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Employee Health & Safety RN Specialist - 40 hrs/wk, Day Shift, Mon - Fri

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Lincoln, NE

Job Description

Job Title:  Employee Health and Safety RN Specialist                Job Code: 800082
Immediate Supervisor: Quality and Risk Manager                           Status:  Non-exempt

This position is integrated within the quality management system. Responsible for providing leadership, support, implementation and evaluation of the:
  • Employee Health and Safety Programs which focuses on supporting the general health and capacity of employees so that they can be successful in their employment
  • Workersâ?? Compensation Program including coordination of the rehabilitation and recovery of ill/injured employees to facilitate return to work
  • Quality Assurance Program and improvements in hospital patient care based on data collection, analysis, and evidence based standards of care.
  • Patient and employee safety teams and quality improvement committees through role modeling and fostering interdisciplinary planning and collaboration that focus on individuals and populations served.
Responsible for quality service delivery and internal/external customer relations for the department and hospital as a whole, including upholding the mission and values of the department and facility.
   Employee Health and Safety
  1. Consults and collaborates with organizational leaders to implement and sustain best practices related to employee health and safety
  2. Collaborates, develops, implements and evaluates employee safety plans. Responsible for efficient and effective procedures, policies and operations.
  3. Responsible for OSHA recording.
  4. Provides frequent and timely reports to Madonna hospitals and departments. Encourage celebration of success and improvement related to employee health and safety.
  5. Leads and evaluates the Employee Blood Borne Pathogen Program.
  6. Collaborates with environmental safety leaders to ensure state and federal issues and regulations are met.
  7. Leads the administration of the Culture of Safety Survey. Assist the organization in identifying opportunities for improvement and implementation of decisions.
   Workers Compensation
  1. Collaborates with employees injured while performing work tasks. Guides employee and supervisor through processes. Ensures excellent care and stewardship in coordination with third party administer.
  2. Case Management of noncomplex Workersâ?? Compensation claims. Develop, implement and evaluate options to meet individual employee needs.
  3. Provides leadership and serves as the contact for the workersâ?? compensation program including the annual self-insurance renewal process, annual court application and audits, third party administration renewal and excess insurance renewal including audits, annual surety bond renewal and letter of credit in order to maintain Nebraska Self Insurance Certification.
  4. Ensures compliance with regulation. Serves as the Section 111 Mandatory Reporting Account Manager with accurate profile reporting and submission.
  5. Understands, interpret, and applies regulation to claims in coordination with the third party administrator. Analyze costs and practices including incurred and reserve cost projections.
  1. Advocates organizational processes that allow for creativity in the development of alternative plans for achieving desired, client-centered, cost-effective outcomes.
  2. Collaborates with interdisciplinary team members to assist in the evaluation, initiation, revision and sustainability of new programs and care delivery models based on changing program needs in the context of quality improvement, infection prevention, and employee health and safety.
  3. Assists in the coordination, collection, and reporting of quality improvement, infection prevention, and employee health and safety data from a variety of sources which may include the patient clinical record, laboratory reports, staff, and/or external sources.
  4. Provides leadership for the analysis of data and plans for improvement.
  5. Serves as a resource for quality improvement, infection prevention, and employee health and safety for the patients and employees at the hospitals.
  6. Participates in successful survey and accreditation activities.
  7. Participates in appropriate hospital based student and volunteer experiences and activities.
  8. Presents appropriate educational topics in a variety of settings to internal and external audiences in the areas of infection prevention, quality improvement, and employee health and safety.
  1. Provide leadership and participates on teams and/or committees as appropriate.
  2. Leads Workersâ?? Compensation Management Team.
  3. Presents and promotes the use of organizational data, clinical best practice, and evidence based research.
  4. Collaborates with clinicians in the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services.
  5. Provides consultation to other departments in the areas of quality improvement, infection prevention, and employee health and safety.
  6. Leads and assists in the evaluation of factors related to safety, outcomes, effectiveness, cost, and social impact.
  7. Provides facilitation and project leadership to assigned initiatives.
  8. Lead employee immunization and infection prevention programs to prevent illness and minimize the loss of productive work.
  9. Perform other functions as assigned.
  10. Maintains privacy, confidentiality, and security of patient, client, staff, and organizational data.
  11. Assists in planning, leading, analyzing, reporting and promoting the Culture of Safety Survey.  Engage the facility in identifying opportunities for improvement and providing evidence based practices and standards as appropriate.
  12. Ensures new hire employee health screening and assessment are complete, timely, and accurate to determine that potential employees possess the capacities required to perform essential job functions.
  13. Follows policies and procedures to ensure provision of first aid treatment or referral to medical provider when treatment is beyond established policies and procedures.
  14. Follows instruction from supervisor to perform other functions as assigned in order to achieve the goals within the department and/or system.
  1. Administers injections, Tuberculin PPD (Mantoux) tests, and performs other nursing tasks within scope of practice.
  2. Maintain and ensure a safe environment for the hospitals.  Handle and operate all necessary equipment and perform required duties according to established safety standards to maintain compliance with regulations and prevent injury.
  3. Assist with ensuring cleanliness of equipment and environment.
  4. Operates personal computer and other necessary office equipment and programs necessary to complete tasks efficiently.
May be exposed to biohazardous material when handling used sharps. Light work, lifting 25 pounds occasionally or lifting and carrying 20 pounds occasionally. Rarely lifting 40 pounds. Frequent sitting and occasional walking. Occasional stooping, bending and twisting. Requires sufficient sight to see and read reports and computer screen. Constant near visual acuity. Requires sufficient hearing and speaking to communicate by phone and in person. Frequent grasping with both hands requiring normal grip strength based on national averages. Frequent reaching with both arms at low and waist levels. Indoor work not exposed to outdoor elements.     
QUALIFICATIONS (Education/training and/or Experience)
Must possess current Nebraska R.N. licensure. Bachelorâ??s degree preferred. CPR for Health Care Provider/CPR for Professional Rescuer required. Additional experience in rehabilitation nursing, employee health and safety, and /or quality improvement preferred. Critical thinking is essential to work in challenging situations with positive outcomes. The ability to develop positive working relationships will be essential to success. Must be self-motivated, autonomous, and have the ability to function in a fast paced environment with frequent interruptions. Ability to prioritize appropriately based on organizational principles. Must possess progressive organizational and leadership skills, creativity and initiative in order to analyze and plan for future programs. Proven strength in Microsoft Office computer applications required. Background checks are conducted. When specific authorization forms are requested so that full background and history can be obtained, employees/applicants must sign the form(s) requested.