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Mechanic Team Lead

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Lindsay Corporation locationMesquite, TX
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Mesquite, TX, United States



The primary function of the Dallas System Mechanic Supervisor is to lead the maintenance of the Barrier Transfer Machine (BTM), barriers and related equipment, other system vehicles and traffic control equipment. In addition, the operation of the BTM to safely open and close the H.O.V. lane on the Interstate 30 corridor for our customer, TxDOT, maybe required. Assisting in traffic control and incident management may also be required on occasion. The SMS must be able to climb the fixed ladder with five steps on the barrier transfer machine cab to enter or exit the machine. The SMS must be able to remain in the seated position for up-to two hours at a time. The SMS will need to be able to lay down on a creeper to roll under the machine to inspect and service the machine as needed using heavy equipment tools and able to lift machine components out of and back into place for service. Service of computer and PLC and electronically controlled mechanical and hydraulic equipment is required. By the nature of this position teamwork with operators and other maintenance personnel is a requirement. It is expected that mutual cooperation and excellent verbal and written communication skills will be required to complete many of the specific tasks and assure team success.



  • Audit inspection of all vehicles and equipment on a regular basis.
  • Assist operators in the routine required maintenance to the barrier transfer machines and other system vehicles to insure on time performance. Those specific functions include but are not limited to the following:
    • All fluid levels checked
    • Alt safety lighting is working'
    • All drive tires have proper inflation to operate
    • Check all carrier wheels and replace them as they become worn or damaged
    • Check all carrier wheel hubs and make sure all of the bolts are in place, if any hubs have missing or broken bolts they must be replaced
    • Machines are greased weekly, other vehicles as required by manufacturer's standards. all other lubrication standards are met on all vehicles.
  • Investigate and resolve any outstanding service issues noted in operatorâ??s daily reports. Resolution may require communication with engineering or field service personnel or outside service professionals such as engine, hydraulic system, or mechanical equipment manufacturer's representatives
  • Assist the System Manager in developing and implementing long-term maintenance guidelines for all system equipment
  • When required help perform wall replacements needed to repair damaged sections of wall. This is done with a forklift to move the concrete blocks but the use of pry bars and sledge hammers is required to couple the section together
  • All system personnel must be punctual to ensure excellent on time performance of the project and the schedule set by our customer TXDOT. Excessive tardiness will not be tolerated; adequate notice must be given directly to your supervisor
  • Safety is a must at all times!
    • No system personnel should ever perform an activity that would put themselves, the equipment, or most importantly the public in danger. If you are ever asked to do something that you feel is questionable you are to notify your supervisor immediately
    • It is the responsibility of the System Maintenance Specialist to report any damaged or otherwise unsatisfactory system hardware or software that they feel may need to be replaced in a daily report for review by the System Manager
    • It is the responsibility of the System Maintenance Specialist to inspect the barrier transfer machines and all other vehicles in greater depth than the operator's daily inspection on a regular basis to insure long-term readiness. Maintenance logs and recommendations should be filled out daily and turned in to the System Manager for review Any defects or needed repairs must be made as soon as possible
    • AII employees will perform all duties necessary to be in compliant with all O.S.H.A and the Storm Water Protection regulations, if you have any questions regarding this issue see the System Manager
  • All employees are required to participate in the cleaning of the maintenance barns, break rooms, rest rooms, and surrounding areas as needed including personal work areas. All employees are required to support and participate in 6S and other similar housekeeping safety and organizational programs assigned to the group
  • All employees must keep all support vehicles used on the project in clean order and fueled to at least ½ tank at all times. The vehicles should be used only for work related travel, within the project area Company vehicles must be driven in a professional manner at all times.
  • All employees must maintain a professional and cordial liaison with our customer TXDOT and appointed representatives. Any conflicts should be reported to your supervisor immediately for mediation.
  • The interiors of all barrier transfer machines and other vehicles must be kept clean at all
  • times without exceptions. Remove all trash and drink bottles when leaving the machine or other vehicles and prepare for next shift
  • Additional working hours may be required to complete daily tasks, incident management emergencies or other planned activities
  • Reliable attendance is a requirement
  • Other similar duties as assigned


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Associates degree or equivalent advanced certification from a vocational/technical school
  • Three plus years of maintenance experience working with heavy equipment
  • Requires strong written and verbal skills
  • Attention to detail is a must
  • Self-starter/outgoing/ motivated /ambitious
  • Excellent ability to work independently or as a team member
  • Excellent record keeping skills
  • Valid Texas driver's license with the ability to obtain a class-B Commercial Driver's License
  • Will be required to pass both a TxDOT physical and comprehensive drug and alcohol test including pre-employment and random screenings
  • All personnel must complete an 80-hour intensive training program including at least 40 hours at the BTM manufacturers' facility and 40 hours of highway safety training by qualified trainers
  • The Employees shall supply the telephone numbers, etc, to TxDOT
  • Employees shall be well groomed, clean and in complete uniform at all times while on duty
  • Must have and provide own tools for the job. Company will provide specialty tools.


Physical Requirements:

  • Good physical condition
  • Repetitive lifting up to 50lbs
  • Prolong periods of standing stooping bending and climbing
  • Exposure to elements including heat, cold wet and dry conditions, excessive noise and exposure to various chemicals used in the shop


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