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RN Outpatient Programs TherapyPlus Omaha (On call Days)

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Omaha, NE

Job Description



Job Title: RN Outpatient Programs TherapyPlus Omaha               Job Code: 100087       

Status: Non-Exempt                                        

At Madonna, we combine heartfelt hospitality with incomparable innovation and education. Our clinical expertise, world-class research and state of the art equipment empower us to help all patients, even those whose diagnoses pose the most complex challenges.  Our investment in the exceptional talent, groundbreaking technology and progressive treatments is changing the face of rehabilitation!
Other hospitals treat patients, we change lives! Madonna Miracles and breakthrough moments happen every day; when patients who could not previously walk or speak independently, joyfully celebrate when they hear: â??Now You Can!â?
We are excited about the opportunity to partner with individuals who wish to enter health care! Now is the opportunity to be a part of something meaningful!



Responsible for the development and support of nursing practice for therapy patients in Outpatient programs, primarily in the Rehabilitation Day Program (RDP). Tasks include assessing patient care needs, developing a plan to prioritize needs, developing measurable patient-centered goals and outcomes, and coordinating RDP staff to meet the patient and families immediate and long term needs. The OP Nurse is accountable for meeting quality patient outcomes and service delivery in RDP based on (1) appropriate length of stay, (2) effective utilization of resources including program utilization, (3) continuity through a continuum of care, and (4) established standards. Additional responsibilities include serving as a liaison between patient, family, payer, team and physician; facilitation of education and training for patients, families and caregivers; for overall coordination of the patientâ??s program. Responsible for quality service delivery and internal/external customer relations for nursing and Madonna as a whole including upholding the Mission and Values for the system and facility.





  1. Responsible for the completion and coordination of admission, ongoing and discharge nursing assessments and plans.

  2. Discerns between significant and insignificant clinical changes in patient status.

  3. Analyze patientâ??s past and current status, assess impairments, disabilities and handicaps in order to develop the interdisciplinary rehab plan of care with measurable patient-centered goals and outcomes and updates continuously. 

  4. Analyze and monitor patientâ??s need for specialized tests, equipment, transportation, etc., in order to coordinate the provision of and payment for such services.

  5. Compiles, compares and records patient's assessments, patient's cares, medications and treatments for documentation of cares rendered for a patient caseload.

  6. Communicates with physicians, physician assistant, nurse practitioner and ensures orders are transcribed and implemented accurately and timely.

  7. Completes or coordinates the completion of admission and discharge FAM's in order to facilitate program evaluation reporting and analysis.

  8. Responsible for patient education/coordination.

  9. Analyzes and compiles current research to expand knowledge.

  10. Compile, coordinate and analyze patientâ??s program information in accordance with the requirements of third party payers in order to maximize appropriate utilization of patientâ??s financial benefits.

  11. Coordinate and compile information regarding patientâ??s status and outcomes, unplanned discharges and patient follow-up to assess customer satisfaction, facilitate problem resolution, and contribute to evaluation of the program.

  12. Compile and analyze information to monitor patientâ??s response to the current treatment plan, assess available, clinically and financially appropriate alternatives in order to plan and implement appropriate placement in the continuum of care.

  13. Compile and analyze patient, program and facility clinical data in order to evaluate and improve patient outcomes, and maintain program viability.

  14. Coordinate and compile patient information in order to ensure that discharge arrangements are completed and facilitate the implementation of discharge recommendations



  1. Mentor, negotiate, instruct and speak with patients/families to orient them to the program services, admission and discharge criteria, patient/family responsibilities and to discuss financial information, discharge/transition arrangements, to ensure quality outcomes.

  2. Negotiate and speak with patients, families and other customers regarding concerns/grievances and facilitate resolution in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

  3. Assumes a leadership role in interdisciplinary team development, operational issues and program evaluation.

  4. Mentor, negotiate, instruct and speak with members of the interdisciplinary team in order to plan, implement, coordinate, monitor, evaluate and document the patient plan of care.

  5. Negotiate, instruct and speak with interdisciplinary team and business staff regarding patientâ??s financial information in order to coordinate, monitor and evaluate appropriate program development, modification and efficient financial management.

  6. Negotiate, instruct and speak with internal and external physicians and other service providers regarding patientâ??s progress, needs and program goals in order to coordinate and evaluate the program to maximize patient outcomes and/or responsible utilization of resources.

  7. Negotiate, instruct and speak with third party payer representatives in order to develop contractual arrangements for services when necessary.

  8. Negotiate, instruct and speak with external case managers regarding patientâ??s clinical program in order to coordinate and evaluate the program, maximize patient outcomes, and appropriate utilization of resources.

  9. Negotiate, instruct and speak with team members, patients and families, and other stakeholders to coordinate discharge and follow-up in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

  10. Negotiate and speak with supervisor and other appropriate staff regarding difficult case situations and/or interdisciplinary team difficulties in order to assess, monitor and evaluate quality service delivery.

  11. Demonstrates a high level of clinical expertise by the completion of at least three core competencies and one specialty competency.

  12. Assists with transfers, ambulating and repositioning and ADL's and feeding of patients as needed.  Renders cares such as dressing changes, vital signs, treatments and medications as prescribed.

  13. Performs life saving procedures according to recognized standards and scope of practice.

  14. Instructs, trains and supervises new employees to department/unit, environmental and operational policies and procedures.

  15. Takes instruction from supervisor to perform other functions as assigned in order to achieve the goals within the department and/or system.



  1. Sets up, operates, manipulates and tends various medical machines and equipment such as, but not limited to intravenous infusion pump, CPAP, BiPap, enteral feeding pumps, suction machines, oxygen tanks and regulators, ear oximetry, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, sphygmomanometer, Doppler, to provide competency when needed on the nursing unit.

  2. Operates personal computer to access data and information to assist in efficient patient care operations.

  3. Operates and tends various non-medical machines such as, but not limited to the telephone, Spectralink, voice beeper, Xerox machine, VCR, and calculator to assist with the smooth flow of work.

  4. Sets up, maintains and assures a safe environment for the facility.  Handles and operates all necessary equipment and performs required duties according to established safety standards to maintains compliance with regulations and prevents injury to staff and patients.




    Physical Requirements: Medium work with occasional to frequent lifting.  Able to perform transfers with assistance for patients of various sizes whose body weight may be up to 250 pounds.  Infrequently body weight may exceed 250 pounds.  Requires sufficient strength to push up to 300 pounds with a wheelchair.  Walking or standing frequently.  Requires frequent bending, stooping, pushing, pulling, reaching, feeling and constant handling during patient care activities.  Constant near visual acuity to evaluate and monitor patients.  Ordinary hearing and speaking skills.  May be  exposed to biohazardous materials. 


    QUALIFICATIONS (Education/training and/or Experience)


    Must possess current Nebraska R.N. licensure.  CPR for Health Care Provide/CPR for Professional Rescuer required at time of hire or within 30 days from date of hire. One year experience in primary nursing interdisciplinary team care, case management or nursing management required. CRRN preferred. Must possess leadership and organizational skills to effectively achieve positive results and represent Madonna in the community in a positive manner.


    Background checks are conducted.  When specific authorization forms are requested   so that full background and history can be obtained, employees/applicants must sign the   form(s) requested.

    EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: Madonna is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    NOW YOU CAN: Turn your work into your lifeâ??s mission! See first-hand impact on members and their families! Love your job and your team! Go home at the end of the day knowing that you have made a difference!