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Server - Part Time Varies - The Arboretum

Immanuel Omaha, NE

Job Description

Purpose of the Position:  This is a food server position which is responsible for taking food orders and serving the food items to the residents and guests in the dining room in a professional manner. The individual performing this job will be expected to be familiar with the daily menu, food selections and other food items available for serving. The food server has duties that include cleaning the food preparation and/or kitchen areas, setting up the dining room and designated areas in the kitchen in anticipation of the meal, and clean up after the meal has been served.  The food server uses careful safety practices at all times.

Approx.Time Requirement

Key Functions for which this position is responsible

75% Serving

  • Describe daily entrees, take orders and serve in a timely and professional manner according to proper serving and clearing standards.
  • May be asked to deliver and/or pick up food trays to/from resident’s apartment.

20% Preparation

  • Set up (before) and clean up (after) meals in the dining room.
  • Set up and take down of designated areas in kitchen such as salad bar, bread station, dessert area, juice refrigerator, wait station, etc.
  • Prepare beverages, salads and desserts.

5% Other

  • Clean food preparation areas and kitchen areas as assigned.
  • Use careful safety practices at all times.
  • Assist visually impaired residents with reading menu if needed.

Education and Experience:  Some basic knowledge of food service and health standards is helpful.

Customer Service

  • Ability to recognize your internal and external customers
  • Ability to use critical thinking skills to solve problems quickly, adding value beyond customer expectations
  • Ability to anticipate customer needs and respond appropriately
  • Ability to make eye contact and pleasantly greet people
  • Ability to develop relationship of trust adding value to service


  • Exhibit high standard of ethics, accountability and responsibility
  • Ability to apply quality awareness beyond scope of current job
  • Ability to recognize problems and willingness to be part of the solution
  • Ability to recognize ways to improve interactions, processes, systems, materials, equipment, and services


  • Willingness to actively participate in company sponsored wellness initiatives
  • Demonstrate ability to learn and take responsibility for their good health


  • Ability to consistently work in a positive and cooperative manner with fellow employees
  • Seek out opportunities to help rather than waiting to be asked
  • Behavior that demonstrates and inspires others to positive interactions
  • Values and respects the dynamics of difference of opinions, outlooks, and styles


  • Listen effectively seeking first to understand, then to be understood
  • Uses tact and diplomacy in interactions at all levels
  • Anticipates the need for others to have information keeping supervisor and co-workers informed as to important activity
  • Welcomes feedback as a way of giving and receiving opportunity for improvement


  • Maintains positive view of on-going professional development
  • Ability to add value to the department by establishing goals that are linked to the unit’s business plan and/or I.H.S goals
  • Demonstrates functional expertise in area of responsibility
  • Demonstrates effective use of time, resources, and skills
  • Shows respect for other’s time by being on time to meetings
  • Ability to plan effectively using proactive approach, keeping appointments and following through on commitments

Education and Training

  • Applies and adapts skill, knowledge acquired through training and development opportunities
  • Able to assess one’s own strength and able to accept feedback being open to change


  • Demonstrates as much enthusiasm for other’s success as for their own
  • Recognizes and acts upon opportunities to express gratitude and appreciation of other’s efforts however successful

Knowing Immanuel

  • Ability and willingness to learn everything possible about Immanuel, their mission and core values, and how those are directly correlated to incumbent’s job.
  • Understands the true meaning of Integrity, Respect and Compassionate Service, and seeks to emulate these in their work
  • Conscientious about first impressions in dress, speech, behavior that reflect Immanuel. standards
  • Ability to understand how one’s decisions impact the organization

Physical Requirements                               


Occasional (0-25%)

Frequently (26-59%)

Constantly (60-100%)

Fluent in English




Communication Skills








Sensory Activities




Talking in person




Talking on the phone




Hearing in person




Hearing on the telephone




Vision for close work
























Stooping (bending at waist)




Lifting (25 lbs)




Carrying (25 lbs)








Distinguish smell/temperature




Exposure to blood borne pathogens and infectious diseases




Exposure to hazardous material








Hand/finger dexterity





*This job profile is designed to summarize certain essential information about a job or job category. It is not designed to be a comprehensive or detailed task list for any particular job or job category.  This job/job category may have individual or multiple incumbents, each of whom may perform somewhat  different specific job duties or tasks consistent with the general function of the position.  Incumbents may be

required to perform duties or support functions other than those listed on the job profile as needed.  Immanuel may amend a job profile at any time with or without notice.

Nature and scope of the Position:  This is an entry level position.  The work is routine and steps to accomplish are repetitive.  Work methods and procedures to be followed are nearly always well defined and specific to the work activity.  The work receives direct supervision and the supervisor reviews for procedural conformance.  General and related work experience is preferred.