Thinking Differently About Code: The Arduino.

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  • June 14, 2019

In this proposed session, I will briefly discuss the early history of Microcomputers such as the TRS 80 Model 4, the TRS 80 Color Computer, the Apple II, the Commodore, the Apple Lisa and the PC. I will also briefly discuss the history of microchip programming. Next, I will discuss the history of the Arduino, the Open Source prototyping platform and how it lead to the Single Board computer (i.e. the Raspberry Pi) and how this has brought technology full circle, to a second microcomputer revolution.
As I talk, I will build an Arduino circuit on a solderless breadboard, install a bootloader on the chip, and upload an Arduino sketch.
There are two objectives of this presentation. The first is to reinforce a simple concept in development: Sensor > Processing > Actuator. In other words, Input -> Processing -> Output. The second goal is to encourage attendees to think of code not linearly but more like a circuit.
At the end of the presentation, I will demonstrate a working Arduino on a solderless breadboard.
I recently gave this very presentation to a group of 10 people and it was very well received.