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Senior ETL Developer

AFLAC locationColumbus, GA
45 positions

Web Mktg Technology Specialist

AFLAClocationOmaha, NE
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Job Location
Columbus, GA, United States


Position Summary

Leads, Develops, maintains, and integrates processes which extract data from standardized or varied data sources; transforms data for storing in proper formats and structures for querying and analysis; loads data into target data structures, Operational data store (ODS), data mart, or data warehouse; Participates on a project team working closely with internal and external clients, business analysts and other team members to ensure that the end to end designs meet the business and data requirements; responsible for unit testing, implementation of solution, and continuous maintenance and support of existing solutions.


Exercises independent decision making to creates processes which initiate the ETL or Batch cycle; develops streaming processes for extracted data loading to destination database, including on-the-fly processing where extract and transformation phase to no go to persistent storage; Performs data profiling of source data in order to identify data quality issues and anomalies, business knowledge embedded in data; natural keys, and meta data information


Creates data validation rule on source data to confirm the data has correct and/or expected values;

Writes alternate workflow steps or reports back to the source for further analysis and correction of incorrect record(s) when validation rules are not passed


Develops processes to be applied to extracted source data to move to target state; Writes data cleansing functions to get data to proper prunes data set to include only fields needed; translates source code values to target value; Standardizes free form values to codes; Derives new values through calculations on existing fields; Merges data from multiple in order to generate on consolidated source for the target


Sorts and Aggregates records into rollup where multiple records are represented; Creates surrogate- key values to use in place of multiple natural keys; Turns multiple columns into multiple rows or vice versa (Transposing or Pivoting); Splits multi-valued column data into multiple columns; Disaggregates repeating columns into separate detail table(s); Creates lookup tables; Looks up and validates reference information as part of data validation


Creates and applies data validation step process in order to perform partial, full or no record's rejection; Writes processes which handle exceptions and/or move records exceptions to alternate

Transform step(s)


Develops processes which load the transformed data into end target systems (database, file, application, etc.); may apply different techniques based on business needs including inserting new

data into target; Over write existing data with cumulative information; Updates existing data at some frequency; Creates data validation steps in this layer to ensure loaded data


Creates process cleanup after complex ETL processes which release resources used to run ETL;

Creates processes to archive data


Participates in project collaboration meeting with clients, business analysts, and team members in order to analyze and clarify business requirements; Translates business requirements into detailed technical specifications


Works with project teams to define and design scope for each project; creates unit test cases to ensure the application meets the needs of the business


Ensures proper configuration management and change controls are implemented; Provides technical assistance and cross training to other team members


Designs and implements technology best practices, guidelines and repeatable processes; Prepares and presents status updates on various projects


Education & Experience

Bachelor's Degree, in programming/systems or computer science (preferred), Five to six years of programming experience, Requires experience and understanding of multiple programming languages and applicable applications including SQL and ETL., or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Job Knowledge & Skills

  • SQL & Relational Databases Advanced
  • XML Advanced
  • XSL Advanced
  • Business Intelligence
  • ETL Techniques Advanced
  • Data Modeling Advanced
  • MS SQL Server Advanced

Core Competencies

Action Oriented, Customer Focus, Adaptability, Listening, Ethics and Values, Integrity and Trust


Functional Competencies

Business Acumen, Informing, Negotiating, Organizational Agility, Timely Decision Making, and TQM/Re-Engineering

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