general fabrication, maintenance and repair of specialized therapy equipment is preferred. Excellent communication and collaborative skills with others is required.  Applicants must be comfortable with advanced technology equipment, hardware components, software technology and applications; being able to independently research technology components and applications to impact positive patient outcomes and customer satisfaction.  Successful completion of the rehabilitation technician competency program is required within  six months of hire. CPR for Health Care Provider/CPR for Professional Rescuer certification preferred.  Valid Nebraska driverâ??s license and proof of good driving record preferred.
Background checking is conducted on applicants for this position with the agencies as required by Nebraska State regulations, in addition to any other agencies as determined by Madonna.  Applicants must sign authorization forms (when required by the agency) to release information to Madonna.