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Family Friendly Schedule: Dreams Big. Naturally Personable. Gets Sh*t Done. Knows How to Have Fun: Sales, Strategic Supply Specialist

National Everything Wholesale Omaha, NE

Job Description


Dreams Big.  

Gets Sh*t  Done.  

Knows How to Have Fun.  


Sales, Strategic Supply Specialist

Not the typical folks at National.  That's for sure.

Their industry.  Their products.  Under everyone's radar.  They understand a person rarely starts out their work career with "I really want to get into the facility & office supply industry" . . . and sales stars find success here!

Too many people who say "they're in sales" . . . have no business being "in sales".  They're loud, obnoxious & terrible listeners.   

They're seeking NOT like that.  Someone naturaly wired to be enthusiastic and genuinely personable with all types (not just some) is highly important.  That is . . . they're energized to hear others stories of both work and life.

It's also about

+     careful listening to discover customers "supply pain" (could be sales responsiveness, delivery, savings, products, attention, etc.)

+     offering simple supply program that best "cures" their pain.

+     insanely organized  . . . and pro using Outlook, Salesforce, etc. to effectively manage time and customer to-dos;

+     solid day-to-day work-ethic . . . that's the wired to "Get Sh*t Done" part.

+     this person truly appreciates how humor & fun not only create work/life balance . . . but, simply makes success fun.

+     repeat, repeat, repeat & repeat.  

We believe.  We know.  Do those well every day . . . and trust success follows.

Dreams Big.  Gets Sh*t Done.  Knows How to Have Fun.

Life's too short for anything else . . . if you don't agree, don't bother.

Who the heck is National Everything Wholesale?

Long name, we know.  National Almost Everything Wholesale was our second choice.   In short, we are a wholesale distributor (sounds sexy, right?) that provides the Unsung Heroes working the toughest jobs on the front-line with 70,000+ items that range from the every day . . . to the hard-to-find.  This sales role:  help those Unsung Heroes make it happen.   98% of National's items are necessary consumables and disposables.  Who cares, say you?  

Consider this:  wouldn't you rather be in an industry where customers HAVE TO USE our products every single day?  

This role is ideal for the individual with 2-7 years of B2B professional selling success in a related market and industry; but whose sales success has been overlooked or just not tracking in a good direction  . . . and most importantly, participating in creating and implementing business development strategy, etc.  This person has the skill set and desire to make their own mark in business, instead of being lost and stuck in the "herd".

For the professional salesperson, this role is a nice balance between account management and excitement of business development.

They will teach you everything you need to know about products and industry . . . that's the easy part.  But, they understand no one can be taught:  ambition, leadership, business moxy and insatiable desire to compete.  True sales professionals know exactly what National is talking about:  you either are wired with the talent and skills or not.  There is no in-between.

Unlike others, these folks understand you simply don't coerce or force someone to buy.  Rather, their approach is much like that of a reporter:  just give them the facts and let customers decide on their own.  Either they have problem needing a cure, or they don't.  If they don't, that is quite ok.  The key skill here is a professional doesn't come emotionally undone and that getting a "no" is ok.

Lastly and very interestingly, the folks at National pay close attention to how a candidate approaches problems and engages with people.  To them, this is among the most important skills and traits they seek; and they believe there are very few people who have right attitude and smarts to really solve problems . . . far too many get undone, run or ignore.


In General


(1)  2-7 years proven success doing B2B professional sales, preferably with a company/industry that provided day-to-day supplies to bsuiness.  While certainly not required, candidates working or have worked for any of the following bureaucratic, un-creative, often un-caring, un-entrepreneurial  (yeah, we can have an opinion) . . . or related industries . . . will transition and do exceptionally well in presenting National's various simple supply programs.  Several examples (but not all) examples of related industries + companies:

  • Uline
  • Staples
  • Fastenal
  • Office Depot
  • Cintas
  • Guest Supply & Sysco
  • US Foods
  • Cardinal Medical Distributor
  • Owens & Minor Medical Distributor
  • Grainger
  • Cintas
  • G&K
  • Aramark Uniform
  • Hawkeye Foods
  • And, other related companies and industries.  

(2)  A highly developed and astute general "business awareness", especially what makes for a great or terrible supply chain.

(3)  Genuine passion and appreciation of what it means to be a professional competitor;

(4)  Exceptional likable and energetic personality;

(5)  Unquestionable organizational skills, uncanny attention to detail, and proven ability to be responsive and followup with client requests;

(6)  Computer proficiency an absolute must (e.g., excel, word, etc.); and

(7)  This is most important . . . a clear and firm understanding of themselves and their goals.

Expectations & Responsibilities

(1) Start New & Maintain Customer Relationships:

Personality matters:  Funny.  Fun.  Enthusiastic.  Wired to talk to just about anyone.  An individual with a genuine engaging and wonderfully energetic personality.  This individual is expected to meet and engage people of all sorts . . . the range of types of people they work with could not be more diverse.  Thus, you'll need truly enjoy connecting with all sorts & types:

+  Schools & Universities;

+  Major Hospitals & Long-term care Nursing Homes

+ Manufacturing

+ Commercial Property Management

+ Theatres & Malls;

+  Retail

+  Government  (municipal, county, state and federal agencies)

(2) Corporate Customer Support:

Nurture and support current clients, providing regular and consistent TLC, expert knowledge and recommendations, and lightning quick responsiveness to their calls and emails.  This position is all about action . . . not sitting behind a computer all day.

(3) Customer Onsite Training & Support:

Teach and show customers how to use and bring simplicity with National's VIP corporate online accounts at NationalEW.com.  And, train client staff how to use the correct products . . . correct procedures . . . to basically make their day-to-day working life a heck of a lot easier . . . less work with better results is what everyone loves and wants more of, right?

Working Environment

These folks believe:

Their Vision

Reputations are sacred.  Do what you say.  No exceptions.  And, have unwavering trust that success will follow. 

Work Hard.  Have Fun.  Make Your Mark . . . .

Those you say there are short cuts to real and lasting success are lying.  Rather, they believe hard work and being smart are absolutely necessary to just have a shot at being successful.  And, failure is guaranteed for those you believe differently.

National is an entrepreneurial group of genuinely courteous folks who simply believe drive and work ethic mean everything in life. They want to invite the best and the brightest to join their team and those who unquestionably possess their same exceptional work ethic, moral compass, passion and who believe that taking accountability and responsibility for both winning and losing is absolute proof of being a professional.

Community Commitment & Service

Successful candidate must have a proven history of recent community service/volunteering. As a local company, National passionately believes they have an obligation and responsibility to return time and resources to the community in which their clients and employees all live and work.  Unlike their "out of town" competitors who may not return time, treasure and talent to worthy local community organizations, National's record of giving is indisputable.

If you are the type most comfortable sitting "on the bench" of life watching things go by, you won't be successful at National.

Tired of Being Away Traveling

Family Friendly Part-Time Schdule.  No overnight travel.  No weekend travel.  No holiday travel . . . you get the jist.  If you have a family and small kids . . . those memories are gone forever . . . no parent do-overs.

Customer area within the greater Omaha metro area.


Base salary commensurate with prior experience, plus performance bonus program based upon new customers and sales performance.  Additionally, many expenses are also covered, such as business smart phone plan is covered by company, company provided tablet, mileage reimbursement, membership dues to relevant trade associations, etc.

To Apply

Pay attention to these simple instructions if you really want to join these guys.  Here's what you need to do:

(1)     Cover Letter:  Avoid standard cover letter mumbo jumbo.  Rather, offer 2-3 paragraphs clearly and succinctly describing your professional sales goals and how this position might fit you achieving those goals.

(2)     Resume:  Yes.  Be honest and direct.  You'll be glad you did.

(3)     References:  List 3 professional references.  They give greatest weight to immediate supervisors versus work friends and buddies.  In fact,  you may be pleasantly surprised how much they appreciate a candidate who has the moxy to alteast acknowledge what they're not good at or don't like to do.

(4)     Email:   Send to Bo@Nationalew.com.  Qualified candidates will be contacted.


Or, Help Your Friend

While you may not be the one, your friend will think you're a hero for emailing this on them!  Now, they'll owe you one.

Job Details

Date Posted November 20, 2018
Date Closes December 20, 2018
Address 2511 S. 156th Circle
Located In Omaha, NE
Department Sales & New Customer Development
Function Sales & New Customer Development
Job Type Part-time Employee
Compensation Salary, Based on Experience, Sales Commission
Experience Level Intermediate (3-7 yrs. experience)
Family Friendly Schedule: 9am to 2:30pm Mon thru Thursday
Hours 20 hours per week; School Friendly Schedule
Positions Available 1
SOC Category 41-4012.00 Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Except Technical and Scientific Products
Zipcode 68130
Name Bo Ochsner
Address 2511 S. 156th Circle
City, State and Zip Omaha, NE 68130

This job offers the following benefits

  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Voluntary Life Insurance
  • Casual Dress
  • Discounts on Employer Merchandise & Services
  • Employee Referral Program
  • Flexible Hours
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Achievement Awards
  • Corporate Perks
  • Merit Increases
  • Productivity Rewards

This job requires the following skills

  • Business - Concepts
  • Business - Strategy Development
  • Facilities Management
  • Computer Usage
  • Excellent Communications
  • Problem Resolution
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Infection Control
  • Microsoft Office
  • Commercial Sales
  • Industrial Sales
  • Outside Sales / Territory Management
  • Sales - Management and Planning
  • Sales / Business Development

Course(s) relevant to the skills listed for this position

At a Glance
Enjoy these benefits
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Voluntary Life Insurance
  • Casual Dress
  • Discounts on Employer Merchandise & Services
  • And More ...